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Add colour to the lives of the mentally challenged persons at Navkshitij. Is it worthwhile teaching vocational skills to the mentally challenged? Navkshitij - Home for Mentally Challenged Friends. Natural Color. Greetings Cards. Navkshitij - Home for Mentally Challenged Friends. 7 Benefits of Wearing a Hat With A Shield – BossChickLife. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the way of life on a global level.

7 Benefits of Wearing a Hat With A Shield – BossChickLife

The rapid increase in the number of cases across the world and the alarming number of deaths has scared each one of us. One of the major changes that has occurred in our lifestyles is the mandatory wearing of masks, gloves, and protective clothing. So, we are all taking precautionary measures, right? These measures are taken to reduce exposure to the dust, pollution, or virus germs that can be found on surfaces and the world outside. But, according to experts, a better way to reduce exposure and help slow the spread of this disease is to wear a face shield. Why Do Many People Prefer Face Shields to Face Masks?

The primary reason one would prefer to wear a face shield as opposed to a face mask is that face masks cause itching and irritation. So, let’s take a look at the top seven reasons that face shields are preferable to face masks when protecting yourself against this virus! Prevent Infection. Boss chick trends. Boss chick trends for 2020 – BossChickLife. The fashion trends have immensely grown over the past few years.

Boss chick trends for 2020 – BossChickLife

They are always changing and the new style statement for the woman of 2020 is not so simple. Keeping in mind the altering times trends have also reshaped. Also, women of our society have now completely changed. The woman of today is the woman of substance. She is always on the go, multi-tasker, clear about her goals, leads a healthy lifestyle, has amazing fashion sense, is an influencer for others and knows which style suits her. Another important aspect to note over here is that now there is no fashion code one has the liberty to choose their own style and fashion. 1) Shoes worn over pants.

Chocolates - Navkshitij. Candles - Navkshitij. BossChickLife. Agarbatti - Navkshitij. BossChickLife. BossChickLife. Recent Publications - Navkshitij. Elite Pools. Workshop. The aim of our Workshop is to impart vocational training to as a therapy and as “education” for intellectually challenged persons.


The main objectives are: To give a good daily routine as a part of a regulated day to our mentally challenged friends (MCF) and help enhance their innate skills. To engage the MCF in exciting learning activities, through which to increase productivity The Workshop is an advocacy effort to promote the training of people with disabilities. BossChickLife. Fiberglass and Vinyl Swimming Pools Services Canada - Elite Pools. Activities. We have a range of activities, carefully designed to cater to the physical and mental needs of the mentally challenged friends.


Our speciality is our adventure activities held under the aegis of Navkshitij Adventure Club. We ensure that there is a good dose of interaction with mainstream society. The activities for an entire year are decided well in advance. We also incorporate activities in which mentally challenged friends from other organisations get an opportunity to interact with our Friends. BossChickLife. Blog. BossChickLife. Web Development Company Pune. Products made by our mentally challenged friends - Navkshitij. BCL. Awards we own for Our Activities - Navkshitij. Web Development Company Pune. Women's Fashion Accessories for Boss Chicks. Women's Fashion Accessories for Boss Chicks. Women's Fashion Accessories for Boss Chicks. Navkshitij-Home for Mentally Challenged Friends. Our Team - Navkshitij. BossChickLife. Website Design Company Pune. Our creative team is made up of talented people who are more than just a web design in their way.Our group of web developers, project managers and marketers are bringing strategic thinking to the venture.

Website Design Company Pune

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What we do - Navkshitij. Clean Green Home for Special Friends - Navkshitij. In 2007 we have established to improve the well-being of mentally challenged friends – we take them under our wing, organize activities, teach them life skills and vocational skills, encourage them to become as independent as possible, and nurture them in a compassionate environment.

Clean Green Home for Special Friends - Navkshitij

We currently have two units, at Marunji and Asawali. We established the second unit in 2014, at Kusgaon and later shifted to Asawali in 2017. The idea of Navkshitij took shape while planning and organizing a walkathon from Pune to Lonavla, for mentally challenged friends. Dr. Neelima Desai and the organisers discussed the need to set up a center for mentally challenged friends. Navkshitij was established on November 27, 2003, the day of the walkathon. t3. Logo5. Home Page. Home Page 6. Web Development Company Pune. Asawali Sport Day 1.8 (3) Asawali Sport Day 1.8 (2) Asawali Sport Day 1.8 (1) Boss Chick life banner for Instagram 540x. Black bling hat hat 886. Black bling hat hat 509. Black bling hat hat 487. Black bling hat hat 367. Black bling hat hat 181. Our Admission is open for MCF - Navkshitij. About Anu Bees - Digital Solution Company Pune. Navkshitij - Home for Mentally Challenged Friends. Products made by our mentally challenged friends - Navkshitij.

Mask5. Mask4. Mask3. Mask2. Projects we have done - Navkshitij. Anu Bees - A Digital Media Solutions Agency Pune, India. BossChickLife. Navkshitij - Home for Mentally Challenged Friends. Beautiful Last Village in India. An unknown land, beyond Nubra Valley, but with some best view offered, is the promised land between two hostile neighbors, India & Pakistan.

Beautiful Last Village in India

This is none other than Turtuk, an amazing little hamlet, with one side Baltistan and another side the gorgeous flowing Shyok river. Turtuk village is a remote destination with the settlement of hardly 4000 people in the village, and it is said to be the northernmost, last village in India. Although Turtuk village is mostly predominated by Muslims, there are few Gompas here overlooking the majestic river. It is secluded, not only due to the government, but it’s geographical coverage. It is a very military-controlled, sensitive area, as it is the last Indian outpost before Pakistan in Leh, Ladakh. We have all heard the tales of the Indo-Pakistan war of separation, where one land got divided into two, India and Pakistan. Away from the hustle and bustle and connectivity from major areas.

Source: rajeevrajagopalan – Under Creative Commons license Location. A Journey of Monasteries & Valleys - BforBiker. Diskit Leh, being Nubra Valley’s transit hub, is home to a most iconic monastery, has a sparse population, and is remotely located, with unmatchable beauty.

A Journey of Monasteries & Valleys - BforBiker

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Best Budget Action Cameras in 2020

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