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Advanced Sweeping

Advanced sweeping technicians are all highly skilled and capable of providing electronic and physical sweeps to determine and detect electronic equipment, bugs, hidden cameras and tracking devices and many unwanted elements.

NEW THREATS. American based anti-virus software firm Kaspersky has warned against charging your smartphone via public USB outlets and even your own PC or Mac.


New products are entering the market. These are WIFI store and forward devices made by Austek. They present many problems to the average victim and will store audio and forward this on by hopping onto the nearest WIFI at unusual down times whilst trying to remain undiscovered. Wireless password and the encryptions used to break them is covered in a very good article from Acrylic. They explain the need for having a good combination of password character information, especially needed in today’s age where hackers are looking to break into many unauthorised systems. From around the world: Advanced Sweeping. Advanced Sweeping. HOME WARNINGS. Has my home been bugged and what should I do if I think I have been?


If you believe your home is bugged the first thing to do is to be on the lookout for evidence and think about who and how this could have happened. Your home may have been burgled but nothing significant was taken? You may not even notice if a door was left open or a window forced. It is not even apparent that someone has been inside your home. Is my office bugged? Is my phone bugged? How can a TSCM Service help? Whether it’s a corporate sector, professional service or home, technical surveillance and eavesdropping have become a common threat to us all, whether we are company owners, handle company data, work on new products, work from home – you could be a Finance Director, a CEO, an HR Director in charge of security, or middle management given the role of IT security, Office Manager or Operations Director.

Is my office bugged? Is my phone bugged? How can a TSCM Service help?

Business Security. After we have discussed your needs, on a secure, reliable method of communication, we will schedule an appointment for our Technicians to visit your requested business premises.

Business Security

All our business surveys and sweeps are undertaken using the highest specification technology and discretionary tactics. On site they will utilise spectrum analysers, nonlinear junction detectors, and RF and GSM locating devices, thermal imagery as well as other equipment not listed here on our site. Please be advised, we work to the highest level of discretion and there is certain information that we will require from you. We need to know how large the areas or buildings are and how many people work within them. Using this information we will be able to provide you with a quote, within a satisfactory timeframe. We will arrive as per your instructions, to meet with the designated contact. Is My Office Bugged? – Advanced Sweeping. Eavesdropping and technical surveillance has become a threat to the business world.

Is My Office Bugged? – Advanced Sweeping

CEOs, Finance Directors and Practice Managers of corporate and professional services’ sectors are becoming more aware of this risk, through excellent compliance and cyber security conferences, seminars and workshops, and Advanced Sweeping is a leading support and anti-surveillance provider when it comes to securing your business through TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) and electronic bugging detectors. If you are a company owner, or head up the firm’s security and IT, you might want a checklist to understand the threats all companies are open to. Not just cyber security, but technical surveillance from a third party (high net worth individuals and companies are often targets, as well as government buildings, banks, law firms and corporate finance etc).

The TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) agencies, such as Advanced Sweeping, can help your needs in this regard. Like this: Advanced Sweeping. Vehicle Security Service - UK & Global. Advance Sweeping. Home checks are often required, and undertaken every week at Advanced Sweeping.

Advance Sweeping

We use the same high specification technology, and discretionary tactics, that our business clients receive. Ensuring that our services are second to none. After we have established the threat level and the speed to which you require our services, we will schedule an appointment for you with our Technicians. An adviser will be in contact with you to give general, and sometimes crucial advice, on the role we will be undertaking. We will ask that you carry out certain things before we arrive. Vehicle security. What Is Bug Detection And When Might You Need The Professionals? Whether you are working in a highly competitive industry, have a significant change in personnel or are planning an innovative product line, it is of increasing importance that you protect your company from malicious or inadvertent data leaks.

What Is Bug Detection And When Might You Need The Professionals?

To keep their business truly private and secure, bug detection is one measure many companies are employing. But what does this process involve? Also known as TSCM checks, where the acronym stands for technical surveillance counter measures, the purpose is to both physically and electronically inspect a business for electronic eavesdropping. Many companies and homes are aware of the potential threat, but the danger comes when they fail to recognise the full extent of what needs to be checked. Advanced Sweeping. TSCM service – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – is something that goes under many different names, from Counter Surveillance to Bug Sweeping.

Advanced Sweeping

In fact, it is actually a term that was coined by the United States Federal Government. It is a general term that relates to identifying any security vulnerabilities and detecting bugs. A common reason why people require such a service is because their phone has been bugged. Read on to discover some signs that this has happened to you. If you have noticed that your phone feels hotter than usual and your battery life is draining more quickly than it usually does, this is a sign you need professional bug detection.

One of the key signs that your phone has been bugged is if you hear clicks while you are making a phone call or any other type of background noise. You should also be mindful of any strange or random activity on your phone. Another sign that your phone has been bugged is if you are having difficulty shutting it down. Advanced Sweeping. When many people begin to look at hiring a firm to provide a bug sweep of their property or premises, it’s not uncommon for questions to come to mind.

Advanced Sweeping

‘Am I over-reacting?’ Or ‘Would someone really go out of their way to listen to my conversations?’ These questions are why surveillance can be so effective. There are definitely many reasons why you should definitely consider hiring a firm to provide counter surveillance efforts such as sweeps for bugs. TSCM Services and “Bug” Sweeping – Keeping Businesses Safe. Technical Surveillance and your business.

TSCM Services and “Bug” Sweeping – Keeping Businesses Safe

Are you safe? As a business owner, what keeps you up at night? Advanced technology has made electronic eavesdropping easier than ever, making genuine threats to businesses. Electronic devices or hidden cameras are being used to conduct surveillance on a huge scale, not just in the UK, but internationally. Some of our clients have offices in multiple locations and their data security is extremely important, so having a trusted TSCM service to hand is key to their data safety.

Unscrupulous firms and individuals can access surveillance devices incredibly easy – a quick internet search can throw up cheap solutions to aid spying.Espionage is big business. Sweeping For Hidden Cameras. Our societies have become used to the presence of cameras filming our movements. Whether it is via CCTV on a bus or via a police surveillance van driving down the road, these forms of filmed surveillance are not hidden and allow us to see that we are being filmed.

But when it comes to discovering or suspecting hidden cameras watching us, this changes everything. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some counter surveillance tips when it comes to sweeping for hidden cameras. The problem when it comes to hidden cameras is that some lower quality options can be purchased for a small amount of money. The cost of these ‘spy cameras’ mean that hidden cameras can be easily purchased and, therefore, makes them more prevalent. When examining electronic items, look for any suspicious lights, lenses or wires. Advanced Sweeping. Bug sweeping is the process that involves looking for any bugs that have been placed in your office, home, car, or any other environment you tend to visit. Bugs could be anything from listening devices to hidden spy cameras. Advanced Sweeping. Advanced Sweeping. Counter Surveillance and Bug Sweeping — what is it and how we Advanced Sweeping can help. Technology advances have enabled a huge surge in hacking, cybercrime, corporate espionage, relationship coercive control (e.g. mobile phone bugging) and more.

Surveillance devices are widely accessible and can interfere severely on a human level, as well as a corporate and financial one. The ability to invade someone’s privacy has never been so easy, which is why Advanced Sweeping take extra forensic measures to ensure the security of all our clients.