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Everything Technical in F1. With huge media and fan attention Red Bull launched their RB10 last week at Jerez.

Everything Technical in F1

Much of the cars aero has been kept simple to get through the difficult early testing period, but some 2014 specific features are evident around the front of the car and are worthy of some close analysis. Continue reading. GrandPrixLegends Ultimate Links. GPL FAQ and troubleshooting guide - GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." - Sim Racing Mirror Zone. GPL Trouble Shooting and Problems FAQ Note #1: All tips and FAQs are in the first posts here and are updated regularly.

GPL FAQ and troubleshooting guide - GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..." - Sim Racing Mirror Zone

There's no need to read through subsequent pages looking for solutions. Note #2: Anyone has full permission to reproduce this FAQ in any form or language in whole or part. Check out WiHerr's OpenGL patch which might fix some graphics problems. The 2004 demo doesn't have this WiHerr update, so if you run in OpenGL, it's recommended to get this patch.

Keyboard shortcuts have been listed by ACHIM KRAFT Here and many more bits of info about running the basic GPL can be found in the GPL Users Manual available online. You'll need to patch GPL to run on Windows XP. Better still, use the GPLPS GPL installer at - All you have to do is run the installer, insert the GPL CD and follow the instructions. **NOTE** For questions not covered here, start another thread. Newcomers to GPL... For advice on how to install or start updating GPL, see the following sites: General Advice. Formula One 2012: track guide.

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Drivers. Moto Poster :. Formula 1 Posters .: It's probably impossible to say anything new about my personal 'best ever' choice. It is hard to believe that it is now some 44 years since he met a tragic and untimely end at Hockenheim on a damp and miserable April Sunday. It's perhaps even more surprising that Jim Clark is still held in such awe by so many people that books, magazine articles and web sites are still appearing to this day. Just like this one in fact. This interest so long after his career ended probably has a lot to do with the kind of man he was as much as his considerable record as a driver. Nobody seems to have had a bad word to say about him and I can't recall ever reading anything that was not complimentary about him. Early Days Jim Clark was born into a wealthy and successful family of Scottish farmers in 1936. He soon ended up living at Edington Mains, the sheep farm at Duns just north of the border near Berwick on Tweed. First View of Spa Above: Everyone's a fan The Big Time 1963, The First Championship Monza 1967.

Axis Of Oversteer. The F1 Circlar. - racing car history. 1972 March 721X Cosworth - Images, Specifications and Information. Page 1 of 1 March burst onto the Formula 1 scene in 1970, with the simple but effective March 701.

1972 March 721X Cosworth - Images, Specifications and Information

The British manufacturer was formed in 1969 by four friends; Robin Herd, Max Mosley, Graham Coaker and Alan Rees. The governing body's decision to allow for sponsor-markings and the introduction of the 'cheap' Ford Cosworth DFV created a renewed market for privateers. March's goal was to build a chassis for those privateers. Designed to be simple and easy to run, the March 701 was neither overly quick or innovative. Although 11 Formula 1 cars were sold in 1970, March was in big financial difficulties. For 1972, a completely new design that was intended to be a technical break-through, would hopefully bring March to the top of the field. After running heavily modified 711s in the first races of the season, the 721X made its debut at the Spanish GP in Jarama. After three Grands Prix, 'the experiment' was over and the 721X replaced by a more conventional 721G. FORIX: Formula One Results, Information, Statistics.

F1 2011 Season. JH Choppers, Creating Custom Harley-Davidson Parts for over 8 Years. The Jalopy Journal. NZ Festival of Motor Racing. PC Pitstop Techtalk.