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Nail Nerd » Creating Your Own Nail Transfers. Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and this one was a long time stewin’.

Nail Nerd » Creating Your Own Nail Transfers

I’ve been trying to figure out for months how I could create patterns and manicures for people without, you know, having to spend all of that quality time with somebody’s hand in my lap (I’ll admit to being super pokey with some designs and can literally waste away 4+ hours working on something… who wants to sit through that?!). The baggie transfer from the dry water marble nails *would* have been a cool way to do it, but — if you’ve ever tried this you probably know — peeling the nail polish off of the plastic is actually pretty difficult, and all the tender tugging can often warp or rip the polish, which obviously doesn’t do well for really precise designs (i.e. with lines). Last week while dinking around in the kitchen I thought to pull out all of the various papers and foils at my disposal to do a little spot test: put down a couple of layers of polish and see how it pulls up. No sticking. Nada. Nails.

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Nails: Natural HomeMade Nail Recipes, cuticle soak, cuticle oil, foot soaks, cuticle cream. Natural recipes for nail care ..............................................................................................

Nails: Natural HomeMade Nail Recipes, cuticle soak, cuticle oil, foot soaks, cuticle cream

Cuticle Softener Ingredients: 1 tsp. olive oil 1 tsp. vitamin E oil Directions: Combine and massage into nails and cuticles Cuticle Cream 1 Tsp. natural clay 3 drops lavender essential oil Mix into a paste and put into a sterile ointment jar or small pot. Sweet Milk Foot Soak Ingredients: 1/2 cup sugar 2 tbsp. moisturizing lotion 2 cups milk 7 cups water In a large saucepan, heat the milk and water. Peppermint Massage Oil 10 tsp. grapeseed oil 3 drops eucalyptus oil 4 drops rosemary oil 2 drops peppermint oil these oils can be bought at any natural store or even some craft stores. Combine oils. Passion Nail Art tout connaître et apprendre. BLOG. Feb 11 This is my newest obsession – newspaper fingernails!


Recently, I was reading Little Chief Honeybee‘s blog & in this entry, I saw a photo of newspaper nails. I thought to myself, “Omg, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen! I need to have nails like that!” .. Supplies needed: ♥ Light-coloured nail polish (white, pastels, cream, etc) ♥ Clear fingernail polish for a top-coat ♥ A newspaper ♥ Rubbing alcohol & small container to pour it into Directions: ♥ Cut out 10 sections of text from a newspaper. . ♥ Paint your nails with a base-coat of the light-coloured polish (I used white.) ♥ Pour some rubbing alcohol into your small dish. . ♥ Take a strip of your newspaper, hold it down firmly on your fingernail. . ♥ Slowly & carefully peel off the newspaper strip. . ♥ Repeat process for all 10 nails & then use your clear polish as a protective top-coat. Valentine's Day Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial‬‏ Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or...

Water Marble Tutorial.

Water Marble Tutorial. Supplies: orange stick or...

Supplies: orange stick or toothpick, shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp. water, nail polish, tape (optional, but it helps with the clean up) I like to begin by prepping my nails with base coat and one coat of polish. Here I used China Glaze Innocence for a nice neutral base. Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Most importantly, have fun! We would love to see pictures of all your water marbling attempts, so get dipping! A blog about nail polish: How to: How I paint my nails.