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Which is a better workout, working out in a gym or swimming? This is a valid question that many have asked.

Get up and Move! So I get cravings like everyone else.

Get up and Move!

In order to keep life from getting boring, I try to even make the healthy food tasty. Otherwise, you wind up only looking forward to those cheat meals. After that it’s only a matter of time before you start cheating too often. Luckily my wife is a master at making healthy food tasty. If you don’t know how to do it (or aren’t lucky enough to have someone help with that) then check out the past newsletters; many of them have healthy recipes. The biggest dietary challenge I’ve had to overcome the last two weeks is portion control. Time to Wake Up!

So I’m fat.

Time to Wake Up!

Ok, perhaps “overweight” is the optimal term. Where did that come from? Ok, let’s back up….. A couple of weeks ago, Dan and Kurt and the guys at Mid-TN Nutrition announced a body transformation contest. A prize to the winner and the winner’s favorite charity. Of course I sign up for the “Transformation Challenge,” because I rarely encourage others to do something I won’t do myself.

What just happened? I woke up. Not from a dream, but from denial. The reality is….I’ve been in denial. I suddenly realized that I’m going to take this transformation challenge seriously, starting today. Join me in this journey, the start of which is 12 weeks. 5 Helpful Tips to Exercise After the Holidays. The holidays are the best time of the year.

5 Helpful Tips to Exercise After the Holidays

There are many reunions and get together parties and merry making everywhere. Mainly, a lot of eating and drinking happens during the holiday. Most people look into dieting after the holidays. Are you one of those who want to get back into exercise after a season of parties? It does not matter whether you are new to exercise or going back to it.

Find an activity that you enjoy Most of the time, what happens is that people will start a workout routine, keep it up for a few weeks, and then stop. Have a workout buddy When you have a friend who can go to the gym with you, it can keep you more interested. Don’t weigh every day Keeping a record of your daily will just put more pressure on you and stress you out. Set goals Setting a long term goal is good. Take it slow Taking a break from working out can make your weight return but do not be disheartened when this happens because this can go back as quickly. Common exercises excuses No time Budget. The Workout that Got Kathie Lee Gifford in Awesome Shape. Kathie Lee Gifford is a former co-host of Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

The Workout that Got Kathie Lee Gifford in Awesome Shape

Not so long ago, she went back to the news program to say hi to friends and previous workmates. During the fourth hour with friends Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee shared so many things happening in her life such as her new home in Nashville, her dating life, and getting those killer biceps. On Dating There have been photos that circulated back in August of Gifford dancing with a man. This came out in Entertainment Tonight and left many asking if Gifford has a new love interest. Gifford said that she went for a couple of dates and the mystery man was later found out to be Randall Cronk. Gifford was married to Frank Gifford, a retired Hall of Fame NFL pro from 1986 until he passed away in 2015. Biceps Sometime last year, fans have been noticing that Gifford was getting slimmer and others were commenting that she has become too thin for her good.

Manduu Fitness in Nashville TN. Does Swimming Help You Lose Weight Compared to Working Out in a Gym? Which is a better workout, working out in a gym or swimming?

Does Swimming Help You Lose Weight Compared to Working Out in a Gym?

This is a valid question that many have asked. No matter how old you are, setting aside time for exercise can give a lot of benefits. Going to the gym or swimming laps are some of the ways to get some exercise. What are the benefits of getting exercise? Exercise can reduce the risk of getting diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and many others. Some of the advantages of getting exercise are the following: -Better weight management -Lower levels of blood cholesterol -Reduced risk of having a heart attack -Reduced risk of getting type 2 diabetes and cancer -Lower blood pressure -Stronger muscles, joints, and bones -Lower risk of getting osteoporosis -Better recovery when getting sick -Better mood -Better sleep -Feeling more relaxed -Healthy body, sound mind There are various studies that connect exercise and a healthy mind.