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Symetri UK

Established in 1985, we are the largest Autodesk Platinum Partner in the UK specialising in the construction sector. Our services include the provision of software, consultancy, training and support, and we offer a comprehensive range of IT, Document Management and Facilities Management solutions.

AutoCAD 2022 New Feature Overview – Trace. It has been tradition every year that Autodesk release several new features and updates for their key software products, and it is no different this year with their AutoCAD 2022 version release.

AutoCAD 2022 New Feature Overview – Trace

In the latest release there have been a number of new features and enhancements, however for the purpose of this article we are going to focus on the Trace feature. AutoCAD 2022 has introduced an alternative method of collaborating with others with regards notification of essential modifications or rework to a drawing. The Trace feature in Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2022 release allows you to safely review and provide feedback on a drawing without altering the existing drawing which in turn enhances collaboration and streamlines the review process.

These elements can be placed upon their own assigned layer and are added onto the equivalent of electronic `Tracing Paper’. These are referred to as Traces. In the Collaborate Tab within desktop AutoCAD, there is a new Traces Palette. Conclusion. Corridor Control with Naviate Infrastructure for Civil 3D. There’s no doubt that Civil 3D has some great functionality, but managing your organisations content for corridor modelling is one area where it’s lacking.

Corridor Control with Naviate Infrastructure for Civil 3D

We can create our own catalogues for Pipe Networks and Pressure Pipe Networks, and we have some good options for managing styles, but for assemblies and sub-assemblies, not so much. With Naviate Infrastructure for Civil 3D, you can easily configure your environment to help users manage their assemblies and sub-assemblies, and apply corridor settings consistently across your projects. Naviate settings and content are stored in Naviate support files which is created on each user’s own PC in a public folder. Sharing Inventor 2021 data to earlier versions of Revit rfa. For manufacturers working with customers in construction it’s often a requirement to provide product models in a BIM compatible format, usually a Revit format.

Sharing Inventor 2021 data to earlier versions of Revit rfa

Getting started with Autodesk Fusion 360! Autodesk Fusion 360 can be installed on a desktop or laptop by downloading the same way as other Autodesk products in the PDMC.

Getting started with Autodesk Fusion 360!

Go to your online Autodesk account and install this application. When installed and run for the first time you will be asked to create a new Fusion Team, To help you understand what a Team is, here is a quick rundown. What is a Team? We Have Takeoff! – Introducing Autodesk Takeoff. Introducing Autodesk Takeoff – the latest product released to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) unified platform.

We Have Takeoff! – Introducing Autodesk Takeoff

Following the release of Autodesk Takeoff, the latest product added to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform, we thought we’d outline some of its key features and benefits. So what is Autodesk Takeoff? Are you getting the most out of your Autodesk software whilst working remotely? Are you getting the most out of your Autodesk software whilst working remotely?

Are you getting the most out of your Autodesk software whilst working remotely?

Author : Excitech Ltd | Published On : 17 Mar 2021 Here's why you might want to consider keeping your desktop CAD workstation and your laptop... How we adjusted to remote working. AUTODESK REVIT – THE APPLICATION OF NURSE CALL SYSTEMS IN A BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM) PROJECT. Autodesk Revit – The application of nurse call systems in a Building Information Modelling (BIM)project - SYMETRI UK.

Extra ways to reduce email spam. Extra ways to reduce email spam Author : Excitech Ltd | Published On : 02 Mar 2021 Most of the unwanted email that would otherwise hit your inbox is filtered out by your business’s anti-malware service, but some still find its way through.

Extra ways to reduce email spam

In this article, I will focus on the non-malicious but never-the-less irritating sales spam. You know the story; somehow, they discovered your email address and they just keep sending you sales junk. Revit Fundamentals training is just the start of your Revit education. There is no disputing the fact that Revit is a complex piece of software, but so is an architectural project, with many different requirements throughout the stages of their design.

Revit Fundamentals training is just the start of your Revit education

If Revitwere simple, chances are it would not be able to meet the requirements of an architecture project. If we consider the different stages a design may go through, starting at the feasibility and producing simple block models and areas, to developing an initial scheme for planning. The iterations and options that need to be produced, along with accommodation and area schedules for each option, as well as presenting the scheme through 2D drawings and 3D visuals, involves a lot of effort and coordination from the designers. Taking the successful scheme through to construction then involves adding enormous amounts of detail to the model, as well as creating 2D construction details.

