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Soul Patch And Moustache Style. The popular celebrity beard style, this soul patch And moustache style that works well for men of all ages from young college guys to the older men with salt and pepper beard.

Soul Patch And Moustache Style

It is a cool edgy look that has a charming appeal to it and is not going out of style anytime soon. If you have a patchy or scanty growth, well this style will help you elevate your look in the best way possible! There are several versions of this style and The Zappa is one such version. The best thing about this style is that there are no fixed rules regarding the length or width or shape of the beard as well as the moustache.

Short stubble – When can you carry this off? A short stubble is a stubble with length not more than 0.5cms.

Short stubble – When can you carry this off?

So what is the purpose of this beard? Originally this beard was just grown out because of lack of interest in shaving regularly. Reasons Unveiled: Why you should have Moustache Comb. Moustache is a style statement!

Reasons Unveiled: Why you should have Moustache Comb

Especially for men who grow out a patchy or scanty beard, your moustache can help you enjoy the look. However, moustache is right over your lips and thus it is important to maintain it. A moustache comb is essentially a tiny comb, barely the size of your index finger with narrow teeth. Quick Science About Beard Growth. You may or may not have the right amount of facial hair but this year is all about them beards!

Quick Science About Beard Growth

Of course, Employees cannot roam around with a mega-beard and at times the beard just doesn’t appear the right way! However the real question is Should you grow a beard? Well beard growing fad is really catching up and it sure makes a man look suave as well as mature. Petite Handlebar Moustache. The petite handlebar moustache is a more mature version of the handlebar moustache.

Petite Handlebar Moustache

This style is carried off by mature men and not so suitable for college goers. It is also acceptable in corporate world and is one of the very few styles that is not considered unprofessional in most organizations. The petite handlebar, as the name suggests is a handlebar moustache but smaller rather shorter. Petite means small. While the handlebar reaches almost the mid region of your cheeks based on your personal preference, this moustache is considerably shorter.

5 Features the Perfect Beard Trimmer should have! There are several beard trimmers in the market and here is how you can make the perfect one-time investment for a quality beard!

5 Features the Perfect Beard Trimmer should have!

1) The trimmer absolutely must have adjustments! Usually ranging from 1 to 5, these adjustments will mark the closeness of the trim with 1 being the closest. This adjustments is to ensure that you can get precise trimming in different patches if you want to opt for a soul patch look or a Van Dyke or even a goatee. 2) The trimmer should be a two-in-one i.e. it should have a smaller blade which was originally for moustache but is also used for trimming goatees and shaping up different styles. 3) The trimmer should be light weight as a heavy one may cause a slip up and ruin your beard as well as spoil your precision.

5 Extended Goatee Styles. Extended goatee is a hot trending beard style that has lately grabbed in a lot of attention.

5 Extended Goatee Styles

Here are the 5 perfect ways to style this beard style in order to bring out the best in you! Extended goatee is trending and rightly so. Here are 5 looks that are most suitable for the extended goatee look. 5 Cool Circle Beard Looks. Circle beard can be short or long, small or big and the moustache may be a different style than just the basic.

5 Cool Circle Beard Looks

Here are all 5 styles. The circle beard is not exactly versatile but there are surely 5 versions of the very same beard and here you will find your circle beard style! Summary Article Name. 5 Beards That Create Magic With The Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle. The Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle is the fire this season and we know you all love this look.

5 Beards That Create Magic With The Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle

The perfect beard can help you elevate this style and the Verdi, bandholz, garibaldi, extended goatee, ducktail and French fork will surely not let you down in any scenario. If you want to go for a scantier beard you can opt for either imperial or van dyke. Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle is a tricky one and here are the three perfectly compatible beards for this look. 4 Unidentified Beard Growing Stages You Must be Knowing. These looks are in an descending order from a full thick beard to a very professional daily look: 1.

4 Unidentified Beard Growing Stages You Must be Knowing

The classic style is a nice thick moustache curled upwards and a long beard. 5 Simple Steps for Beard Trimming! Beard trimmers are an important tool in the beard kit simply because that is the only professional help that we get at home! It is a onetime investment so make sure you invest in one with multiple uses and adjusting blade for shave. Here are the steps for beard trimming: Growing a Beard - Few Reasons Why You Should Grow a Beard. Yes obviously you should be growing a beard. Dont ask why? Because if a man who can grow beards and still dont keep them, then those mens are called women! – Anonymous 1. 5 Products That Can Enhance Beard Growth. 1. Coconut based hair mousse or hair wax is helpful. It may or may not affect your growth, but it will make your beard look thicker because it increases the density and makes your facial hair look darker. Easy Steps to Get a Perfect Neckline Trim.

For men growing out a beard denser than just designer stubble, you will need to learn how to achieve the perfect neckline trim. It is not advisable to trim your beard line around your jaw. Here are 4 easy steps to achieve the desired look easily. Steps To Get A Perfect Chin Strap Beard. 1) Wash your face well. This will help you get the proper trim and shave and also define the line. 2) Use a trimmer and trim out the excess hair to a shorter length so as to establish a boundary for a clear edged close shave. 3) Use clear gel to identify the hair growth as well as the edges. Now you need to visualize the look. Most men keep the strap even from the side burns up to the chin.