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4G- A Step Towards Development. 4G basically refers to the fourth generation of the mobile telecommunication technology. The capabilities of 4G have been defined by ITU in IMT Advanced. All the potential and current applications include access to mobile web, gaming, mobile HD TV, video conferencing, etc. 4G service was set at 100 megabits per second for higher mobility in communication and 1 gigabit per second for lower communication. 4G is very different from other generations, since it does not support traditional circuit switched telephony service and all internet protocol is based on communication like IP telephony.

The nomenclature of generations refers to the change in fundamental nature of service, compatible transmission technology, higher bit rates, frequency band and wide frequency bandwidth as well as higher capacity for simultaneous data transfers. 4G in India In India, Bharti Airtel had launched its first 4G service by using LTE technology in Kolkata. This post has been brought to you by 4 problems former generation faced. Telecom industry is one of those industries which have had a miraculous change in the last few decades itself. Listed below are some things which our parents faced in the 80s and 90s which we can’t even think of today. 1. Call booking Not very long ago, as my father recalls, he had to cycle all the way to a distant STD booth and wait for hours to get his call booked and finally received at the other end by his parents to finally get to talk to them. 2.

Not very long ago, mobile phones were almost unheard of in India. 3. These were portable phones used before the mobile phones. 4. The first mobile phone, launched by Motorola in the 1980s, used to be of the size of a large briefcase. Today, when all the above have been out dated and the common man has come around to carrying a mobile phone in his pocket every time he steps out, there are different problems being faced by the people, like bill payment and cost of communication. This post has been brought to you by Looking into the Telecom Crystal Ball. Every year, there are some significant updates or new platforms introduced in the market to help the users make their lives easier via the mobile and telecom industry. With the level of advancement in the field of technology, the telecom industry is trying various possibilities to make life easier for the users of the mobile industry. There are some new updates available that will make various daily tasks easier with the help of mobile phones.

Here are some of these new updates that can be expected from the telecom industry in the year 2016: Facebook is planning to launch a platform for the youth to allow them to make their payments with the help of Facebook messenger. This will help them buy products or services that are marketed or advertised on Facebook. ‘Wearable products’, also regarded as one of the largest market trends, is a new technology entering the market. The much awaited NFC will be on full fledge.

This post has been brought to you by 7 tips to manage your finances better. Money matters, but managing it right matters more. Whether you earn less or more, how you plan your monthly spends plays an important part in deciding how long your wealth will last. Also, the words ‘finance’ and ‘budget’ won’t look so complicated and boring once you figure out some simple tips to manage your money.

Here’s a pretty simple list of things to make you a master in managing your finances: 1. Be aware The first thing you need to do is to know the basics. 2. Keep a track of how much you are spending per week, rather than per day. 3. Resist the urge to splurge at a fine dine restaurant every weekend or insist on eating at KFC every day. 4. It’s completely okay to make a bad financial decision sometime, but don’t repeat the same mistake again. 5. Examine your undue expenses and curb them immediately. 6. Having a credit card feels rich, but let it go if you want to fuel your luxuries. 7.

Your mobile recharge for example! So stop thinking and get saving. How 2015 Will Change The Way You Use Technology. The revolution in the telecom sector, especially in India, is relatively new. The people of this country actually started using mobile phones, just about a decade ago. It was a luxury that not everyone could afford to buy or maintain. And today, in the year 2015, almost every person carries a smartphone in their pockets. But, 2015 is still a very significant year for the evolution of the telecom sector, as can be noticed through the following predictions being made about the development of the telecom industry, by the end of this year. 1. 4G – Airtel has already introduced the 4G networks in major cities across the country. 2. 3.

In order to enjoy these upcoming technology changes, it is necessary to have the best connections and a convenient method of recharging your phone and data packs, that’s provided by This post has been brought to you by Android Marshmallow: Latest Updates In Google’s Operating System. Android M or Android Marshmallow has been released in the form of a developer’s preview by Google earlier this year, and is set to release to the final consumer build later this fall.

There are certain major changes in this new build by Google over its predecessor Android 5.0 or Lollipop. This post has been brought to you by The BillBachao website and application are leading online portals to assist you in finding the best recharge plans for your mobile. We also offer an all new Network Signal Strength Checker and various other services through our Google App.​ Problems With Online Recharge.

In the last decade or two, the complete scenario of the telecom sector in India has changed. With the advent of smartphones and internet services, the way people communicate has undergone a complete transformation. But, the one thing that stays consistent is the hesitation of the telecom companies to provide their consumers with a satisfactory post-sale customer service. The major issues faced by customers with regards to the customer care services in the Indian telecom sector are: Waste of Time: The one thing that’s common in most customer care offices is that they are slow. The new BillBachao mobile app is able to provide the best possible solutionsto such customer problems, with an ‘easy to use self-help’ system on their app.

The self-help section of the BillBachao mobile app has features like requesting for MNP and activating DND. Another unique feature this Self-Help section includes is the multiple recharge service. This post has been brought to you by 7 Reasons that make Mothers ‘Ultimate Financial Planners’' A mother’s financial management skills cannot be matched by any management guru.

