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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre

Holistic Dentistry at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Sydney Holistic Dental Centre has been treating people from all over Sydney to enhance their oral and general health since 1983. Our dental office has six dentists who have more than 100 years of experience between them. We also have four dental hygienists who help detect, treat and prevent gum disease and tooth decay with procedures that can be done from the home. Our dental clinic was designed to support our practitioner’s holistic approach to dentistry, with a calm and relaxing feel. We have state of the art technology that ensures any treatment is done so quickly and optimally. Out treatments include holistic dentistry, restorative, implants and Invisalign. We offer treatments for breathing issues relating to sleeping and chronic musculoskeletal pain. We also provide treatments that a conventional dentist performs, such as simple fillings, cosmetic dentistry, and most importantly, preventative dentistry. However, at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, the difference is in our holistic approach. What is Holistic DentistryHolistic dentists look at the entire person they are treating. The mouth is the starting point of the digestive tract and the respiratory system. These can affect our ability to absorb nutrients, breathe well and sleep optimally. As holistic dentists, when we do conventional dental restorations such as dental fillings and porcelain crowns, you can feel secure that we use materials that are both biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing.At Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, our commitment is to use the principles of holistic dentistry throughout the clinic. Our dentists strive to develop their skills in every aspect of dentistry, whether it be basic treatments, teeth whitening or advanced dentistry such as dental implants, and Invisalign orthodontics. We then go one step further by providing treatment solutions for tension headaches, migraines, and jaw problems. We also provide holistic advice for nutrition and postural improvements. Whatever oral problem you have, our objective is always a holistic one, and we connect the treatment to the whole-body health. We also partner with other holistic focused health practitioners, which includes integrative medical practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists, osteopaths, podiatrists chiropractors and physiotherapists to help you obtain optimum health. Your Initial Consultation at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre. At your initial consultation, our goal is to understand you and your health profile as well as possible. We’ll ask if you’re experiencing any pain in your teeth and gums, but we also want to establish the condition of your general health. Are you getting a regular good night’s sleep, do you wake up feeling energised or do you experience headaches, neck or jaw aches? As is the case with your entire body, pain isn’t the only sign that there is an underlying issue. At an initial consultation, we ensure a comprehensive review of your mouth, teeth, and your overall health. The first consultation takes approximately 60 minutes, providing plenty of time to determine your needs and how we can help.The consultation will include:n● Analysis of medical history - it’s important to find to investigate your medical history and the condition of your general health. We’ll get an up to date record and analyse any factors that might relate to your oral health. ● Oral examination - we assess the hygiene of your mouth, we look at your potential risk of adverse conditions and whether there is a need for specific dental treatments. ● Digital X-rays - our digital scans emit up to 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays, which help us evaluate the health of your mouth and jaw bone● High-definition digital images enable us to keep a record of your current condition and allow us to show you where certain problems exist.● Customised treatment plan - After the examination, we will put together a tailored treatment plan that will help you to achieve oral health that aligns with your general health.● A patient-centered conversation about your priorities, needs, and requirements.Your Visit to Sydney Holistic Dental CentreIf you are interested in understanding the many links between the health of your mouth and your general health, then come and see us at our dental practice in Sydney CBD. Whether you are feeling tooth pain, are unhappy with the look of your pearly whites, or want a holistic approach to your oral health, schedule a consultation with Sydney Holistic Dental Centre.

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre - Holistic Dentist

Holistic Dentist Sydney Sydney New South Wales - Sydney Holistic Dental Centre. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Media Room. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre - Holistic Dentist. When and how did holistic dentistry come about?

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre - Holistic Dentist

Holistic dentistry has not been around as long as traditional dentistry, but it has progressed over the years to give patients and the dentist office staff safe, alternative dental treatments and safer dental office environments to work in. The central issue in dentistry that sparked the movement that evolved into holistic dentistry, and which is still a main tenant of holistic dentistry was amalgam fillings. The Introduction of Amalgam Fillings. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre - Holistic Dentist in Sydney.