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"In terms of young children developing as writers this is the most interesting development in the last 20 years." Pie Corbett. Year of the iPad 2. The late Steve Jobs called 2011 "the year of the iPad 2" and almost a year after it was introduced, almost 2 years after the original iPad was introduced, it remains a product selling in the tens of millions with absolutely no competition in sight.

Year of the iPad 2

And that's a shame because, as a consumer, the one thing I want most is strong, meaningful competition for the iPad. It's become a cliche to say "there's no tablet market, there's only an iPad market", but like most cliches there's more than a little truth to it. Very few people want a tablet. Not in the 10 years prior to the iPad when Microsoft sold Tablet PC to almost no one, and not in the almost two years since when Apple's competition has tried to differentiate themselves by being more like PCs. The simple truth is, the iPad was never designed to be a tablet. For many people, PCs -- personal computers -- are anything but. The iPad is the opposite of that. That's why Apple is selling a so many of them, and why their competitors aren't.

Ken Robinson on Passion.


Flipped lessons and social media evidence. EduTecher. YouTube for Schools gives access to the hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube EDU.


This includes short lessons from top teachers around the world, full courses from the best universities, professional development from fellow educators, and inspiring videos from thought leaders. School admins and teachers can log in and watch any video, but students cannot log in and can only watch YouTube EDU videos and videos their school has added. All comments and related videos are disabled and search is limited to YouTube EDU videos. Flipped Classroom Resources. iPads in education. General. iPad Classroom. Sheringham Primary iPad Developments.


Research Resources. 21st Century learner. Teacher development. Evidence. Digital tools. Dropbox. Ipad. Technology. Teaching Sites. Flipped Classroom. Ipad Stuff. The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users. Though I haven’t gotten an iPad yet (NOTE: Now I have!)

The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users

, we did get one for my mother-in-law. So, with an eye towards helping her now, and me in the future, I put out a call to readers to their suggested resources as well as hunting for them on my own. You might also be interested in The Best Sites For Beginning iPhone Users Like Me. Here are my choices, and choices suggested by readers (their recommendations are better than mine!) , as The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users: iPad Getting Started is from TC Geeks. The 10 best iOS apps of 2011 comes from The Telegraph. The best iOS apps for children, 2011 is also from The Telegraph.

The top 50 iPad apps is from The Guardian. Choosing the Right Keyboard For Your iPad is from Read Write Web. The Best iPad Apps: 10 Essential Apps For The New iPad You Got For The Holidays is from The Huffington Post. Educreations lets you easily create video lessons. iPads In The Art Room APPiticdescribes itself as: Here are great suggestions from readers: Talks. Ipad Apps.

Ipad in the classroom

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