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Héloïse Allard - Ergothérapeute
Le cartable fantastique - dyspraxie ressources
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do2learn FineMotor skills
Gymn-eau Gymn-eau Nos loisirs adaptés tendent à briser l'isolement social, à augmenter l'estime et la confiance en soi, à outiller les enfants et les parents. Les activités de GymnO représentent une continuité aux services professionnels offerts aux enfants (travail social, ergothérapie, orthophonie, psychologie, neurologie, pédopsychiatrie, etc.) ! GymnO aide les enfants à cheminer avec harmonie dans leur milieu social, scolaire et familial.
Your Therapy Source - resources for school based occupational therapy and physical therapy Your Therapy Source, Inc. is a team of professionals with years of experience in pediatric therapy and special education. Our books and activities are great resources for occupational and physical therapists in school based and pediatric practice. In addition, our books are wonderful for teachers and parents who want to incorporate sensory motor activities at home and in the classroom. Many of our books are available in printed or electronic format. NEWSLETTER for Pediatric Occupational Therapists and Pediatric Physical Therapists - Sign up for our free newsletter which includes information, activities and/or hand outs for pediatric therapists, type email address in box and click on GO button to receive our newsletters. Your Therapy Source - resources for school based occupational therapy and physical therapy
Ergothérapie de la maison à l’école
Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips Picking out the appropriate clothing for a child can be a challenge, especially for those who have can difficulty understanding cold vs. hot and rainy vs. sunny. A student that I see for therapy uses this nifty worksheet, and it has proven to be very effective. If you're child is struggling when picking out appropriate clothes for the weather, try having him fill out this worksheet every evening before bed and pick out his clothes for the next day. For younger children, add some fun by including a sunny/snowy/rainy coloring sheet, depending on the weather forecast. Weather Report and Forecast
Free Touch Typing Lessons - Comprehensive 30 lesson typing tutor including home row. Free Touch Typing Lessons - Comprehensive 30 lesson typing tutor including home row. Our typing tutor lesson methodology is simple. Using a color coded keyboard, with corresponding color coded hands, we guide the typist through the keyboard, 2 keys at a time. We start with the home row keys and work our way out. The typist enters a words per minute goal to achieve. We set this word per minute goal between 5 and 60 words per minute. Once the typist has mastered the 2 keys at his words per minute goal, he is then presented with a review to use the 2 keys with all the other keys learned so far in previous lessons.
101 OT Ideas 101 OT Ideas Ahhhh, snowflakes. There has to be 101 different ways to make a snowflake. I am currently making 4 different versions with my students. Here are some fabulous examples for inspiration. Old-fashioned Snowflake I have to start with the classic folded paper cut out snowflake.