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Zend Framework by examples (ZfEx) Framework 2.0 Roadmap - Zend Framework 2.0. <ac:macro ac:name="note"><ac:parameter ac:name="title">Superceded</ac:parameter><ac:rich-text-body> <p>This page has been superceded by <ac:link><ri:page ri:content-title="Zend Framework 2.0 Requirements" /></ac:link>; please direct further discussion to that page.

Framework 2.0 Roadmap - Zend Framework 2.0

</p></ac:rich-text-body></ac:macro> <ac:macro ac:name="note"><ac:parameter ac:name="title">Participate in the Discussion</ac:parameter><ac:rich-text-body> <p>Please participate in the discussion! You can either do so in comments to these pages, or by subscribing to the zf-contributors@lists.zend.com – simply send an email to zf-contributors-subscribe@lists.zend.com! Zend Framework Manual. Zend Framework : champ "Pays" dans un formulaire. La communauté Francophone du Zend Framework. Decorators with Zend_Form. Zend_Form has been lauded by many as a welcome addition to Zend Framework, and a flexible solution to the problem of forms.

Decorators with Zend_Form

That said, one point of flexibility it offers has proved to be a pain point for many developers: decorators. This tutorial aims to shed some light on decorators, as well as provide strategies for creating your own decorators and combining them in creative ways to customize the output your forms generate. Background When designing Zend_Form, a primary goal was that it should generate the markup necessary to display each element and the form itself. The rationale was that injecting values and metadata into the element markup and reporting errors is often a tedious, repetitive task. Atelier Zend Framework : Donnez de la puissance à vos modèles. Zend Framework.