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Affiliate Marketing Program. New Products From Network Solutions. 6 Successful Twitter Hashtag Campaigns. The Digital Marketing Series is supported by HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA, that makes a full platform of marketing software, including better B2B lead nurturing.

6 Successful Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

8 Reasons People Aren't Following You Back on Twitter. Whenever you follow someone on Twitter, you hope that they’ll follow you back.

8 Reasons People Aren't Following You Back on Twitter

Trend Watch: Kickstarter Is The New Lead Investor. We all know it.

Trend Watch: Kickstarter Is The New Lead Investor

Social proof is the tool that every founder needs to unlock funding. What happens to those entrepreneurs who don’t have easy access to quality investors though? As a first time entrepreneur it can be difficult to get access to brand name investors. Trend Watch: Kickstarter Is The New Lead Investor. Is Kickstarter the Future for Tech Hardware Entrepreneurs? Lance Parker is building something he says will bring a new level of convenience and security to on-the-go computing — and he's funding the project through Kickstarter.

Is Kickstarter the Future for Tech Hardware Entrepreneurs?

His product is called Compude, a tiny device that allows users to take a data-locked version of their personal computers' contents with them, then plug in and work on any smartphone, tablet or other computer. He says it's the smallest fingerprint authentication device in the world. (Click here for a video further explaining how Compude works.) JOBS Act and CROWDFUND May Pass Today. Despite a pre-vote uproar by a minority group of democratic congress people, it appears as though the highly awaited JOBS Act has been fast tracked.

JOBS Act and CROWDFUND May Pass Today

This means the Senate voted to limit debate on the act and a final vote is expected at around 6 PM EST. If passed, Obama should quickly approve the bill effectively putting it into law. What's Working in Digital Non-Profit Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC] On April 5, M+R Strategic Services, a public relations and communications firm working with leading non-profits, and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), a membership organization of non-profit professionals who use technology for their causes, will release their sixth annual eNonprofit Benchmarks Study of what is working today in online advocacy, fundraising and social networking.

What's Working in Digital Non-Profit Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

The study is based on primary research with 44 participating non-profits, including the AARP, American Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Planned Parenthood and the World Wildlife Fund. All of the non-profits covered fall under the categories of environmental, international, human rights, wildlife, animal welfare and other causes. 10 Tips for Raising Money on Kickstarter. Rusel DeMaria is the author of more than 60 books, and currently runs the High Score 3 Kickstarter project.

10 Tips for Raising Money on Kickstarter

Follow him on Twitter @DeMaria. Double Fine, the game developer, raised $3.3 million for its adventure game, Double Fine Adventures. Crowdfunding Revolution: Prepare to Launch, Pt 1 - Build Your Structure. Posted by Don Lehman | 16 Mar 2012 | Comments (1)

Crowdfunding Revolution: Prepare to Launch, Pt 1 - Build Your Structure

How Microlending Works" If you ever come across a trove of battered old hardcover novels published in the United States in the 19th century, take a minute to thumb through them.

How Microlending Works"

About Making an Impact with Microlending. My Stuff You Should Know podcast co-host Chuck Bryant, our producer Jeri Rowland and I aren't completely unaware of ourselves.

About Making an Impact with Microlending

As such, we do feel a bit uneasy toasting an effort that ultimately has to do with buying an ox to help plow a small, cold field or a motorbike to drive as a taxi 100 hours a week. But then there's the million dollars. A million dollars most decidedly does have a natural bent toward toasting with champagne. And so the three of us will drink it. 9 Hot Social Networks to Watch Mashable 9 Hot Social Networks to Watch. Few social services have enjoyed as much success as sites like Foursquare and Pinterest. 10 Top Execs Share Their Social Media Secrets. When you're occupying the C-suite, you may not have time to think about tweets, Facebook posts, Foursquare checkins and Pinterest boards.

But you should. Social media is an increasingly important tool for building brands, connecting with customers and boosting customer loyalty and engagement. All of these factors can work together to increase awareness of your brand and drive new business. Top Social Media Investor on What’s Next. The Leaders in Digital Series is supported by Samsung. Follow Samsung USA on Google+ and Twitter, and like them on Facebook. How Facebook Sponsored Stories Can Boost Engagement. Matt Lawson is the vice president of marketing at Marin Software, the largest paid search management provider. In the wake of its $100 billion IPO filing, Facebook is busy bolstering its advertising options.

For one, Facebook is hanging its future hopes on "sponsored stories. " Sponsored stories depart from the typical Facebook ad unit. 7 Ways To Hack Your Promotions Into Facebook Timeline. You won’t really be able to use a default landing page to promote your brand when timeline goes live on pages. Instead, you can make use of other aspects of the layout to work your promotion. Writing Powerful Descriptions. Will This Platform Change Startup Funding Forever? Name: Wefunder Big Idea: Wefunder provides a platform that allows startups to hold fundraising with a crowd of investors. How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide.