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Manicure Trick - Wrap Your Tips. Apparently I can’t get enough of teal, turquoise and aqua at the moment.

Manicure Trick - Wrap Your Tips

As much as I try not to latch onto trends, you can only see so many gorg blue-green brights before getting sucked in. There are so many in my office right now that you’d swear I’m adopting a Caribbean theme. How to have the world’s smoothest legs. DIY Lengthening Mascara. There are oodles of haircare products available.

DIY Lengthening Mascara

Between oils and deep-conditioners, it's really easy to keep our manes in tip top shape. But what about our eyelashes? They are technically hair as well, and although we love falsies, wouldn't it be nice if your real lashes were super long? If you want long and healthy lashes, look no further, because we've created a DIY lengthening mascara that'll do just that! Makeup Artist Trick of the Trade! How To Create the Smoothest Canvas. Vitamin HB | Makeup Artist Trick of the Trade!

Makeup Artist Trick of the Trade! How To Create the Smoothest Canvas

How To Create the Smoothest Canvas! Tue, 29 May 2012 DAILY DOSE | SKINBy Huda Heidi Kattan. Natural looking beach curls in under 20 minutes! I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m itching for the summer.

Natural looking beach curls in under 20 minutes!

It doesn’t help that department stores are already putting out their summer wear and swimsuits. Have you ever wanted to get that beautiful “natural” beach curl look to your hair? Makijaż 199 - złoto - fioletowe smoky. Dorm Room Spa: 3 Easy DIY Beauty Recipes to Try. Photo Credit It’s that taxing in-between time of the semester again – spring break is over, papers and projects are coming due, and finals are looming ahead.

Dorm Room Spa: 3 Easy DIY Beauty Recipes to Try

It’s clear that college students are stressed right now, and with that stress comes the need for relaxation. Marble Nails DIY - Miami Nail Art. Beach Waves and Messy Braids. Step-by-Step: Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid. With the release of the much anticipated movie The Hunger Games, we decided to do an inspired hair tutorial on how to do the braid that Katniss wears in the Arena.

Step-by-Step: Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid

It’s also known as a dutch braid, the only difference is it’s curved. The dutch braid is extremely simple, it’s the same thing as a French braid the only difference is you are pulling the pieces of hair under the braid, instead of over the braid like you would in French. Below are steps on how to get the look yourself! Happy Hunger Games! STEP 1.) YouTube Beauty: Top 10 Channels to Follow. There is a whole subculture on YouTube devoted to beauty tutorials with an increasing amount of subscribers.

YouTube Beauty: Top 10 Channels to Follow

Rather than asking your mother or a girlfriend to teach you how to French braid your hair, you can look it up on YouTube — and there are hundreds of videos on that one hairstlye alone. We've rounded up ten channels to follow on YouTube for tips and tricks on hair, makeup and nails. Do you include YouTube in your beauty routine? Let us know in the comments. Photo via Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images.


Eye Makeup Techniques - LoveToKnow Makeup - StumbleUpon. Knowing the right eye makeup techniques can help you accurately and easily achieve the look you want.

Eye Makeup Techniques - LoveToKnow Makeup - StumbleUpon

When applied correctly, eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara can transform anyone from the girl next door to a ravishingly sexy siren. Learn which techniques work best and find out what's new and hot. Different Types of Eye Makeup Techniques There are many ways to apply eye makeup, and different techniques can produce very different results. 5 Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks that Work.

Therapeutic Bath Meditations. “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day” Hippocrates Father Of Medicine: A warm bath helps the body let go and relax.

Therapeutic Bath Meditations

Better still a warm bath ritual can be incredibly therapeutic and deeply restorative.


LOVE CULTURE - CLOTHES. Sequin Fever Bodycon Dress - Free People. Top 10 Wacky Beauty Tips That Actually Work. In: Video Games, top 10April 2, 2014Top 10 Video Game Mythshosted by Dan ParadisSometimes the rumors become more interesting than the games themselves.

Top 10 Wacky Beauty Tips That Actually Work

Join and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 myths in Video Games. Special thanks to our users tom dray, David tucker Jr and Tristan Brown fo PLAY VIDEO in: Film, comic book originsApril 1, 2014Superhero Origins: Cyborghosted by Dan ParadisHalf man, half machine, but all hero. Iva Messy: DIY Self Tanner. You can quickly make a natural {depending on the lotion you use} self tanner, that gives you a perfectly sun kissed, bronzed look in an instant. Simply mix your favorite lotion with cocoa powder and apply.

You can easily adjust for skin tone, by gradually adding in the cocoa power. Remember, it will only last until your next shower. No orange shade or streaks. You can see exactly where you are applying it, and as it is blending in you do not have to worry that you might have missed a spot, or that your knees, elbows and ankles will be a darker shade, as it can happen with self tanners that darken throughout the day. 13 DIY At-Home Spa Tricks: Beauty. How to: pore strips. You know those Biore pore strips you buy at the drugstore for about $12 a pop? Yeah, those. Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own homemade pore strips. Bath Fizzies.

Ice-cube trays serve as molds, giving the fizzies their shape. Using a flexible silicone model lets you slide the cubes out smoothly without breaking them. Show off the colors of the bath fizzies in glass jars with screw tops, the kind used for storing sugar and flour. Pack each type of fizzy in a separate jar so the scents won't meld. Write the name of the scent on a vellum tag (choose a shade that matches the fizzies), and punch a hole in the top. DIY Teeth Whitening. ^riza^ / CC by 2.0 Are you a soda/coffee/tea drinker (guilty, kinda guilty and guilty) lookin’ for a quick and easy way to whiten up those used-to-be pearly whites? Peta2 to the rescue! The magical ingredient in today’s DIY beauty blend is strawberry (have you noticed our fruity theme on the peta2 blog?). How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally? Stretch marks are a common skin problem for a wide degree of both men and around the world. Any sudden gain or loss in weight can cause these fine lines to appear on certain parts of the body and it may seems as though they will never go away. Girls and boys often notice stretch marks during puberty as many things are changing within the body. Fortunately, you do not have to live with these marks nor do you have to turn to an unnatural or dangerous procedure or product. The kitchen spa.