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At Systango, we have a culture of efficiency - we use the best-in-breed technologies to commit quality at speed and world-class support to address critical business challenges.

Swotter - Learning Management System. What Is The Cost To Develop A Cryptocurrency App Like Coinbase? Systango. The question of “what is the overall cost for cryptocurrency exchange app development” is more relevant than ever before because cryptocurrency has aroused the interest of traders, investors and miners from all over the globe.

What Is The Cost To Develop A Cryptocurrency App Like Coinbase? Systango

For example, Barclays, a British multinational universal bank, has collaborated with bitcoin-retailer Safello to look for the best ways of using blockchain technology in the financial sector. In addition to this, a large French bank named BNP Paribas is seeking possibilities of integrating bitcoin into the currency reserves. The above examples are enough to state that this is the right time to be part of a billion-dollar revolution with cryptocurrency exchange app development. To have a crypto exchange platform of your own, you must first understand how a cryptocurrency exchange platform works. Let’s have a look into it right away. Blog content – How does Cryptocurrency exchange work? Cryptocurrency exchange platforms match buyers with sellers. Note: Reach Us 2. 3. 4. Key Cryptocurrency Exchange Features That Your App Must-Have. In recent years, cryptocurrency and particularly Bitcoin has demonstrated its value and has taken over the digital world.

Key Cryptocurrency Exchange Features That Your App Must-Have

According to crypto experts, cryptocurrency has the potential to enable social and economic growth throughout the world, by offering easier access to financial services. Today, there are 2000 cryptocurrencies with new ones emerging every now and then. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global blockchain market size is projected to reach USD 69.04 billion by 2027, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of 56.1% during the forecast period.

How To Overcome Challenges In Software Development With DevOps Adoption? The software industry is vast, complex and in a constant state of flux, influenced greatly by the globalization of myriad products and service offerings.

How To Overcome Challenges In Software Development With DevOps Adoption?

While working on different domains and business landscapes, software engineering teams face various challenges such as rapid technological advancements, limited infrastructure/resources, increasing customer demands, conflicts with software testing teams, and much more. Are quality and quick delivery big challenges for you? How Important is QA for DevOps? DevOps has become a catchphrase in the field of software development.

How Important is QA for DevOps?

And, a drastic increase in DevOps adoption over the past few years states its significance in the process of ensuring quick release and smooth delivery of software. So, how does quality assurance in DevOps fit in? A fitting extension to the Agile methodology in software development, the right DevOps services make the philosophy of bringing the development and operations teams together for ensuring the most efficient product testing and release processes. But, how does QA or Quality Assurance come into the ‘DevOps’ of it all? What is CI/CD - Here is a detailed guide. Systango.

All the successful software companies out there have employed Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to deliver superior quality in the stipulated time.

What is CI/CD - Here is a detailed guide. Systango

These days, customers are less tolerant towards downtime and bugs and at the same time expect quick fixes, making CI/CD a quintessential part of the software development process. Building a successful CI/CD requires the right tools and automation strategy. In this blog, we will be covering all you need to know about the CI/CD pipeline. Contents of the blog- What are CI and CD? Let’s dive straight into it: 5 Companies That Are Nailing It With DevOps. In our last blog, we explained how DevOps empowers businesses to offer 100% satisfaction to their customers.

5 Companies That Are Nailing It With DevOps

But don’t you want to know which are these businesses that are leveraging DevOps to engage and retain their customers? You do, right. Here in the blog, we are bringing you the 5 companies using DevOps and nailing it. Let’s dive to learn from the ones who are doing it right. 1.Netflix. DevOps Brings 100% Customer Satisfaction - Here's How? DevOps has evolved exponentially over the decade and is grabbing the attention of every single enterprise, whether it is a well-established organization or startup.

DevOps Brings 100% Customer Satisfaction - Here's How?

There are many reasons why businesses are widely influenced by this technology, and the most important one is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st-century, businesses need solutions that help them meet customers’ demand “at a faster pace” and deliver “unequalled quality”. DevOps benefits businesses by bringing transformation in the SDLC process, improving flexibility and productivity, increasing the speed of the deployment process and enhancing automation.

Thus, DevOps is the solution that perfectly resonates with the current business needs. If you believe in offering your customers the best services and giving them 100% Customer Satisfaction, maybe look at DevOps and the role it plays. Now, how does DevOps help improve customer experience? 1.Devops Nurtures Innovation: 2. 7 Key Principles of DevOps That Businesses Must Embrace. “Agility” is what is essentially required in the present market to survive and thrive.

