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Découpe + Conserver. For the trim on the armholes, cut two strips of the remaining off-cuts of the T-shirt or vest (you can take part of the sleeve if you have used a T-shirt).

Découpe + Conserver

Make these strips a bit longer than half the length of the armhole (when laid out flat) and 5 cm (2 in.) wide. Sew together the 5 cm (2 in.) widths on each strip, creating two circles. Fold these halfway in all the way round, creating two complete circles with a folded edge (this is a raw edge). Attach these to the armholes, raw edges to the inside of the garment and folded edge to the outside. Ruffled Top From A Men's Shirt. Turn under 1/2" of an inch, and stitch about 3/8" from the edge to finish, notching as you go.

Ruffled Top From A Men's Shirt

(If you want a more finished look, cut the armscye 3/4" outside of your markings, turn once and topstitch; turn again and topstitch to create a bound seam. I find this very difficult along a curve, as often the armscye becomes tighter and smaller the more times you turn the edge, and notching the inside on such a small seam allowance is quite difficult. TUTORIELS. Trpattern. Upload Subscription preferences Loading...


Avec une chemise de l’Homme « ★ By Xilaa ★ Pour inaugurer ce nouvel espace, je profite de l’occasion pour vous présenter ma dernière pêche dans l’armoire de Monsieur … J’avais déjà lorgné sur cette chemise depuis quelques temps, mais il semblait trop l’apprécier pour la subtiliser ;-) Voilà qui est fait … j’avoue que j’en ai même profité pour choisir mon prochain ouvrage … mais là … silence … je patiente un peu !

Avec une chemise de l’Homme « ★ By Xilaa ★

Sait-on jamais ! Une encolure froncée, des ourlets roulottés et je me suis régalée en ajoutant mes petits boutons mignons en forme de coeur ! Crafterhours: upcycle. T-Shirt to Tank: A Tutorial by Jen from Upcycled Education August 17, 2011 By crafterhours 195 Comments This is one of my favorite t-shirt refashions of all time.

crafterhours: upcycle

For a number of reasons. Atelier AF! magasiner avec des tabliers enfants faits à la main la chemise des vieux papa. Mode habillement - Mode femme - Createurs de Bricolage - College Fashion. DIY Tutorial: “Paint” Splatter Heels Ever since I read this CF post on paintbrush and paint splatter prints, I can’t seem to get this spring trend out of my head.

Bricolage - College Fashion

The trend reminds me of the work of American painter Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist artist. He created drip “action” paintings that weren’t meant to showcase artistic skill, but rather the […] Read more... DIY Tutorial: Artsy & Bold Butterfly Heels Today’s DIY will celebrate all that is fun and wonderful about spring into a pair of gorgeous heels. Studios ette. Tee-soi Itse Valas. Girl. Inspired.: clothing makeover. Tutoriel ~ ~ chemise à volants. Upcycle. If you're stopping over from MADE, thanks for visiting and be sure to take a look around at my other stuff.


Let's hear it for the boys! Have a few old pairs of khaki pants laying around? Maybe even some with a few stains on them? Here's your chance to turn your husband's old khaki pants into a super cool drawstring backpack for your little guy. You'll need: one pair khaki pants (actually enough fabric for the exterior of 2 backpacks) 1/2 yard for lining fabric scraps for front zipper pocket 1/8" cotton cording (approx. 3 yards), I found mine at Home Depot - 45' for under $3, but you can also get cording at your local fabric store. one 8" zipper thread! Cut your pieces: First, cut your pieces from the khaki pants.

I chose to include the side seam towards the lower half of the fabric, but you can place it wherever works for your particular pair of pants. From your lining fabric, cut 2 pieces 13" wide by 16" tall. Flip wrong sides together and press. By sophie b. l'éco-design à la française. Quick fix sac d'épicerie. We had grapes this weekend.

Quick fix sac d'épicerie

So? They were really good. Seedless white grapes and they came in one of those plastic bags, with cuts all over to make it stretchy. Hours after we had the grapes, while in the kitchen, my eye fell upon the plastic bag again. Tutoriels. My front porch has desperately been needing planters for awhile now!


I'm way too cheap to spend lots on pots. So I got to thinking what I could use for planters instead of having to buy pots.... Couture / . MILCH »COLLECTION. Couleur Machine. Les sacs et cabas - Chèresloques, créateur de vêtements recyclés. »Junky Styling maintenant en magasin. Click on our logo below to visit our new online shop, where you’ll find pieces from our current Autumn Winter ‘11 collection and a selection of Junky classics. (Alternatively, the web address is ) Junky Styling – Wardrobe Surgery – £19.99. Click on the book below to be taken through to the book’s page. {*style:<b> </b>*} The Junky Gift Certificate allows you to give someone the chance to shop at the Junky Store off Brick Lane up to the amount specified, whether that be off the peg, made to order, or our legendary wardrobe surgery.