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Societal and Human Ambition

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Wow, Please Hug your family tonight as the globalized sync growth narrative is cracking. RIP China MFG PMI. "Don't Try To Make Sense Of This": Major Bank Give Up On Today's Market.


The Tax Bill Is a Fucking Disaster. This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit. One evening in late October 2014, a doctor checked his own pulse and stepped onto a subway car in New York City.

This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit

Maybe The Snowflakes Are Right? in [Market-Ticker] My trekking group is almost all millenials, and we've had numerous discussions about this stuff, and there is truth in your premise.

Maybe The Snowflakes Are Right? in [Market-Ticker]

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Musings (and other fun things) Conflict and balance (knowing is half the battle) Conclusions and Solutions (awareness and action) Grit (real talk) SOPA. Much of What's Called "Socialism" Is Just Pragmatic. OverviewContents Short Summary: Many freak out at even the mention of the word, socialism.

Much of What's Called "Socialism" Is Just Pragmatic

It's "politically incorrect" to even mention the word thanks to more than six decades of propaganda against it. Bill Maher: "America's real religion is capitalism. And like any religion, it needs a devil. The Sad Truth About Today’s World Illustrated By Steve Cutts. Art isn’t all fairytale photoshoots and landscape shots – it can also act as catalyst of change.

The Sad Truth About Today’s World Illustrated By Steve Cutts

And Steve Cutts thinks that many things in the world should be different. Work shouldn’t be a grinding, soul-crushing rat race for the almighty dollar. Consumerism shouldn’t hold a vice-like grip on our lives. Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine. Help Make MDMA a Legal Medicine. Research is showing that MDMA combined with psychotherapy can be an effective option for people who haven’t been helped by other treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Help Make MDMA a Legal Medicine

PTSD can be caused by trauma from war, sexual assault, violence, accidents, natural disasters, and other stressful events. You can help make MDMA a legal medicine and heal people suffering from trauma by helping fund the production of the MDMA needed for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Phase 3 clinical trials. Here’s where you come in: To complete these trials, MAPS needs your help to raise the last $174,000 of the $400,000 needed for one kilogram of pharmaceutical-grade MDMA, made under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in a certified laboratory. Every gift helps make a difference in the lives of people suffering from PTSD.

What if i told you a difference of opinion does not mean. The time passes and nothing happens. Many in China Can Now Have a Second Child, but Say No. The imbalance is a result of Chinese using various sex selection methods to have a son under the so-called one-child policy.

Many in China Can Now Have a Second Child, but Say No

Since its inception in 1979, the one-child policy has been credited with helping foster China’s surging economy by slowing population growth. But the family planning restrictions have produced an array of unintended consequences. In 2012, there were about 40 million more men than women, including 18 million more boys than girls under the age of 15. By 2020, the government estimates that 30 million eligible bachelors will be unable to find a wife. Beyond a surplus of single men, some economists have warned of an impending elder-care crisis, noting that China’s working-age population peaked in 2012, leaving fewer gainfully employed people on hand to take care of their parents and older relatives.

All aboard the feel train. Looking at your phone makes you temporarily deaf. Study found humans experience 'inattentional deafness' to normal-volume sounds as they complete increasingly difficult visual tasks Brain scans showed the volunteers weren't ignoring or filtering out the sounds - they couldn't even hear themFindings suggest the brain's visual and auditory processing centers share limited resources By Reporter Published: 14:37 GMT, 28 February 2016 | Updated: 15:18 GMT, 28 February 2016.

Looking at your phone makes you temporarily deaf

Earth has entered new epoch as result of human impact: study. CANBERRA, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Overwhelming evidence found by an international team of scientists have shown that humans have altered the Earth to the point that the Earth has entered a new geological time period, a press release by the Australian National University (ANU) said on Friday.

Earth has entered new epoch as result of human impact: study

Professor Will Steffen, the only member from Australia in the 24-strong Anthropocene Working Group, said the Earth has moved from the Holocene epoch of the past 11,700 years and into a new Anthropocene epoch. In a paper published in the latest edition of Science, the researchers have found human activity has left a marked and persistent record of impact on the Earth. The scientists suggest that the geological record will now include layers of uniquely human products such as concrete, plastics and the fallout from nuclear weapons, and that human activity has left a pervasive and persistent signature on Earth that warrants recognition as a new geological time unit.

Copyright 2016 © Xinhua News Agency. A Billion Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Basic Human Decency. ‘”Business!”

A Billion Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? Basic Human Decency

Cried the Ghost, wringing his hands again. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!” ‘ – A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens. Why Two Decades of Brain Research Could Be Seriously Flawed. It’s often said, a bit hyperbolically perhaps, that the human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe.

