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The cultural differencees between countries and cities in the world are often shown through their languages, gastronomies, musics or ways of dressing. Thus the large imaginary of everyday-life objects that accompanies our lives seems to be consigned to a background, almost anecdotal, level. World Grammar salvages these peculiar, ingenious, useful objects and gives them notoriety. By isolating these objects from their context and ordering them under unifying criteria, the cultural differences amongst the societies to which they belong start to emerge.

This project has been conceived as an open collaboration with multiple agents from different corners of the planet who discover, during their travelling, the cultural specificities of other locations. To view World Grammar book click here. 8 Things You Should Know About Smoking a Cigar. Cigars have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the past decade or so, and for good reason — a quality cigar smoked properly is an experience like no other.

8 Things You Should Know About Smoking a Cigar

But cigar smoking isn’t something you should just dive into blindly. Everything from making the right purchase to the way you light a cigar can make or break the entire deal. Here are eight things you should know about smoking a cigar… Choose Wisely If you don’t remember anything else, at least remember this: All cigars are definitely not made the same. At the very least, find something handmade. If the place you’re buying your cigar from doesn’t have a humidor, you’re in the wrong place.


The real Tron Lightcycle that can hit 120mph and costs $55,000. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 16:34 GMT, 16 December 2010 This stunning Tron Lightcycle is science fiction turned fact. The iconic virtual vehicle - driven by computer programs and gamers in the futuristic films - has been recreated in reality by Parker Brothers Choppers. The real-life hubless space-age bike is an amazing recreation of the CGI graphics from the film and is in reality 8ft long, 23-inches wide and 474lbs.

Incredibly the Light Cycle is street-legal and can hit speeds of up to 120 miles per hourl A real life Light Cycles made by U.S. bike store Parker Brothers Choppers, based in Florida which sas unveiled ten custom-built vehicles Only five of the machines are being produced by Florida-based Parker Brothers Choppers and cost $55,000 each. Operations manager Jeff Halverson explained: 'It has a TL1000R motor that powers the chain driven friction drive system. 'It can go up to 120 miles per hour but we haven't taken it up to that speed yet.

The bike being built in the workshop. ColorWare - iPhone 4. HOME OF NEUROTICALLY YOURS, 4Y-RECORDS & MORE.

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