Managing the numerous sheets required for all the drawings, keeping track of revisions, generating photorealistic renderings. Introducing the IT Solutions Team. As you may have noticed, the SymetriUK website has had a bit of a restructure with many new offerings added due to our recent acquisition of Excitech; one of them being IT Solutions.

Introducing the IT Solutions Team

In this blog post, we introduce you to this new offering and the people behind the SymetriIT Solutions team. What is Symetri IT Solutions? As one of the first Autodesk partners in the UK, we have over 30 years' experience working with architects, engineers, construction and product design professionals. In that time, we have helped design professionals transition from paper-based-draughting to 2D CAD, grasp the complexities of today’s complex 3D modeling platforms, and adopt revolutionary concepts such as generative design.

This experience has given us a unique perspective on the demands these applications place on CAD workstations and IT infrastructure which generic IT companies may not have sight of. Fabrication CADmep to Autodesk Revit transition – Working with you to make change. I recently upgraded my phone, and even though I knew there was not a button on the front of the new one, it wasn’t until it was in my hand that I realised I was going to have to get used to working with it in a different way, and even though it only took a few minutes to figure it out I still keep pressing the button that isn’t there anymore.

Fabrication CADmep to Autodesk Revit transition – Working with you to make change.

It is just what I had become used to, what I was familiar with, and sometimes it takes a little while to adjust to something different. However, moving to a different design software is considerably more challenging than getting used to a new phone. It most certainly affects more people and has further reaching implications if not implemented in a strategic and effective way. Whether you are transitioning away from Fabrication CADmep towards Autodesk Revit MEP or planning to introduce Revit MEP into your portfolio of products, there will be many things to consider that will affect not just the people working directly with the software. Take good care of your emails or risk huge fines.

It seems like such a long time ago that we were all wondering how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would impact our businesses, but ignore it, and you could be making an expensive mistake.Many of the fines are related to poor handling of customer data and these fines are often large. Take these companies for example:Some are for unsolicited marketing. For instance:Pension House Exchange Ltd - Fined £45,000 for making 39,722 connected unsolicited calls for the purposes of direct marketing Marketing Ltd – Fined £250,000 for using a public electronic communications service to make 365,369 unsolicited calls for direct marketing purposes are where staff have either disclosed personal information or tried to destroy data.Interestingly the Information Commissioner’s Office is pursuing the Metropolitan Police Service* for their failure to comply with subject access requests.

Keys, Wallet, Phone – What Have I Forgotten? When I leave the house, I always check for these three things: • Keys • Wallet. Project and Template Standards in Revit MEP. One of the great things about Revit MEP is that I can incorporate the standards for presentation, mechanical and electrical services, and deliverables into my project template so that every new project I create starts from the same position, saving me time, promoting consistency, and reducing errors in my project. It would be ideal to think that I can pre-empt everything I need in my Revit project template right from the start, but it is more likely to grow and develop as I get the first few project under my belt.

As I review those initial projects, I will see what works well, what can be improved, and what my template might be missing. Getting the best out of Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC Collection) Getting the best out of Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC Collection) Starting with an AutoCAD Electrical Project. Changes around Fire Regulations and what it may mean for our industry. Something happened in the fire safety sector last year, which largely went unnoticed. Improve productivity with Inventor training. Autodesk’s Inventor software provides users with a large variety of tools, which are quite often underused with most users using around 20 – 30 percent of the products capability.

Of course, using these basic tools will get them through their everyday work, so why consider taking the next step, or go on the next Inventor training course? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): What is it and why your business needs it. As discussed in our last blog post, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the term to describe a complete internet telephony service.

VoIP systems most commonly use the SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) to send and receive data between endpoints for voice, video conference, and media distribution. It provides a wide range of facilities, functions, and features that allows you to link your fixed telephony and mobile easily and efficiently. This helps to improve productivity by never missing a call or losing contact. AutoCAD: XY COORDINATE LABEL. I want flexibility but I also want controls, is that possible? It’s a problem that all organisations face. CONSIDER USING OUTLOOK’S CLEAN-UP TOOL. Outlook is a great tool and has many features that you have probably never noticed and for most people, Clean-up is one of those. What does Clean-up do? The Clean-up tool reduces the size of your inbox by finding all the messages that relate to one thread and then deleting all except the last message as that has the full thread. How to allocate and manage licences for BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Design.

