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Other things part II

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Charging System Tests. Before we start, there are two conventions to observe.

Charging System Tests

First, VW wiring systems are negative ground which means that the negative post of the battery is connected to the vehicle body. This may seem natural but positive ground systems exists (like vintage British made Jaguars) which can be confusing to people who have worked on the opposite system. Second, when talking about current, in the automotive field we more often mean conventional current which states that current flows from positive to negative.

In reality, electrons (which are the charge carriers) flow from negative to positive but the conventional system is illustrated in more texts (a hold over from the early days of science). Overview: The Surprising Story of Pittsburgh's Last Wooden Street - The 412 - September 2015. Comprised of thousands of wooden blocks, the street has survived for more than a century. by Margaret J.

The Surprising Story of Pittsburgh's Last Wooden Street - The 412 - September 2015

Krauss photos by chuck beard The City of Pittsburgh maintains more than 1,000 miles of streets. Manhattan’s First Experiments with Wooden Streets » Manhattan Past. Wood block pavement is thought to have been used first in 14th-century Russia, however it enjoyed something of a revival in the 1820s and 1830s as cities in Europe and America sought alternatives to the rough, uneven cobblestone that served as the most common form of pavement.

Manhattan’s First Experiments with Wooden Streets » Manhattan Past

The immediate advantage of wood over cobblestone was that the resulting street surface was smooth when properly constructed, and much quieter. The disadvantages emerged over time. The wood did not wear as hard as stone, and wheel ruts soon formed. The smooth surface was slick when wet. The wood eventually began to rot, sometimes releasing an objectionable odor. In 1833, New York City Street Commissioner George B. Central heterochromia with a limbal ring. CENTRAL HETEROCHROMIA >> HAZEL EYEs>> MULTICOLORED EYEs. My friend's eyes have central heterochromia and limbal rings : pics. *・゚★。・*・ またたびな生活 気紛日記 ・*・゚★。・*

たまごプリン リベンジ!

*・゚★。・*・ またたびな生活 気紛日記 ・*・゚★。・*

(*≧ ≦*)Ω (7月17日参照)ってことでシートを替えたエイプたんでゴゥ。 優しくしてねコージィー❤ (紛らわしいからヤメロ) Пользователи / kpyna. ウェブリブログ:機能充実のブログが無料!手軽にブログを始めよう! What are the Noetic Sciences? No•et•ic: From the Greek noēsis / noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, or subjective understanding.sci•ence: Systems of acquiring knowledge that use observation, experimentation, and replication to describe and explain natural•et•ic sci•ences: A multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experiences.

What are the Noetic Sciences?

For centuries, philosophers from Plato forward have used the term noetic to refer to experiences that pioneering psychologist William James (1902) described as: …states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect. California's Time is Running Out For Drought Relief This Season From the Record-Tying El Niño. Open Mike: Is it Too Late for El Nino to Help Drought?

California's Time is Running Out For Drought Relief This Season From the Record-Tying El Niño

Wildcatting: A Stripper’s Guide to the Modern American Boomtown. Corrosion. Rattan bone implants set for human trials - SciDev.Net South Asia. Rattan wood — the stems of a climbing palm that grows in Bangladesh.

Rattan bone implants set for human trials - SciDev.Net South Asia

India and Sri Lanka — could be the source for bone implants by 2019. Italian firm GreenBone announced last month that trials on sheep prove that the technology works. It found that rattan can be used to build a scaffold to support damaged bones because rattan has the same strength, flexibility and porosity as bones. The chemical process that turns rattan into a bone-like material was developed by a team at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Istec) of the Italian National Research Council. Wood-Based Bone Implants Developed In Italy. A group of Italian researchers say they have developed a new procedure that turns wood into artificial bones.

Wood-Based Bone Implants Developed In Italy

The procedure offers hope of a bone replacement material that lasts a lifetime. The findings were presented in the Royal Society of Chemistry Journal. Italian scientists at the Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials in Italy are currently developing wood-based bone implants for animals and humans that may assist neighboring bones to heal quicker and with more support than the artificial ones available today. Why Do We Always Blur License Plates On The Internet? NunatsiaqOnline 2015-12-31: NEWS: Icelandic storm makes North Pole feel like Vancouver. December 31, 2015 - 8:30 am This weather map, from, shows unusually warm temperatures across Greenland on Dec. 30.

NunatsiaqOnline 2015-12-31: NEWS: Icelandic storm makes North Pole feel like Vancouver

(WEATHERBELL.COM IMAGE) Santa likely had to doff his red suit post-Christmas this year. That’s because a North Atlantic weather anomaly briefly made temperatures at the North Pole comparable to those felt the same day in Vancouver, B.C. Meteorologists at Environment Canada confirmed Dec. 30 that an ocean buoy near the North Pole registered a temperature of only 0 C. “We had a buoy report up near the [North] pole showing about zero degrees just north and west of the pole this morning,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Kirk Torneby. Off The Beaten Path: Relax Your Day Away In This Hidden Village - Snakku. What’s the one thing you must do when you go to Japan?

