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Swastik Singh

I am Swastik Singh working as Assistant Manager at Tech Genuine with expertise in Web Solutions. We are successfully serving clients across the world with a wide spectrum of services including Website Designing, Development, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

Ecommerce Services with Best Shopping Cart Solutions from Tech Genuine. Tech Genuine – PPC Services for Marketing to Targeted Audience. Whenever a user searches for anything on Google, two types of results appear – Organic Results & Paid Results.

Tech Genuine – PPC Services for Marketing to Targeted Audience

While search engine optimization is for organic results, pay per click (PPC) service is for paid results. This service has been named pay per click because an advertiser pays only when a user clicks on his ad shown on the search engine result pages. More or less, pay per click works like search engine optimization except it is a paid service. Now, if PPC works like SEO why should one choose the former over latter? Because Pay per Click services offer benefits that cannot be availed with organic results. Easy to Launch – When compared to other services, it has been seen that it is easier to setup a PPC campaign. All in all, Pay per Click services have become one of the most popular forms of advertising in the digital media and you must leverage its power to stay ahead of your competitors. Tech Genuine - Beat the Competition with Best Web Development Services. Drupal Commerce is an augmentation to Drupal Web Development & Design as an open source eCommerce software.

Tech Genuine - Beat the Competition with Best Web Development Services

This is an enhancement to the Content Management System, the Drupal Development Company is more popularly known for. It is also highly customizable through the use of modules for added functionality and visual themes for a more attractive appearance. Created in 2010, it was finally released to the public early 2011. Although still in its infant stage, the Drupal Commerce software has steadily won the hearts and minds of many small scale businesses and even extended towards large scale corporations that have business dealings worldwide! To date there are over a hundred free Drupal Commerce dedicated modules that facilitate payment gateways, administrative and development tools as well as shipping providers.

For now, companies like McDonalds, Mattel and AT&T use Drupal as their Content Management System and have benefited greatly from Drupal’s robust programming framework. Credible Internet Marketing Solutions from Tech Genuine. In the past decade, Internet has become a part and parcel of our lives.

Credible Internet Marketing Solutions from Tech Genuine

And marketers have left no stone unturned to monetize on the power of this unique platform, which brings the entire world together. Over the past few years, Internet Marketing has evolved entirely as a new domain of marketing and advertisers can expect a lot from it in return. Internet Marketing is one such unique type of marketing wherein service providers can not only advertise their products but can receive customers’ feedback at the same time. Unlike conventional modes of marketing, Internet Marketing adopts a dynamic approach thereby instigating conversations.

If you wish to communicate with your existing and potential patrons in an effective manner, Internet Marketing is the stepping stone. Digital Marketing Services for Present Day Businesses. Ecommerce Web Development Services for Online Selling. Tech Genuine - Attractive Plans on Ecommerce Web Development Service. E-Commerce Solutions Today, ecommerce is not just a word in the dictionary!

Tech Genuine - Attractive Plans on Ecommerce Web Development Service

It is the pedestal for successful businesses. It is perfect way to communicate with your customers. It is the platform to showcase your products. Ecommerce is simply everything in the present technologically advanced era! Ecommerce is a Rave! The invention of online stores has changed the way customers shop. To enter the ecommerce battle field and hold a strong position, one needs a strategically designed ecommerce website. Ecommerce Services with Customized Shopping Cart Designing. Having a Custom Shopping Cart on your eCommerce website is an excellent way to improve your customers’ experience.

Ecommerce Services with Customized Shopping Cart Designing

With a Custom Shopping Cart that intuitively knows your customers’ buying preference helps to facilitate their order and speed up the buying process. Over the years as more and more eCommerce sites appeared, it became a normal thing for online visitors to look for a way to purchase what they liked on a certain website. Back then eCommerce sites were dull and boring. To enhance the user experience, many websites made their eCommerce sites more dynamic. One of the features that benefited from this shift in focus was the shopping cart.

Attractive Website Designing with Perfect Layout. According to Frank Chimero (one amongst the veteran web designers), people ignore designs that ignore people.

Attractive Website Designing with Perfect Layout

And if people tend to ignore your designs, you are at a complete loss! Designs are neither for the designers nor for the website owners. Designs are for the customers. Founded on the concept of customer-centric services, Tech Genuine designs and develops professional websites for businesses of every size and magnitude. Being in the website designing industry for almost a decade, we understand how important it is for visitors to relate with the website. By offering excellent and timely services to patrons from every nook and corner of the world, Tech Genuine has achieved distinguished position in the industry in short span of time. In today’s competitive era, 360 degree approach is required to cater to clients from different walks of life. Started by an individual, Tech Genuine today stands as a strong organization having dedicated departments for marketing, sales, and accounts.

Tech Genuine - Globally Renowned Website Development Services. Do you know what Agriculture, Education, Banking, Healthcare and Advertising have in common?

Tech Genuine - Globally Renowned Website Development Services

Technology! Technology is the one element that impacts every walk of life. From farmers to astronauts, students to teachers, sellers to buyers - every person on this planet uses technology in one form or the other. The Internet is the one technology which underlies and connects all the others. Effective use of the internet is critical for today's businesses. Web development. Web Design and Development. Tech Genuine – Brilliant Web Designing With Advanced Technology.