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Letters and Sounds Primary Resources, phonics, dfe. Home. ESL Kids Flashcards. Matching game: Spread all the cards on the floor or on a table.

ESL Kids Flashcards

Students take turns flipping two cards and calling out the cards that they flip. If it's a pair then they keep it and get a point. If they don't call out the card then they can't keep it (Don't enforce this rule too strictly or the students may rebel). Go Fish: Deal four or five cards to each student. Students take turns asking one other student if the other student has a card. Alphabet Soup: In this memory activity, the teachers puts some cards on the board. Bear Card Charades: Students act out cards in this charades activity. Forest Animals Circle Dance: Students become an animal and do a dance when their card is called out in this circle activity. Bring me: Place a selection of cards on a table at the far end of the class. Cautionary Note:With younger kids you should remove the difficult cards before playing card games because they will get bored and frustrated easily. 'I saw. 'I saw.

If I Were A...Mayor: A Lesson Plan. When I plan my lessons for my groups of teens I always take into account: 1) Teenagers are creative and highly motivated. 2) The use of technology combined with real life is crucial in the classroom. 3) Teaching a language aims at communicating properly. 4) All the four linguistic skills must be introduced.

If I Were A...Mayor: A Lesson Plan

Considering these four points above I've created a series of lessons I call I'd like to share with you the lesson plan If I were a mayor. Politics is not my cup of tea. Students: TEENAGERS Level: B1-B2 Time: 110 minutes (Ideal lesson plan for a 2 hour lesson) Warm-up (5 minutes): Tell your students they are going to guess a profession. City/Town Hall Laws You can write them on the board so the whole class will guess and have fun together or set a challenge by giving the key words written on a paper and 1 minute to think about the possible profession. If they couldn't guess it you can play the Hangman. Lead-into Listening (5 minutes): English grammar: A complete guide. Do you have a question about the correct usage of the semi-colon or how to place relative adverbs in a sentence?

English grammar: A complete guide

If so, you've come to the right place! The English grammar guide is a complete reference on the rules of English usage. Every grammatical rule is explained in clear, simple language with several examples and, when necessary, counter-examples. The grammatical rules covered by this guide are categorized by part of speech. You will find the categories listed below. Comparisons Conditional Future Gerund and Present Participle Infinitive Passive Voice Past Present Functions and classes of determiners Articles Quantifiers Distributives. Grammar for Kids. Ticenogood. Ressources d'anglais. Par gandalf dans Anglais le 24 Décembre 2011 à 12:48 Ressources interactives en anglais *Sites d'activités diverses: British Council Primary Educreuse RPI Mesnil-Neuville Ticenogood Crickweb Eren Poisson Rouge *Oxford University Press: I Spy, Maze games: animals (jeu) colour (jeu) food time numbers (1-10) numbers (11-20) christmas *Text to speech: Oddcast Académie de Poitiers Oxford University Press (Audio Words) *Dictionnaire sonore: Europschool Language guide Your dictionnary Reverso.

Ressources d'anglais

Parties du corps en anglais. Description physique en anglais - physical appearance Vocabulaire sur les parties du corps (how to describe a person's physical appearance - body and body parts in english) Vocabulaire simple sur les parties du corps et du visage en anglais (Agnès Pihuit Imbert) Fiche de vocabulaire pour décrire quelqu'un en anglais (Céline Blanchard) Diaporama avec 19 parties du corps illustrées en anglais (mes-english) Vocabulaire illustré sur les parties du corps en anglais (englishwsheets) 30 mots de vocabulaire illustré en anglais sur les parties du corps + exercices : matching / crossword ( Fiche de vocabulaire sur les parties du haut du corps en anglais (création Agnès Pihuit Imbert / Fiche de vocabulaire sur les parties du bas du corps en anglais (création Agnès Pihuit Imbert / Vocabulaire de description physique pour décrire les cheveux et l'âge en anglais (carte mentale par A.

parties du corps en anglais