SAIC: From Science to Solutions® Whether it’s IT solutions, training and simulation, or logistics and supply-chain support, SAIC services can drive performance anywhere — from the ocean floor to outer space. 1,000,000 tires reliably delivered for air and land vehicles. 5M in savings for NASAtechnology costs. 1,000% increased capacity for world-wide telecom services for NASA. 95% reduction in physical servers for the NASA Data Center using virtual cloud solutions. 66% of our personnel provide support to military and government systems onsite.

SAIC: From Science to Solutions®

Material Measurement Laboratory Homepage The Material Measurement Laboratory (MML) serves as the national reference laboratory for measurements in the chemical, biological and material sciences through activities ranging from fundamental and applied research, to the development and dissemination of certified reference materials, critically evaluated data, and other programs and tools to assure the quality of measurement results. MML is also responsible for coordinating the NIST-wide Standard Reference Material and Standard Reference Data programs. To learn more, see What We Do. Material Measurement Laboratory Homepage
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