Why Two Decades of Brain Research Could Be Seriously Flawed

For thousands of years, we’ve wanted to peep inside and see what it’s doing—through trepanation, through CT scans, or through a technique that’s been in favour over the last two decades or so: functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) which measures blood flow (and, indirectly, activity) inside the brain. fMRI is an amazing tool that’s spawned a whole new field of research, not to mention an endless series of studies on how the brain works. It’s allowed researchers to draw conclusions about drug addiction, about human empathy for robots, even about how we tend to respond to poetry and prose, just a few examples on a very long list. But there’s a problem. Fuck-yeah-fitness: muffintop-less: Now by no... - Healthy Minds;Fit Bodies.

8 maps that will change the way you look at Africa. You already know that Africa isn’t a country. But what else? Check out these maps and put the continent’s population, income, growth, and potential into context. 20101113_WOM943.gif (GIF Image, 595 × 455 pixels) 2482 × 1755 - 595 × 455 - 400 × 444 - 629 × 720 -

Laying blame: Humans caused mass megafauna extinctions in ancient past. When species after species of animal continue to go extinct today, it’s pretty clear who to blame. Humans are ushering in a sixth mass extinction event, largely through human-caused climate change but also through deforestation, overfishing, and other distinctly Homo sapiens activities. But how far back does our ability to obliterate stretch?

A debate has continued for decades now on exactly what was the primary cause of big die-offs of large mammals from the end of the last ice age: was it a changing climate (a naturally changing one, that is, unlike today), or the spread of early humans? A study by researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark claims to have cleared up the cloudy question, with computer modeling laying the blame squarely on humans and only very slightly on climate. The most important chart about the American economy you'll see this year. Pavlina Tcherneva's chart showing the distribution of income gains during periods of economic expansion is burning up the economics internet over the past 24 hours and for good reason.

The trend it depicts is shocking: (Pavlina Tcherneva) For a long time, most of the gains from economic growth went to the bottom 90 percent of the income distribution. Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East (1/3) 40% of U.S. food wasted, report says. Forty percent of food in the United States is never eaten, amounting to $165 billion a year in waste, taking a toll on the country's water resources and significantly increasing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council released this week. The group says more than 20 pounds of food is wasted each month for each of 311 million Americans, amounting to $1,350 to $2,275 annually in waste for a family of four.

Think of it as dumping 80 quarter-pound hamburger patties in the garbage each month, or chucking two dozen boxes of breakfast cereal into the trash bin rather than putting them in your pantry. The report points out waste in all areas of the U.S. food supply chain, from field to plate, from farms to warehouses, from buffets to school cafeterias. "Food is simply too good to waste," the report says. EMERGENCY! WHO MOVES TO FINAL PHASE CLINICAL 3 TRIALS IN EBOLA-AFFECTED COUNTRIES, SKIPS PHASE 2 TRIALS FOR EBOLA VACCINE WHICH COULD GIVE PEOPLE EBOLA ALTOGETHER. This Infographic Shows You How to Answer Police and Avoid Arrest. The life expectancy myth, and why many ancient humans lived long healthy lives. It is not uncommon to hear talk about how lucky we are to live in this age of scientific and medical advancement where antibiotics and vaccinations keep us living longer, while our poor ancient ancestors were lucky to live past the age of 35.

Well this is not quite true. The Top 1% Vs YOU. Radical new documentary claims Copernicus and four centuries of science is wrong. The Indian Sage who developed Atomic Theory 2,600 years ago. The world is full of fucking ‘why’ people. You... Things Americans Do That Seem Just Bizarre To The Outside World. Things Russians might find odd about the way Americans live - Mysterious Russian soul - The Voice of Russia's Global Discussion. Consequence and Clarity. The right — and surprisingly wrong — ways to get kids to sit still in class. You are not useless, but the society that tells you so is. Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world. Megadrought Risk Growing For United States, Climate Models Show -

Foundation X and the Solution to the Global Financial Crisis. _mf7xvhaPE51rxtdxuo1_400.gif (400×170) Occupy the Mind — Richard Wolff. Myth #2: People support ISIS because they like its radical form of Islam - The 9 biggest myths about ISIS. I feel like Delusion/Stupidity is a survival mechanism. Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan… Taubman Scholar Dr. Max Wicha: Some cancer treatments increase cancer stem cells.

» About me Early Retirement Extreme. How Times Have Changed: Iran In The 60's And 70's (20 Pics) How U.S. Americans are Broken « Dharma Addicts. DelaneyCurtin - Section 6.4- The Fall of the Roman Empire. CHERNOBYL catastrophe was not an accident...CIA sabotage Manual..and more.