Excitech Partners with RingCentral to provide award winning Cloud VoIP telephone communication solutions. Building Services Consulting - Model Health Check: Looking after the health and well-being of your project. Import your own surface analysis ranges in Civil 3D. Automating PDF Generation in Autodesk Vault. A guide on thevisibility functionfor the Excitech Toolkit for Inventor. How has BIM Training changed between 2019 and 2020? Autodesk Vault 2021. Saving Human Resource administration time with Pinnacle Series. That's impossible...isn't it? - Publishing Revit sheets to PDF & DWG in a matter of seconds. Why I Love Emails & Why You Should Too. Project setup and design stagedelivery support–Always looking forward with efficiency and delivery.

Excitech: Are CAD training courses still relevant today? Customise your digital showroom with SketchUp Pro’s 3D Warehouse. CAD Software: Dynamo for Civil 3D. Bringing Fire Protection into the world of BIM using Revit. Pre-project Assessments - keeping your project on track. How to implement an employee training programme with Pinnacle Series. AEC checklist for buying a CAD document management system. Microsoft 365 Subscriptions – Monthly vs Annual? Woodwork for Inventor V11 Article. Pre-project Assessments - keeping your project on track. AutoCAD course exercise – Creating a custom hatch in AutoCAD.

Sovelia Vault - How it benefits my Document Management Processes. Planning a successful iLogic project. BIM 360 - Assets. iLogic – Inventor’s Robot. How it can help automate repetitive tasks. 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Workstation for Revit. 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN PURCHASING A WORKSTATION FOR REVIT. Inventor Professional: Back to Basics. Adding railway sleepers in Civil 3D. Managing change orders in Autodesk Vault Professional. SketchUp Training: How to model a spring in SketchUp. Autodesk Vault Professional Change Orders. Changing with the times: How Excitech’s BIM training courses and ISO19650 workshops bring more choice and flexibility. An introduction to AutoCAD 3D Tools.

Technology preview: Staggeringly fast Revit processing with Excitech DOCS. A fresh, new update for SketchUp Pro 2020. Creating drainage structures with infrastructure parts editor. Everything You Need For Your Mobile CAD Workstation When Working From Home. Returning to Excitech’s Training Centres for Revit Training. Inventor Professional Content Center Parts – Refreshing after change in table using iLogic folder iteration. Technical Reviews and Assessments - Keeping your building services project on track. Project Delivery Health Checks: Keeping your BIM projects in tip top shape. AUTOCAD 2020 AND 2021 COMMON LICENCE ERROR. Autodesk Revit 2021.1. Creating a gabion wall in subassembly composer. Support Revit Homeworking & Business Continuity with BIM 360.

BIM 360 Docs – Issue Management (In-Depth) Applying a dropped kerb using Dynamo for Civil 3D Article. How M-Files Transitioned to Remote Work in Less Than a Day. Customising the Content Centre – Part 2. Getting past the first draft: The importance of peer reviews. 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a CAD Workstation for AutoCAD. Civil 3D Property Set Secrets. THE OVERARCHING APPROACH TO IMPLEMENTING BIM IN THE UK. Everything you need to know about SketchUp's licensing changes. What’s new in Autodesk Software’s 3ds Max 2021: 4 Reasons Why You Should Migrate From Windows 7 to Windows 10 If You Haven’t Done So Yet.

Customising the Content Centre – Part 1. Managing Documents Without Busting Budgets. Don’t let the Common Data Environment take over your business. Archibus V.25.1 Review. BIM Consulting - The Power of the Customer. Online Tutorials vs training with an instructor – AutoCAD Training. What’s New in Autodesk Revit 2021. Dealing with the complexity of space management when returning to work. SketchUp Training – Virtual Courses. User-friendly updates to SketchUp Pro 2020. Using BIM 360 Field / Build to make your site paperless. Autodesk BIM 360 Docs.