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Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles. ImBatch – The Best in Batch Image Processing. Bloggif : Decompose, decode and extract an animated GIF online for free. TypeA4 - Une Lettre Une Page. Instant Photo Sketch « Free photo cut out software, background removing, photo sketching, photo effects software. CPSSoftware produces two photo sketching tools – InstantPhotosketch(or the Light version) and InstantPhotoSketch Pro(or the Pro version).

Instant Photo Sketch « Free photo cut out software, background removing, photo sketching, photo effects software

Both of them convert any digital photo into some sorts of sketch or drawings. We also have an experimantal InstantPhotoSketch online version. The light version can only create one type of sketch, but does it well. It is the type of the sketch that can be called Pen sketch, when the object contour is outlined with dark color on white paper. You can see couple before and after examples in the gallery below. The program is extremely simple to use – just load a photo and press “process” button. The effect works well with people pictures, buildings or cityscapes and many other types of photos. Original photo of a person Pen sketch of a person. Downloads « Free photo cut out software, background removing, photo sketching, photo effects software. InstantPhotoSketch online photo to sketch convertor. Image Resizer: resize images free on Windows. Made By Montage – Applications Android sur Google Play. Cartoon Story Maker.

A quick look at the Cartoon Story Maker back to top...

Cartoon Story Maker

Features Features list character and background librariesimport your own imagestext bubbles and information boxesaccent key panelimport voice recordingsbuilt in recorder to add your own voice recordingsunlimited number of framescopy and paste framespreviewprint functionsaved stories can be opened and editedcopy and paste text from other documentshelp files (available online and included in the program) See the for more details. back to top... Cartoon Story Maker in the classroom Teachers can make cartoon stories to model language and cultural conventions.Students can make them as a stimulating and engaging way to practice their language skills. The Cartoon Story Maker has been designed with a focus on applying language learning. Clio-Photo. Images Charlotte. Base d'images 3D pour l'EPS. - accéder au catalogue d'images : - - télécharger la base d'images complète (plus de 600 images) : (Fichier Compressé .zip, dernière mise à jour : 28 mars 2011) - : la version "flash" de la base 3D, totalement reprogrammée par Natalia ROUDNEFF: déplacez vos figurines à l'écran, sortez de la zone d'écran les objets inutiles, et imprimez votre fiche d'atelier...

Base d'images 3D pour l'EPS

L'image mystère. Une nouvelle appli et une nouvelle rubrique !

L'image mystère

Ce qui est génial avec Flash, c’est que l’on peut programmer des applis dans de nombreux domaines. Celui du Jeu n’aura d’ailleurs pas manqué de tirer son épingle (du jeu) et aujourd’hui encore la technologie flash est encore bien présente dans le secteur. Et cela tombe plutôt bien parce qu’à l’école, on joue ! Je vous propose donc une nouvelle application pour vous amuser : L’image mystère. Le principe du jeu Le principe du jeu est bien connu et s’apparente au jeu de société; l’animateur propose aux joueurs de découvrir une image en faisant apparaître progressivement les différents volets.

Téléchargement de l’application Pas de surprise, téléchargez puis décompressez l’archive grâce au lien de téléchargement fourni en bas de cet article. RoundPic - rounded corners for avatars and images [web 2.0 style] Photo Grid - Collage Maker. Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them on social platform!

Photo Grid - Collage Maker

(Also with regularly performance improved and function upgrade) 🌟 Recent Updates1. Instagram Story Layout (9:16) Create beautiful and engaging stories with minimal and elegant templates.2. Vintage style photo filters , precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories.3. Clips the object from the photo or remove the background4. Pixelate - Blur - Anonymize. TOMYO - TiltShiftEasy, transform your pictures into miniature style photos! Description TiltShiftEasy is a small free image editing software that adds a nice tilt-shift effect to your wallpapers or holiday photos.

TOMYO - TiltShiftEasy, transform your pictures into miniature style photos!

Transform your pictures into miniature style photos with just a few simple clicks! TiltShift effects: Horizontal Vertical Radial Effect controls: Background blur Effect position Effect range Effect angle Color boost Foreground bloom The image effects are GPU hardware accelerated (HLSL Shader) to speed up image processing. - Transform your photos into tilt-shift style miniatures. PhotoFiltre. Graffiti Creator. Resize your image or photo online - It's easy, it's free! EasyPict - Redimensionner, optimiser, convertir vos images et vos photos.

Office Lens dans l’App Store. Office Lens. Named one of the “Best Apps of 2015” in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by Google Play!

Office Lens

Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote, OneDrive, or your local device. You can even import images that are already on your device using Gallery.GET ORGANIZED Scan and upload all your notes, receipts, and documents. Increase your productivity by eliminating time spent looking for documents or business cards. Sketch your ideas and snap a picture for later. Office Lens. Image Resizer for Windows - Home.