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Serious Games? Definitely. Gameification? Too Early To Say. As readers of this blog know, I have a keen interest in serious games.

Serious Games? Definitely. Gameification? Too Early To Say.

Among other virtues, they provide a way to deal with tough circumstances by changing the way team members interact. In an upcoming research document on the subject, I relate the story of a development team that had to rewrite a creaky old application from scratch. Which features did the team need to re-implement right away? By running a serious game with the stakeholders, the team pinpointed which features were essential and why. Serious games have plenty of other uses. SXSW 2011: The internet is over. The ten rules of gamification. Gamification may have been the buzzword of 2010, but its influence shows no sign of abating in 2011.

The ten rules of gamification

It is a term derided by game designers, misunderstood by brands and unknown to consumers. Gamification: what are the rules? As multichannel commerce becomes commonplace, it’s more important than ever to focus on long-term engagement and coherence, creating a uniform, satisfying customer experience across every platform.

Gamification: what are the rules?

Recently, Gamification has become an increasingly important part of this mix, using game mechanics to enhance UX and guide user behaviour. When it’s done well, the rewards can be impressive; boosting engagement and brand awareness as well as vastly increasing direct conversion, shareability and repeat business. But what exactly do we mean when we use the term? It’s important to remember that gamification is a blanket phrase which can relate to multiple levels of deployment. Here’s a quick roundup of some points you should be aware of if you are considering gaming as a marketing tool. Le double jeu de la gamification » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Glisser du challenge dans chaque interstice du quotidien ?

Le double jeu de la gamification » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism

C'est tout l'enjeu de la gamification, nouvelle expression à la mode et alléchante potentielle machine à cash. La gamification est un des gros buzz du moment. Les ambiguités de la gamification. Par Rémi Sussan le 01/03/11 | 9 commentaires | 7,377 lectures | Impression La gamification est un des gros buzz du moment.

Les ambiguités de la gamification

En janvier 2011 s’est tenu d’ailleurs le premier “Gamification Summit“. Elle consiste essentiellement à se demander ce qui nous attire tant dans les jeux, puis d’en extraire les recettes fondamentales, afin de les appliquer hors du cadre ludique. Au coeur de ce processus se trouve l’idée que le gain de points, l’acquisition d’un statut, sont des moteurs d’amusement suffisants pour encourager les utilisateurs à recourir à un service. Check-in - Check-IN Audace - Les nouveaux mystères de San Francisco…

Les nouveaux mystères de San Francisco…

Check-in - Check-IN Audace - Les nouveaux mystères de San Francisco…

Gamification: The Art of Turning Work Into Play. Gamification is a hot topic as of late and has seen marketing, education, and non-profit groups adopting the use of gamification concepts at a rapid rate.

Gamification: The Art of Turning Work Into Play

While some will say gamification is not true gaming and others see it as an unnecessary distraction, I think both groups may be missing the point. Before I dive into why I believe this let’s recap what gamification actually means and some real world exampled. Buzzword Watch: The Gamification of Work. Gamification, according to Wikipedia, is " is the use of game play mechanics for non-game consumer technology applications.

Buzzword Watch: The Gamification of Work

" Our own Audrey Watters defined game mechanics as a "rule-based system for scoring, setting goals, and allocating rewards. " A related idea is the "Gamepocalypse," Jesse Schell's hypothetical future in which everything is gamified. What's The Difference Between Game Mechanics in the Enterprise and Good Management? We covered the emerging trend of gamification - the application of game mechanics outside of games - in November.

What's The Difference Between Game Mechanics in the Enterprise and Good Management?

A few enterprise vendors, such as Moxie and Rypple, are starting to incorporate elements of gamification into products. Constellation Research analyst and co-founder R "Ray" Wang has identified five engagement factors for gamification in the enterprise: intrigue, reward, status, community and challenge. BranchOut Tries to “Gamify” Career Networking on Facebook: Tech News and Analysis «

How Can We 'Gamify' the News Experience? One of the biggest emerging conversations over the past year in Silicon Valley is around “gamification.”

How Can We 'Gamify' the News Experience?

Simply put, this is the idea of applying game mechanics, particularly those found in videogames, to all sorts of non-game experiences. After following this conversation for many months, I’ve come to believe that over the next decade gamification will profoundly reshape the way we experience the web, to the same degree that social media and networks redefined the web last decade. To that end, I’ve been thinking in the broadest terms what that could and should mean for how we can reinvent digital news.

"Gamification": A Growing Business to Invigorate Stale Websites. Rajat Paharia is a new breed of business consultant. For a monthly fee he promises to invigorate stale websites by turning them into video games. Visitors become players. With RewardVille, Zynga Will Pay You To Play Its Games. Jobs 2.0: Data-centric Jobs for Generation Y: Online Collaboration « While some may say that Generation Y are slackers, I think they’re just waiting around for the next crop of interesting jobs. Well, good news, 20-somethings, the new fall line of jobs is here!

You’ll note that most of these jobs center around one thing: data. Gen Y (which I prefer to call Gen A, for “Analysis”) will be the first generation entering the workforce that have the skills to apply measurement and analysis to everything. They’ve been counting calories on their iPhones, anxiously trying to raise their Klout scores and driving their follow counts on Twitter.

Data is the new black. Cubeduel Launches Social Game on… LinkedIn? As websites become games, understand the trend with the Gamification Encyclopedia. 11 January '11, 03:20pm Follow One of the biggest trends we’ve seen on the Web in the past year has been the growing “Gamification” of websites and online services. Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world. SCVNGR Pulls in $15M for Real World Gaming Expansion: Tech News and Analysis « Social Gaming And Career Opportunity Platform Gild Hits 100K Users. Gild, a TechCrunch Disrupt startup that combines social gaming with career advancement, has hit a milestone after three months open to the public. Since its launch at TechCrunch Disrupt in September, more than 100,000 professionals have registered with GILD to compete in competitions, interact with peers and employers and advance their careers through certifications and job opportunities.

Gild allows job hunters to submit their resume to professional opportunities like any other job posting site but adds a different twist. The companies posting jobs set up competitions, like ‘Brain Buster’ programming puzzles and job-seekers complete these challenges on the site, receive their scores, and are ranked accordingly. You can engage in multiple competitions to help boost your chances and Gild will let you improve your profile by completing certification tests and other challenges. Not motivated? Make a game of it - Page 4. Michael Pusateri is a 43-year-old senior vice president at the Disney- ABC Television Group, but he still doesn't eat his vegetables. So in October he joined Health Month, an online game that allows him to compete against 16,000 other users in striving toward his goals — which include cycling 80 miles a week and going on a weekly date with his wife.

When he made progress, he earned life points and raised his ranking. When he failed, he lost points but could ask other players to take pity and "heal" him by giving him virtual "fruit. " The game prepared him for his first triathlon. Soyons sérieux, jouons! (5/5) : Le jeu est l’arme de la subversion. Par Rémi Sussan le 30/03/10 | 14 commentaires | 3,809 lectures | Impression. Soyons sérieux, jouons ! (4/5) : Le jeu est le futur du travail.