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Synsoft Global is a prominent mobile & web app development company. We are a team of experts offering creativity & innovation along with technical competency.

Hire HTML5, JQuery, CSS3 Developers. Yes, its almost as if Websites have started moving, animating, dancing!

Hire HTML5, JQuery, CSS3 Developers

And all this using our old friends “JS” and “CSS”! Web 2.0 Solutions, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery Synsoft exploits the power of Web 2.0 to create for it’s customers the most lively, interactive and fluid Web experiences, adept with features woven into the fast changing fabric of social environments. More and more websites enable content-sharing and collaboration through social media sites and web applications that include forums, microblogging, social networking, and wikis.

The new gizmos brought to the table through HTML5 have livened up the web in more than words can describe. Website design Website design includes conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of the content i.e. textual and visual information you want to present on the Internet. If you are impressed with what we can offer you, the first step is to contact us. Node.js Development Company. Node.js “JavaScript everywhere” is the new mantra for the web!

Node.js Development Company

Node.js, being a platform for building server side and networking applications, was basically built with a goal of enabling web sites with push capabilities. Synsoft first used Node.js with a supporting php backend, way back in 2013 for an online, multi-player interactive Ping-Pong game implementation, where it formed the networking layer from player to player through the server. The underlying was used to communicate the payload across the network, and our challenge was to enhance performance in order to minimize latency. Thereafter we used some Node.js frameworks like Express and Sails with which we started working in 2014. Websites topped with Performance. Synsoft Global. Web Development in ASP.NET Synsoft has been using ASP.Net for web development ever since its evolution, beginning with version 1.0 in 2002.

Synsoft Global

Today we develop and deliver comprehensive solutions utilizing the full power of the latest .NET Framework. PHP Web Development Company. PHP development PHP is a widely-used open-source, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for creating dynamic and interactive websites.

PHP Web Development Company

Synsoft has worked on the LAMP stack for more than a decade now, and apart from core php, we have used several frameworks and CMS Engines like WordPress, Magento, Zend, CodeIgnitor and Laravel. Our vast domain expertise with PHP extends from small personal websites, to complex eCommerce and bidding websites, from performance demanding mobile backends, to complex administrative and enterprise applications, and also includes experience in chat servers and scheduling algorithms. Over time we have learnt to produce robust, scalable and high performance websites, giving us the reputation we enjoy. Re-usability in Development The years of work has taught us that the cost, speed and stability of a deliverable is of primary importance.

UI/UX Web Design Company. We at Synsoft have adapted the ‘Design thinking’ methodology – a proven problem solving protocol to achieve big results.

UI/UX Web Design Company

Our creative and critical thinking allows for organized ideas, with more focus on solutions rather than on the problems. We apply ‘design thinking’ to our processes, products, and services to see a change for the better. Whether it’s a website or a mobile application, or even an enterprise application, it is finally, a user experience of sorts. We have created some unique user experiences that never failed to trigger engagement and a sense of empowerment amongst the users. We firmly work by Steve Job’s words which describes DESIGN as not being about the looks but about how it all works! So, if we have designed websites and apps with great looks and interesting interactions (UI), we have also enhanced customer satisfaction by improving the flow and the usability of the apps (UX).

Why choose us for frontend design? What all do we do? Website Design and Development Services. Web development is at the core of what we do.

Website Design and Development Services

We build websites tailored to your exact requirements. Professional Web Design and Development Services. A One Stop Shop Synsoft Global is a provider of customized software development services.

Professional Web Design and Development Services

Within a highly competitive environment, we work towards enabling client businesses to meet market challenges. Our technically variegated team offers professional offshore software development services in a wide range of industry verticals, and are known to have given customer focused, complete IT solutions capable of catalysing growth in any business. At Synsoft, we offer affordable, high quality services and have strived to earn a great deal of satisfaction through our work. Our diverse areas of expertize thrive equally on our diverse resource pool. Services at a Glance UX and UI DesigningWeb Application Development ServicesMobile Applications DevelopmentCMS CustomizationInteractive Web DesigningRich Desktop ApplicationsSoftware Testing ServicesVoIP Testing ServicesInternet Marketing Services Offshore Consultancy Services. Offshore Software & Web Application Development Company.

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Offshore Software & Web Application Development Company

We help grow your business online. Synsoft Global is a leading offshore web design and development company, based in India. We pride our selves in offering valuable digital solutions that work for businesses around the globe. Synsoft is sincerely dedicated to helping SME’s take advantage of digital technology.

Custom Web & Mobile App Development Company USA.