7 Key Principles of DevOps That Businesses Must Embrace

You simply won’t get anywhere if you are not ready to advance your processes according to the current trends. It is true for almost every industry, especially in the case of software development. Cue DevOps. If you are developing a website or an application, you need agility to speed up the work process, quickly eliminate bugs and errors, enhance team efficiency and implement new updates. 4 Must-Have Skills for a DevOps Engineer! Hiring a DevOps Engineer - Here is Your Complete Guide Systango. Did you know?

Hiring a DevOps Engineer - Here is Your Complete Guide Systango

“DevOps Engineer” is amongst the top ten “Best Jobs in America in 2019, according to Glassdoor, and it is the 6th job, in terms of most wanted experts. But the sad part is – as companies are looking to embrace DevOps, the high demand for DevOps Engineer and a small pool of qualified and experienced applicants has left the business owners in a quandary. Now, the question is with the lack of DevOps talent out there how to hire DevOps engineers that cater to the needs of your DevOps team? The term “DevOps” means different things to different businesses, which makes hiring a DevOps engineer a more daunting task.

Our guide to hire DevOps engineers will help you explore the value that DevOps brings to business and walk you through comprehensive details to hire the perfect DevOps specialist for your company. But, before diving straight into the topic of how to hire a DevOps Engineer, let us first see what is the role of DevOps engineers. 5 Essential Tools For DevOps Adoption Systango. In the present world, DevOps has become a true technology trend that has empowered a lot of businesses with its presence.

5 Essential Tools For DevOps Adoption Systango

Multiple departments within the IT ecosystem are encouraged to work collaboratively for better organizational functioning, where timely delivery, detection of issues, as well as better deployment rates become the norm. DevOps: 5 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Adopt it Systango. DevOps has become the gold standard in modern IT, but there are still many organizations out there that are unaware of the tremendous benefits that DevOps consulting services bring to the business.

What is DevOps and why is it important for organizations to implement DevOps? In this blog, we provide you with a comprehensive explanation of what DevOps means and what are the DevOps benefits for business? Let’s dive in: What is DevOps? DevOps – the merger of the Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) team is an organizational approach that aids in easier maintenance of existing deployments and faster development of applications. TIAA- CREF, Fortune 100 financial services company has seen its $40 billion business making considerable improvements after the DevOps implementation. In addition to this, Results from the 2017 State of DevOps Report suggest the noticeable differences between organizations that have employed DevOps principles and organizations that do not. Culture Benefits of DevOps. Top DevOps Market Trends 2021 that will Help your Business Systango. DevOps is no more just a buzzword, multiple companies have shared their DevOps success stories and many organizations are also looking to bring digital transformation through DevOps implementation.

DevOps has become a leading model for efficient software development delivery and the field shows no signs of slowing down. In this article, we are bringing the key DevOps market trends for 2021. But, before exploring that let’s see how the implementation of DevOps culture can benefit your organization. How Much Does it Cost to Develop Cross-Platform Application in 2021? Planning to launch an app to give a kickstart to your startup or improve the digital presence of your e-commerce business? Then, native app development must be already in your mind. But why create native iOS or Android mobile apps, when you can create something to accommodate them both by doing half the work? Yes, through cross-platform app development you can get a single app that offers a native-like feel to both iOS and Android users. Top Business Benefits of DevOps Implementation.

Why should Startups Go for Cross-platform Mobile Apps? Native apps or cross-platform app development? Confused, which one to choose for your startup venture? 6 Tips to Improve Cross-Platform App Development. Mobile app development has become the gig of the decade and the trend is here to stay. Today, people spend most of their time on their phones and a major portion of this time is spent on mobile apps. As the mobile app development industry is picking up pace, the need to keep up with the competition is also surging. The businesses are eyeing approaches like cross-platform app development for functional, affordable and efficient apps.

However, developing a cross-platform application becomes challenging while trying to address the unique needs of each and every platform. 5 Best Platforms For Ecommerce Website Development. A recent study suggests that 87% of UK retail purchases have been made online. Online shopping has emerged as the most relentless trend of the existing era, corresponding to the fact that owning one eshop can give a massive boost to your business.

The Most Viable Alternatives To Ethereum- A Handy Guide. Ethereum- the platform is deemed to be the holy grail for the development & deployment of high-end decentralised applications. Building Trusted Identity Services Using Blockchain Technology. This is the era of trusted identity. In this highly-digitised and interconnected world, one cannot bear to miss out on using identity and access management tools that enable organisations to identify, authenticate, and authorise users and grant them access to the right systems at the right times and for all-reasons-right. These tools, mostly laced up with biometric technology are now also embraced by government institutions to execute various social welfare schemes and grant benefits to the eligible citizens.

