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Seed Bead Necklace. I saw Andrea’s gorgeous seed bead necklace and asked her to come up with another seed bead creation especially for Design Mom Readers.

Seed Bead Necklace

I adore seed beads, and I love the color scheme she picked. Happy beading! — Gabrielle I’ve been playing with jewelry since I was a teenager; nothing too complicated or fancy. I mainly stick to pretty materials and simple designs, which is why seed beads are one of my favorite things to work with. Materials (available at any large craft store like Michaels): Assorted colors of Seed Beads, Jewelry Spacers, Monofilament Wire (looks like fishing line), 6 Jump Rings in 3 sizes – 4mm (qty 1), 6mm (qty 3) and 8mm (qty 2), Crimp Beads (1.8mm recommended), 1 Lobster Claw closure, Chain. Scissors, Wire Cutters & Needle nose Pliers are also needed. Begin by cutting a length of filament wire approximately 24” in length. Place your crimp bead and then your larger size jump ring on one end of the wire, leaving about 2 inches free on one end. Craft Tutorial: Triple Chevron Necklace. As I made Pearl & Tube Necklace in the previous post, I was determined to make another necklace that I could layer it with.

Craft Tutorial: Triple Chevron Necklace

Also, I had some leftover gold tubes – my head was spinning with ideas for a while, and then this idea of chevron necklace came to me. Yes, I always wanted a chevron necklace but couldn’t decide what sort of chevron I wanted to wear (girls have too many choices these days, ey?). So, if you’re a chevron lover and want a pretty one with minimal effort, this project is right up your street :) What you’ll need: DIY: Lizzie Fortunato inspired Mixed Media Collar Necklace. While in LA a few weeks ago, I popped into the Jenni Kayne store (mostly just to ogle these flats) and was excited to see a gorgeous assortment of Lizzie Fortunato’s jewelry.

DIY: Lizzie Fortunato inspired Mixed Media Collar Necklace

I came across this necklace and just fell in love with it. I loved the combination of box chain, rope, pearls, and metal beads… I knew that I had to at least attempt recreating it on my own. This project is certainly not my easiest one as it will take a bit of time, but if you can follow instructions, I swear… you can do it! DIY Watercolor Statement Necklace -Flamingo Toes. One of my favorite things about jewelry making is that pretty much anything goes.

DIY Watercolor Statement Necklace -Flamingo Toes

You don’t have to stick to using the same old materials, or have things be all matchy matchy – unless you want to! So even if you’re making a pretty straightforward beaded necklace, you can really have a lot of fun with the layout and mixing and matching beads and styles. I found these awesome beads – all watercolor and burlap and bright colors and I knew they would be perfect to put together for a new Spring necklace. Even if you don’t like these beads, or want to mix in different colors, hopefully this can be a great inspiration for using different textures and changing up the layout of your necklace. So let’s get started! DIY Braided Bead Necklace. Lately I've been into DIY blogs and was inspired by THIS post to make my own beaded necklace.

DIY Braided Bead Necklace

The result? Something that I love! And it wasn't too difficult to make... though it was somewhat fiddly and time consuming playing with so many beads. Raw earrings. Twisted Tubular Herringbone Stitch Tutorial - Twisted Tubular Herringbone Bracelet. COLLAR DE ABALORIOS. Abalorios - Pendientes con cuero. Abalorios Manualidades - Colgante Estrella con cuentas Superduo. * DIY ♡ ... Collares de Moda !! Totaly twisted. Raw earrings. How to Make a Braided Ladder Bracelet. DIY♥Pulsera de Triangulo. DIY♥Aretes disdome (espiral) (peyote) Abalorios DIY - Pendientes de Verano con Superduo Neon ( aretes ) DIY - incastonatura mezze perle (Dome beads) da 14 mm.

DIY - Orecchini Wind Rose - Rosa dei Venti. DIY - Orecchini "Valzer" con cipollotti di cristallo. DIY Tutorial orecchini perline. Come incastonare una perla con perline Rocailles e perline Delica. Orecchini con perle: perla incastonata con perline Delica e Rocailles. Tutorial perline Natale: come fare orecchini gold star con perline farfalla. DIY: tutorial con perline, modulo Aster con superduo e perle.

TUTORIAL "Star&Shine". ORECCHINI di cristalli. Orecchini a goccia con filo di nylon. TUTORIAL:Come realizzare orecchini con perline,cristalli e filo di nylon/HandMadeEarring. TUTORIAL CIONDOLO "Cross Jewelry" Quick and Easy: Try This Herringbone Rope with Twin Beads! If there's one thing we beaders can be grateful for, it's the never-ending source of inspiration that we can find on the internet for our beading projects!

Quick and Easy: Try This Herringbone Rope with Twin Beads!

I recently joined a wonderful online group of beaders, who are all committed to elevating the craft of beadwork into an art. One of the members, Beth Clark, posted a beautiful photograph of some herringbone stitch ropes she's been making, following a tutorial she found through Pinterest on a Hungarian blog. Well, I'm always game for a new beading pattern using two-hole seed beads, especially my enormous collection of Twin beads, so I took a stab at working up her tutorial and discovered a fun, easy way to make a new kind of beaded rope using two-hole seed beads. After working up a necklace of my own using this herringbone stitch technique, I can see why Beth is so obsessed with it!

The resulting rope was smooth and supple, but extremely sturdy and suitable for hanging heavy beaded pendants.