Off The Beaten Path: Relax Your Day Away In This Hidden Village - Snakku

Visit Mount Fuji? Eat great sushi? Enjoy amazing ramen? For me, it’s going to an amazing hot spring (onsen). “Off The Beaten Path” is a series that explores some of the lesser known yet amazing places in Japan. Kurokawa Onsen is situated in the volcanic mountain ranges of Kyushu and is truly a hidden village. The Innovative Way That Japan Is Saving Its Small Rural Towns - Snakku. Japan is a land of two worlds. On one hand, you have the Japan that many people know: the bustling Tokyo, the historic Kyoto, and the relaxing hot spring resorts.

On the other hand, you have the Japan that’s been forgotten and filled with abandoned houses, empty schools, and closed shops. The Five Anime of Spring 2013 You Should Be Watching. Oil Fields Are Refilling...Naturally - Sometimes Rapidly There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth. The Stance Thread v2.0 - Page 169. YogaSlackers. What is Adventure Racing? And who is Team YogaSlackers? Want to race in a YogaSlackers Adventure Race? Check the or the END-AR! Past Adventures Feb 11 - Mar 14, 2014 Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge Nov 29 - Dec 12, 2013. Optical Phenomena due to Rocket Exhaust Products in the Atmosphere. Geophysica(2012), 48(1–2), 65–79 S.A. Chernouss1, Yu.V. Platov2, V.V. Alpatov3 and M.V.Uspensky4. One Man’s Imperfect Quest To Build Sportbikes In America. Top 7 Android smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards.

The age of the Q is over. There’s no point denying it, arguing it or sugarcoating it. Flagship physical QWERTY phones are long gone, and they’re not coming back. VIDEO: See Hail in 3D! 12 Incredible Artificial and Man-Made Beaches (PHOTOS) - Ask people what a perfect summer destination would be, and many would say a tropical island with pristine, white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.

But what do you do when you're stuck in a landlocked city or urban locale with no nearby natural beaches? Many cities are home to amazing artificial beaches (or surf-friendly "lagoons") which can transport sun-seekers to a tropical, picture-postcard paradise—and they can seem as good as the real thing. DNA sequencing suggests why octopuses are so smart. One of the weirder facts about the animal kingdom is that octopuses are actually quite smart.

Octopuses exhibit all kinds of impressive behavior when tested. They can solve fairly complex spatial problems and remember patterns for later. They can learn and work toward a goal over time. They even engage in elaborate hunting behavior to trap or lure prey. Plasma Active. The Definition of Pre-ordering Video Games (OC) Nobody’s Going Anywhere – Trapped in La Paz. EPA: Those Bee-Killing Pesticides? They're Actually Pretty Useless. Adhesive Stronger Than Weld (aluminum) ? - Page 2 - Shop Floor Talk. Switch Basics. Favorited Favorite 3 Introduction. Worldwide volcanic activity on the rise - Ice Age Now. Chart shows volcanic activity during last 400 years. Acetone + ATF Penetrant: They don't mix! Penetrating Oil Showdown!!! Why Are Chinese Patients Violently Attacking Their Doctors? - The New Yorker. There was still snow on the ground on the day, in late March, 2012, that Li Mengnan, a seventeen-year-old boy, hobbled into the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University for the last time.

He came from a remote town in Inner Mongolia, a ten-hour train ride away, and this was his sixth trip to the hospital in two years. What I wish people knew about depression. I Like That The Witcher 3 Treats Me Like an Adult. 1. Page not found on Musixmatch - The world's largest lyrics catalog. Towards a New Paradigm of Non-Captive Research on Cetacean Cognition. Towards a New Paradigm of Non-Captive Research on Cetacean Cognition. The Negative Impacts of Whale-Watching.

The cetacean brain and hominid perceptions of cetacean intelligence. The people of Russian villages photos · Russia travel blog. Russian beauty lays into the greedy and dishonest people who are destroying her country. Crustypunks. The Tokyo Subculture of 1950s Rockabilly Gangs. An American cantaloupe is actually not a cantaloupe? New mosquito species doesn`t need blood before laying eggs.

Nature & Ecology. Hide Fedora. Chrono Cross Part #77 - Episode LXX: Kid and the Fate of Humanity. Using a Water Softener as an Iron Filter. Iron Removal. "Hidden Cost" Of Wind Power vs. Conventional Power Plants. North Korean Labor Camps - VICE NEWS - Part 5 of 7. Papain: A Novel Urine Adulterant. Debian Forums - such a friendly place....... (Page 1) / Off Topic / General Chat.

Star Trek-like invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth puzzles scientists. Making fuel out of thin air. Distributor swap - D16Y7 - Tec to Hitachi - Honda Civic Forum. What Cities Would Look Like if Lit Only by the Stars. Why Do Kenyans Have Yellow Eyes? Singing Changes Your Brain. Ophelia's Webb. Price Of His Toys. Crossing Panama's Darien Gap by Motercycle.

Raw Food Debate: Dr. Douglas Graham, David Wolfe, & Brian Clement (Part 1) 13 Weird Sweet Treats Around The World. East Winds Film Festival 2014.