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Darkfall. Blender Addons - New Media Supply. Bevel After Boolean (BAB) - Blender 2.80. Acceptance of any contribution, gift or grant is at the discretion of the Blender Addons.

Bevel After Boolean (BAB) - Blender 2.80

The Blender Addons will not accept any gift unless it can be used or expended consistently with the purpose and mission of the website. No irrevocable gift, whether outright or life-income in character, will be accepted if under any reasonable set of circumstances the gift would jeopardize the donor’s financial security. The will refrain from providing advice about the tax or other treatment of gifts and will encourage donors to seek guidance from their own professional advisers to assist them in the process of making their donation. Extreme PBR Combo With 1000 Materials addon for Blender 2.79-2.8-2.81. Extreme PBR Combo 3.2 is out!

Extreme PBR Combo With 1000 Materials addon for Blender 2.79-2.8-2.81

Make sure you download the new libraries Are you frustrated with complicated tools? Have you ever realized how long it takes to create a simple pbr material? Importing a lot of textures, looking for them, well I tell you, I've been getting tired for a long time and I created this simple addon to manage more than 1100+ pbr materials ready to use, it's a good starting point to save a lot of time. Password = Speed! Bye-bye to the big times to create a material Now you can do it only with 1 click New automatic water material is available with version 3.2: You can adjust the wave parameters, detail, and choose whether static water, or flowing water Are you ready for this?

Put the turbo to your work... now you can replace material in 1 click. Layer Painter. Layer Painter is an addon for blender 2.8.

Layer Painter

It uses Eevee to give realtime feedback while creating materials. For this, the addon offers a powerful layer stack as well as procedural masks and painting features. Aidy Burrows: "A much desired and much required set of PBR texturing tools, very impressive and pretty complex materials can be achieved without even entering a node graph once!! " CG Matter (Caleb Mathers): "Texture painting (PBR) maps in blender has quite frankly been a pain; LayerPainter gives blender a lot of the functionality you'd expect from a dedicated texturing program like Substance. " Layer system instead of complex node graphs Layer Painter adds a layer system with PBR channels, which makes creating materials a totally different experience.

The concept is similar to Substance Painter's approach and takes the concept of layers in a 2D program to create materials for 3D objects. Nebula Generator. Now with 2D and 3D versions!

Nebula Generator

New! 3D Version An experimental 3D version of the Nebula Generator for Blender's EEVEE rendering engine is now downloadable. This uses Blender 2.8's new real time rendering capability. It will remain experimental for the moment as there are some strobbing artefacts whilst rendering animations in EEVEE, which although can be countered by high Sample values, does impact performance.

The file is documented with a set of how-to instructions and is free to existing users. Physical Starlight and Atmosphere. UPDATE (22.10.2019)Physical Skylight and Atmosphere 1.1 is out!

Physical Starlight and Atmosphere

Update of the update - Previous v1.1 file was saved with Blender 2.81 and resulted in few dysfunctional shader nodes when opened in 2.80. The v1.1 file has been updated now! Update of the previous update - Due improper zipping process, I updated the file again. changes: SceneSkies. Blender addon The goal of SceneSkies is to make HDRI-based lighting in Blender easy and fast.


It is an HDRI manager. With a few clicks, choose a 360° HDR panorama for your scene's background and lighting. No more manual creation of world materials, creating nodes, and navigating to your HDR files, just to load a HDRI. Simply choose from the thumbnails list. . ✓ Manage your collections of HDRIs Download SceneSkies collections, and/or group your own HDRIs into collections. . ✓ Free.

SceneTerrain. Use a shape preset, or your own Blender texture as a heightmap Eroded mountains The classic eroded mountains are perfect for most kinds of scenes.


You control how much mountains and water you want, maximum mountain height, depth of water bodies etc... Mountain chains. SceneCity. Add-ons Archives. Blender NITROX3D 02: enclosure box. KIT OPS Kitbashing Blender Addon. Speedflow. This an early access to the Speedflow Addon.An amazing tool to improve your workflow !


You can use Pie Menus,Simple menu and/or panel ;) Addon allows you to handel modifier as simple as possible.Shortcuts : Speedflow : Ctrl + Shift + QCompanion : Shift + QThis addon contain 9 modals :- Array :Add several Arrays modifiers in X, Y or Z, or X + Y + Z the next version (0.0.8), you will be abble to add objects to your curve. Solidify :Add a Solidify modifier and change Rotate :Rotate your selection with angles (5°, 10° and 45°) Tubify :Select a curve and create a tube, you can change the resolution (U and V) and the size of the tube.

Hard Ops

QuickDraw. Graswald for Blender. Never ever miss a Thing!

Graswald for Blender

Graswald doesn't have a website but is active on social media everywhere, so if you want to know more about our work, go ahead and hit that subscribe button! BlenderKit plans. Xavier150/Blender-For-UnrealEngine-Addons: I have created this addons for export asset from Blender to Unreal Engine 4.