She’s the superwoman we watch growing up, and it is her superpowers that make us admire her more with each passing day. A mother pretty much single handedly manages the entire family with her unique skills. She’s the culmination of the best put together in one. A mother is the best strategist when it comes to finances and it is evident by the following instances: 1.

A mother gracefully takes on the role of a ‘manager’ of the house. 2. There’s a specially reserved cupboard in every house for old newspapers. 3. All the cold drinks you sip leave behind plastic bottles that are put to better use when your mom stores cold water in them. 4. Every Indian kid experiences this. 5. All the gifts you get on your birthday are actually put to better use by your mother. 6. Moms are the best because they never let their problems touch you. 7. This is her ultimate superpower. Things that bring a smile on your face. As someone has rightly said; “It’s the little things that make life wonderful.” These are the things that don’t have a heavy price tag but are nevertheless precious. A compliment, a surprise by someone special or just discovering stuff that unexpectedly gives us the delight that cannot be ‘bought’. Here’s a list of such little joys that can make you smile, no matter how your difficult or easy your life is. 1.)

There is something absolutely wonderful about that feeling when your father says it, isn’t it? 2.) Getting a phone call is one thing, but when a friend actually takes the pain of visiting just to wish you on your special day, it’s something else. 3.) Who doesn’t like money eh? 4.) If a visit from your bestie on your birthday is special, then so is getting a call from an old friend after a long time. 5.) Yes we know it doesn’t happen quite often, but whenever it does, it doesn’t cease to bring a smile on your face. 6.) If you’re a guy reading this article, we have a question for you. Mobile Recharge App & Plans – Applications Android sur Google Play. INFOGRAPHIC: Sneak Peek Into India's Mobile Spend Trends. From the current 1.01 billion telecom users in India, 239 million are smartphone users.

And this number of smartphone subscribers is steadily increasing by over 8 million per month at a whopping growth rate of 43.23%. This smartphone population is served by 11 telecom operators who currently earn Rs. 104 from every prepaid user and Rs. 469 from every postpaid user each month. The combined spends of postpaid and prepaid users amounts to around $ 21.4 billion, or Rs. 1422.68 billion, on telecom every year. Although these figures are massive, but statistically, 95% users are on plans not suited as per their usage habits. Most of the smartphone users drown in the complex pool of mobile plans as they have too much to choose from. However, there are now mobile Apps, which not only monitor and track mobile usage, but also recommend the best mobile plans enabling users to save as much as 25% on mobile bills. 8 things you’ll understand when you’ve lived alone. There’s no experience like it! The freedom and the “who cares” attitude that comes with living alone is just so liberating.

No more nagging gharwale and no more irritating roommates. You finally have YOUR own kingdom. Then again, it’s easier said than done. Living alone has it’s perks, but there are also those days when you’re low and wish there was someone to talk to. Someone to take care of the expenses, or just do the dishes! Here’s a list of things that you’ll totally relate to if you’ve ever lived alone. 1.

Clothes are not demanding like your phone’s battery or your mobile recharge. 2. It’s not school, so your homework is literally doing houshold work. 3. This is the ultimate realization of freedom when you are living alone. 4. Maggi is bae, we have nothing more to say! 5. We’re not saying “you need a shrink” level of crazy, but when you live alone, the frustration makes you do that sometimes. 6. 7.

This privilege can be enjoyed exclusively when you are living alone. 8. 8 Things only a broke guy will understand. One look at the title of this article and the first thought that hits your head is, “Yes, we’ve all been there!” College days are amazing, but the threat of exhausting your allowances before the month ends is also real. They make you feel like all your pockets had holes. And it’s pretty common to go broke mid-month when you’re living the hip life. There are parties to attend and gifts to give, and all that ‘hanging out’ with friends eventually leaves you broke.

Every single month! Here are some very real instances that you will relate to if you think you used to be or are, perennially broke: 1. You roam around so much that even your fuel needle is tired to lift itself up. 2. Shopkeepers around your college and house have hopes from you. 3. Any movie, good or bad, today or tomorrow, you go only when you find a morning show for it; well, for obvious reasons. 4.

It seems like everyone you meet has tips to give on saving money and reducing expenses. 5. 6. 7. 8. 8 things you’ll understand if you’re a DIY person. It’s always a great feeling when you accomplish something on your own. And we’re not just talking about great things. We’re talking about things simpler than that. Something as simple as getting a grip on your life, doing something that makes your kin happy or maybe just doing something nice for someone sometime. Well, the list is long. But the point is it’s always good to know that you’re capable of handling things on your own.

You like to take charge of your life. 1. Being choosy isn’t a bad thing at all. 2. Because you’re choosy, you like everything to be perfect. 3. Because you’re a perfectionist, you want everything to be as per your taste and liking. 4. You don’t trust people, but you’re always open to learning new things; new art forms, et all. 5. Because you’re open to learning new things, your skills are not limited as compared to an average individual. 6. Knowing things about something is one thing, but putting them to proper use is another. 7. 8.

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