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We are an ISO certified Private Consultancy Organisation. We provide online consultancy services w.r.t. GST, Digital signature, ISO certification, Company Registrations and Trademark Registrations. Our aim is to help the entrepreneur on the legal and regulatory requirements, and be a partner throughout the business lifecycle, offering support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing.

Udyog Aadhaar To Udyam Registration. Udyog Aadhaar has changed its status!

Udyog Aadhaar To Udyam Registration

As per the notification announced with initiation of Aatma-Nirbhar scheme for facilitating ease of doing business, the Ministry Of MSME has introduced a new registration process: Udyog Aadhaar Registration will now be known as 'Udyam Registration’. This change was brought into effect on 1st July, 2020. Udyog Aadhaar Prior to introduction of Udyam Registration, Udyog Aadhaar was the method to register an MSME under the government. Established back in 2015, when registered under Udyog Aadhaar, a number was issued known as Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM). Udyam Registration This is the revised version of Udyog Aadhaar introduced under the Aatma-Nirbhar scheme to promote ease of doing business. Latest Changes regarding Udyog Aadhaar Apply With Us is a private ISO certified company providing service for Udyam Registration. Digital Signature Certificate for E-Tenders.

The private key is a secure digital key which is used to decrypt one’s signature using the public key.

Digital Signature Certificate for E-Tenders

The digital signature of a person can only be authorized when the private key successfully decrypts the public key. In order to file for a digital signature certificate you can log-onto our website We are private consultants, certified by ISO providing registration for Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT digital signatures. If you feel the need for an FAQ, you can look up our FAQ page on our website home-page. Any complaints regarding your application, you can report it on our Complaint page. Track Existing Udyam Certificate Online. Udyam Registration Changes for 2021. As we are reaching the end of 2020, it's time to say Goodbye to a few things related to Udyog Aadhaar as well.

Udyam Registration Changes for 2021

The major change being transforming its name to ‘Udyam’. Track Existing Udyam Certificate. Have you lost your existing Udyam Certificate?

Track Existing Udyam Certificate

And perhaps cannot remember the Udyam Registration Number (URN) as well? Not to worry, as we can help you in that aspect by tracking your certificate for you. You just need to file an application and provide your basic details, like Name, Aadhaar number, Mobile number and Email and you can get back a copy of your original in no time. Micro, Small, Medium Industries (MSME) who wish to get themselves registered under the government should apply for Udyam Registration. It provides various benefits and relief packages/schemes offered by the Ministry of MSME for the growth of small business in India. How to Track/Trace your Udyam Registration Certificate?

Visit our portal msme.startupsguide Look for the Trace Udyam Registration option and select itFill in the required details including mobile number and email*After submission you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. SMS Marketing for Restaurants. Types of Companies in India. A company is a form of business organization that has been created legally.

Types of Companies in India

Company forms of businesses have become immensely popular over the years. Companies can be classified on the basis of liabilities, members and on the basis of control.One Person Company An OPC is a hybrid structure which combines most of the benefits of a sole proprietorship and a business. OPC or one person company encourages startups and young entrepreneurs where a single person can subsume the entity.

Company Compliance Checklist in India. A company is a separate legal entity and represents association of people with a specific objective.

Company Compliance Checklist in India

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration in India. Trending observation has been acknowledged, is that new entrepreneurs are moving towards to opt Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), but what can be the main highlight for choosing a LLP as a form of organisation?

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration in India

It is the type of organisation which is more preferred nowadays as it gives entrepreneurs both the benefits of partnership and company into a single form of organisation. LLP has a separate legal entity just like firms. The name suggests limited liability partnership, the liability of each partner will be limited to the contribution they had made. Update Udyam Registration Certificate. Do you need to update your Udyam Registration Certificate?

Update Udyam Registration Certificate

We figured you might want to update certain details regarding your certificate. Let us guide you through it from the basics. Registering for Udyam has helped a lot of MSMEs earn government benefits. USB Token for Digital Signature. The signature is authorised by the system only when the private key of the user successfully decrypts its public key.

USB Token for Digital Signature

This thereby proves the identity of that particular user/person. A USB token allows the user to access a network without having to use a password or a pin. Print Udyam Application. Is your printed Udyam Certificate sufficient enough to support your claim to obtain various government benefits for your industry?

Print Udyam Application

Well, apparently not. According to our newly registered customers, they’re facing issues in proving their identity through this certificate. There are many questions being posted about printing an Udyam Application. Among them the most asked question is: ‘I printed my Udyam Certificate, but it does not prove my identity.’ Digital Signature Certificate for GST. Digital Signature Certificate acts as a substitute for handwritten signatures which are used to file GST. A company can get registered under GST only by verifying its GST application through a digital signature.

A digital signature is used in validating the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or a digital document by making use of mathematical techniques. Digital Signature for Income Tax. Digital Signature is becoming a crucial trend in filing every government document online. Issued by Certified Authorities (CA), a digital signature contains the details of a person, their public key, name of their CA, their digital signature and a serial number.

This detailed information prevents any kind of tampering or forgery over the signatures thereby making it authentic. Trademark Registration In India. Choose a Unique Brand Name Make sure you choose a unique brand name for your product. To get your brand accepted on the first registration you should ensure that your brand name is quirky enough to stand out.Documents required for ApplicationBusiness registration proofSoft copy of trademarkProof of claim of the mark so that it can be used in other countriesPower of attorney signed by the applicantFiling the Application Unlike manual filing, which takes 15-20 days to get acknowledged, online filing does the job instantly. Once you have filed for a trademark online you receive your acknowledgement immediately. This acknowledgement can now be used to showcase your ™ beside your brand name.Examination and Approval of Brand Name After dispatch of your application the Registrar will make sure that you have followed all the valid terms regarding the brand submission.

Changes in Business trend after introduction of GST. Udyog Aadhaar Number (UAN) Registration Procedure for MSME and Latest Updates.