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Synergita is an Employee Performance Management Software that helps with smooth Performance appraisals and Engagement of all the employees.

What is performance management software? How it helps your Organization? Simply put, performance management software enables you to manage employee performance digitally.

What is performance management software? How it helps your Organization?

Like any other digital solution, it provides ease of use, quick retrieval of performance data and easy access to analytics. Additionally, an in-depth solution provides a range of employee engagement and development capabilities for sustainable growth and business productivity. Typically, the performance management software includes goals management, self-feedback, manager(s) feedback and publishing of feedback & ratings. Niche software such as Synergita provides additional capabilities such as exchange of continuous feedback on goals throughout, updating achieved targets throughout, 1-1 meeting, appraisal letter distribution, continuous feedback, rewards & recognition tools, employee development training, core values rating, e-communication and a mobile app for easy, anytime access. Our Take on TechHR Singapore Conference. TechHR Singapore 2019 conference – Reflections & Resolutions Last week we participated at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2019 conference.

Our Take on TechHR Singapore Conference

True to its tagline, TechHR remained as Asia’s largest HR technology conference. It stands tall in attracting esteemed speakers, big-brand exhibitors and energetic visitors. Hats off to the organization crew, they ensured that the conference flowed smoothly and efficiently from one session to the next. The runaway success is the selection of eminent speakers. Some of the Interesting Takeaways from the Sessions Coming to the enthralling sessions, Ester Martinez, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of People Matters, during her keynote address emphasized that smart automation technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) are expected to revolutionize business models.

Best practices for most successful Employee Engagement Surveys - Synergita Blogosphere. One of the major innovations that HR can do for the organization is discovering the employees’ pulse and use the findings to effectively engage all employees within the organization.

Best practices for most successful Employee Engagement Surveys - Synergita Blogosphere

A simple Employee Engagement Survey tools help HRs to measure the employee engagement or satisfaction level. It is highly helpful in forecasting, analyzing or improving their employee engagement initiatives and change management. Aon, the leading human capital management consultant has influenced over 7,000 organizations, 68 Industries, 156 countries, 18.6 million employees with their scientific employee engagement surveys. Aon’s latest survey reveals that the employee engagement levels with the organizations have been increased from 57% in 2011 to 80% in 2018 across the globe.

Best Employee Engagement Survey Tool. Employee Performance Review Software. 7 benefits of people and performance analytics. According to Deloitte, 2017 witnessed over 57% jump in people analytics capabilities adopted by companies.

7 benefits of people and performance analytics

It also predicts, this trend will be exploding unabatedly and helps to create entirely data-driven people management solutions for large enterprises. When Alan Turing tinkered with his giant room-sized machine, the primary purpose was fast computation. Later with the phenomenal increase in storage capabilities, every business started using it primarily for storage and retrieval.

Analytics is the natural extension of using those Zettabytes of Big Data for business growth. Here are the 7 ways enterprises and aspiring level 4 companies can benefit from People & Performance analytics Builds Foresights: Historical data reveals prevailing patterns and statistics which can be extrapolated to forecast trends. Make your own growth story with Synergita, the employee performance management and engagement software with comprehensive analytical reports. 7 benefits of people and performance analytics. How Employee Performance Management helps your Business Growth? – Synergita – Employee Performance Management Software. Every year in corporations around the world, managers go through the ritual of providing feedback to members of their team through the performance appraisal process.

How Employee Performance Management helps your Business Growth? – Synergita – Employee Performance Management Software

This process usually consists of the manager writing a review of the employee’s annual performance, based on predefined goals agreed upon at the onset of the year.In many cases, the employee writes a self-assessment so that both the employee’s and manager’s assessments are considered. Synergita Is Exhibiting In NHRD TecHeaRt Conference 2018. When: 7 - 8 December 2018Where: Bengaluru, India NHRD is organizing a ‘Tech HR’ conference with a difference.

Synergita Is Exhibiting In NHRD TecHeaRt Conference 2018

It is called as ‘TecHeaRt’ – a conference where you can understand the heart of technology that could impact people and the HR function, but also figure out how we could strengthen our ‘heart’ in such technologies, i.e. how do we make them more human, and help people with the changes Synergita is proud to exhibit at NHRD TecHeaRt event that attracts hundreds of HR professionals across India. Come visit us at our Booth at the event as we have some exciting and exclusive information to share.

Why Measuring Employee Adherence to Your Company’s Core Values is So Important? - Synergita Blogosphere. Core values are more than just words on paper; they’re often the defining fabric of the organization itself.

Why Measuring Employee Adherence to Your Company’s Core Values is So Important? - Synergita Blogosphere

Here are some of the reasons why measuring the core values is must for the organizations: The pressing need for organization to measure adherence to core values: This is something that leading organizations of the world recognize – which is why there are sometimes entire cross-functional initiatives dedicated to ensuring everyone who comes on board truly understands what the Company’s Core Values mean. Employee Performance Management-Trick or Treat. As a kid I always loved to play trick or treat, so would anyone.

Employee Performance Management-Trick or Treat

The lovely, scary costumes, the element of surprise & scare, the disappointment of tricks and finally the exuberance when we got the treat, those simple pleasures make me want to go back to those golden childhood days. Agreed, those days I didn’t feel it was golden and always was impatient to become a grown-up. Tada! I got my wish and here I am all grown-up. Can you ever outgrow Trick or Treat moments? I thought I outgrew the trick or treat moments until my first performance appraisal. 6 Reasons Why You Need Employee Recognition Program - Synergita. HiPo Rating Helps in Decision Making. Introducing the best, helpful niche features to our customers first in the market has always been our motto.

HiPo Rating Helps in Decision Making

It drives us to constantly innovate and implement the features that help our customers achieve cutting-edge performance management. Recently, we launched the HiPo Rating, the powerful feature that helps people managers identify the rising stars in their organization. And it becomes an instant success with our customers. It helped our customers to take progressive actions to engage, nurture and retain the high potential talent pool and build a robust succession pipeline within. Why do you need to find high potential employees? No two employees are alike. The HBR research highlights that organizations spend a huge amount of money to develop HIPO programs that target only 5% of their employees.

Most organizations failed to identify the right candidates or they jump the gun and considered them fit before closely scrutinizing them. The shining stars cannot stay hidden forever. Reasons to Invest in a Good Performance Management System - Synergita Blogosphere. Everyone, no matter what their role is within an organization, would agree that performance matters.

Reasons to Invest in a Good Performance Management System - Synergita Blogosphere

So, it would make sense, to invest in a system or process that would allow the entire organization to draw the best out of their employees. Where most people disagree, is on how to handle the performance management and how much they should invest in it. Creating a high-performing organization requires an ongoing commitment towards continuous improvement and communication between employees. Synergita - Employee Performance Management Software for Business. Best Employee 360 Degree Feedback Software - Synergita. Core Values Rating and Employee Performance Assessment. HiPo Rating - Identifying High-Potential Employees. SMART goals & competencies library for your sales team. Setting the right employee goals is half the battle won. Companies invest lots of time, effort and money to find innovative employee goals management. You may follow SMART goals, KPIs, OKRs or other approaches but it all starts with one very basic thing – defining the precise goal at individual, team and organizational levels.

Every employee has unique goals based on their work roles. For instance, Salespeople may have a goal for customer acquisition, revenue targets, etc. QA Manager may have a goal of implementing the ISO 9000 process and getting the certification. Your goals can be short term or long term. Synergita - Employee Goal Management System. Synergita - Performance Management Software. Synergita - Employee Performance Management Software.