But then, these software aren’t a magic bullet. Progressive Web Apps- All That You Need To Know. “PWA is the single biggest thing to happen on the mobile web since Steve introduced the iPhone!” 7 Key Practices for Successful DevOps Implementation. Systango Recognised As One of the Top Mobile App Development Companies In London By GoodFirms. GoodFirms, the most reliable Washington-based evaluation and review platform has identified & ranked Systango Technologies as one of the best mobile app development companies in London.

About Systango Technologies. User Experience Strategy- Crafting a Solid Approach To Outmatch Competition. They say, finding common sense is uncommon. Systango- Your Credible Agile Development Partner. We all, the human race, have an esoteric tendency to believe that things will go as planned. In the web arena, this inherent propensity is much evident with the implementation of the waterfall model within the software development process. Serverless Architecture- Why and How It’s a Smart Choice? According to a recent report from Gartner, more than 20% of global enterprises will have deployed serverless architecture by 2020. React Native Vs. Xamarin- An Easy Comparison Guide. The Secret Sauce To Create the Best UI Design - Blog Systango. The A to Z Of Microservice Architecture - Blog Systango.

What Is API Gateway & Why I Should Use It? 5 Tips on hiring The Perfect DevOps Consulting Company. SaaS Support Multi-Tenancy Model With Azure And Hibernate. Nuts & Bolts Of RESTful Web Services - Systango. Everything You Need to know about Cloud-Based Testing Tools. Offline-Support Is Oxygen Mask To Your Mobile App In Absence Of Internet. Seamless Mobile App Development With Kotlin. 5 Tips to Strengthen your Marketing in 2021. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2021. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2021. Next Wave Of Mobile Apps Will Be Powered By Machine Learning. Step-By-Step Guide To Create A GitHub App. IoT Is All Set To Rule The World; Is Your Business IoT-Ready? How We Helped 150+ Clients Migrate From Zoho API V1.0 To V2.0. Factors that determine the cost of building an app - Systango.

Trends That will Drive Mobile App Development In The Year 2020. What Should A Startup Choose: Monolith Or Microservices Architecture. Fine Tune your Content with 5 SEO Tips and Tricks. Internet Of Things For Healthcare. The Best NodeJS Framework, a comparison: Hapi vs Express vs Koa. TensorFlow Uses Cases In Mobile Apps. PWA is FIRE, Native Web Apps are a Thing of The Past. Elasticsearch for Full-Text Search – Explained with Implementation. Your First Machine Learning Model Step-by-Step. 8 Factors To Consider While Outsourcing Your Custom Software Solution Development Needs.

Successfully Work Remotely With Your Development Team. Choose the Right Mobile App Development Approach for Your Next App Systango. Your Guide to Building a MVP, with Examples Systango. POC vs MVP vs Prototype Development - From Idea to a Successful Digital Solution. Guide To Choose the Best Stack for Mobile App Development in 2020. How Chatbot Use Cases Can Help Businesses in COVID-19. Hire a team of front-end and back-end developers or full-stack developers? Systango.

5 E-commerce Marketing Strategies for 2021 and Beyond. Steps in a Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Systango. Cross-Platform App Development: Flutter vs Xamarin vs React Native Systango. A guide on ASO - Everything About Optimising your App for Play Store Systango. Must Consider Factors for Mobile Banking & Secure Fintech App Development.

Must Include iOS App Trends in 2020 - Blog Systango. Hire an In-house team or an outsourcing software development company? Systango. Best Tools You Can Use for NodeJS Performance Testing and Tuning Systango. Mobile App Development Process - How To Make an App - Blog Systango. RPA Implementation for Higher Business Productivity Systango. Best Guide for Retention Rate and App Retention Strategies. Top 20 IoT Applications that will Boost your Business in 2020 Systango. React Native- Top 10 Reasons to Choose it for Cross-Platform Development Systango. Top 10 Popular Apps Built with React Native. How Much Does React Native App Development Cost? How to Find & Hire Top React Native Developers - Systango Systango. Why should Startups choose React Native Framework for App Development in 2020? Systango.

How PPC Marketing Can Help You Save Your Business At A Current Time? Systango. 10 Features of Zoho Projects that Makes it a Collaboration Tool Systango. Why Brands Needs Digital Marketing Expert During COVID-19 Systango. Zoho Reports - Reasons to Implement Business Intelligence Solution to your Reporting Systango. Zoho Analytics: What are its Features and Benefits to Business Systango. How Zoho CRM Integration can Lead to Improved Business Efficiency Systango.