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Wizard Rocking!

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Love the Harry Potter fandom?

What if there was a way to listen to music that is inspired by Harry Potter and expands on the original stories in wonderful and fun ways?

Well, there is! It's called wizard rock (often shorted to "wrock") and it's pretty darn awesome!

Want some hardrocking punk about Tonks? Want some fanfic ukulele ballads about queer and trans relationships? It's all here, and so much more!

There are and have been hundreds of bands making all sorts of different music inspired by the fandom and the stories, and this Pearltrees serves as an introduction to the community. Explore the links below for ways to discover wizard rock bands, get involved in the wrock community, and see some live shows online!

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your friendly YA librarians! Wizard Rock Sampler - This yearly compilation has nearly all of today's wizard rockers! Harry and the Potters - The OG wizard rock band and still one of the finest! Tonks and the Aurors - Feminist pop-punk from Tonks' perspective? Yes all witches! The Whomping Willows - You might know their song "Wolfstar" from TikTok? Totally Knuts - A nonbinary wizard rocker with a focus on the queer community!

Transfiguration - A charity compilation released in response to JK Rowling's transphobia! WZRD Radio - Wizard rock podcast featuring a fun mix of songs and interviews with wrockers! Wizrocklopedia Music Archive - An online archive of rare wizard rock releases—all for free! All the Wrock 2.0 - An enormous playlist featuring all the wizard rock that's on Spotify! Wizrocklopedia - The wizard rock blog, featuring reviews, articles and more! Wizard Rock Revival Facebook Group - All the wizard rock news and discussion! The Wizard Rock Discord Server - a great place to connect with fellow wrock fans! Your Wizard Rock Resource – A treasure trove of information and trivia on nearly every band! I Wanna Wrock! - An academic book about wizard rock! #RandomWrock - A game on Twitter where people can guess the lyrics to wizard rock songs! Yes All Witches - A grant program for marginalized voices in wizard rock!

Geekbeatradio's Trapped in the House Show concert series - A monthly online show! Queer Wizard Rock for Trans Kids and Youth! - A fundraising concert ft. queer wrockers! O.W.L. Fest! - An enormous 2-day online wizard rock festival! 2020 Wizard Rock Livestreams - A complete list of all the online wrock shows in 2020! Hi!

2020 Wizard Rock Livestreams - A complete list of all the online wrock shows in 2020!

I’m usually over at Your Wizard Rock Resource, so I guess this post is a crossover event. Unless you’re fairly new, you’ve probably noticed the high volume of online wizard rock shows last year. So, I’ve decided to hop over to the Wizrocklopedia and do what I love best: organise and present information about wizard rock. Namely, making an exhaustive list of wizard rock livestreams in 2020. Let’s do this!