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XJ500T Jaybuilt Kawasaki 500 Bellytank Triple. Jaybuilt XJ500T Kawasaki Bellytank Triple Builders of incredible homebuilt machines keep popping up and here’s another example of a very impressive motorcycle designed for the purpose of handling the twisty roads of California’s canyons.

XJ500T Jaybuilt Kawasaki 500 Bellytank Triple

This bike consists of a Kawasaki 500cc 2 stroke triple engine, front and rear suspension from a ZX9 and everything else “Jaybuilt.” Total weight is 310 pounds! The whole project was really well thought out. His intention was a minimal part count and easy maintenance, engine swaps are under 30 minutes. The fuel is carried in the foam filled bellytank, the area over the engine encloses the expansion chambers.

Jaybuilt XJ500T expansion chamber routing Performance, as you might expect, gets your attention. There’s a lot of interest in 2 strokes among builders of back road specials. Big tip of the hat to Andy, who pointed this out. Link: Bay Area Riders Forum. What sprockets gets the highest mpg on a klr650? - KLR650.NET Forums - Your Kawasaki KLR650 Resource! - The Original KLR650 Forum! FYI only and this is only from reading about what others have done...

what sprockets gets the highest mpg on a klr650? - KLR650.NET Forums - Your Kawasaki KLR650 Resource! - The Original KLR650 Forum!

You can go from the 15,16,17,and down to the 14 all with the factory 520 cm chain as well, only moving the wheel forward and back... For the 16 and 17 you should dremel or remove the front sprocket cover. (see watt-man's site) Not disagreeing with you at all and what you run or like... It just seems like switching the front sprocket looks a lot easier than the rear. 1 cover, 1 nut, you don't even have to remove the rear wheel to change it, just move it up to slack the chain, change the front sprocket, get the chain back on the sprockets and then slide the wheel back to tension it back up.

I have read that adding or taking away 1 tooth in the front is like doing 2.8 in the back so you can figure what going up to a 17 or down to a 14 would be like.... 16 front would be like a 39.2 rear 17 front would be like a 36.4 rear 14 front would be like a 44.8 rear I think I vaguely remember that someone ran a 12 in the front even. Riding a street motorcycle in Scandinavian winter. DR650 Adventure Bike / Supermoto. Hi Inmates, I'm chewing on the idea of building a new bike, and I wanted to get some input from fellow thumper owners to try to learn from other folks who have likely done the same thing.

DR650 Adventure Bike / Supermoto

So, if you're willing to help answer some questions or give me your insight, I'd appreciate the help. Sjoperd's Derbi Senda SM X-Treme 2008. - Derbi Senda SM Xtreme. Här kommer jag lägga upp lite bilder på min Derbi Senda. - Derbi Senda SM Xtreme

CBR250R/CBR300R wheels on CRF250L/M - CRF250 L/M. Okay, so I've been waiting for time to get around to writing my 1000 miles review on my CBR250R wheel and tire setup.

CBR250R/CBR300R wheels on CRF250L/M - CRF250 L/M

And since I wrecked the bike last Saturday and have a bruised shoulder, I'll use recovery time to do this write up review.To be all honest, the CBR250R wheel supermoto trim is all I ride in now (although, my 21/18 setup will go back on in May for a week of trail running in the Smokeys). So I think my constant running of the supermoto trim will give an accurate assumption of the feel of this setup.First off if you're vertically challenged and you ride majority street, supermoto is a nice setup because it make the bike sit lower. At 32" inseam I flat foot with bent knees. I left my factory side stand on so it doesn't offer quite the lean of the factory setup, but it still has a bit of lean. Custom Yamaha XT600. Richard and Lex from Left Hand Cycles have craftily customized another Yamaha bike.

Custom Yamaha XT600

This time the build is based on Yamaha XT600 and it turned out to be a really great and stylish svelte-looking street tracker. The guys intended to build “a hybrid old school traveller”. So, they’ve reworked a lot. The seat and the exhaust system where specialy fabricated for this build. The left side of Arctic Monkey is adorned with the burlap pannier, matching the overall bike design. Front and rear 18″ wheels with new alluminium rims are outfitted with the Heidenau K60 tires. Yamaha XT500 Custom Retro « Husky Restorations.

Showthread. Originally Posted by Svt KnightI cant see cutting into a brand new bike to the extend you did.


"Different Strokes 4 Different Folks"Simpler, lighter, and a little more power if I can get it...I come from a Harley background where everybody's pulling things off, bolting things on, cutting, chopping, etc. All kinds of weird mods just to make it their own. So I don't think twice about digging into it on this bike either. Personally, I'm a fan of the minimalist styles. In fact this was always the plan from when I was first looking for a sumo; add huggers, plastics off or trimmed to the max, strip it down wherever possible, and a round headlight. NS300L Home Page. Racal GY-X 150. Shinko 244 Photo by spudrider. Re: KENDA K270 , front tire - Yamaha TW200 Trailway Discussion Forum. KLR650 Hybird front fender modification walk thru. KLR650 Hybird front fender modification walk thru Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by klm4755, Apr 7, 2008.

KLR650 Hybird front fender modification walk thru

Page 1 of 2 klm4755, Apr 7, 2008 #1 klm4755 Been here awhile Joined: Jun 19, 2006 Oddometer: 577 Enclosed is a walk thru to conduct surgery to my front fender. Team Report: ASSOMOTOR - Supermoto. Showthread. This looks to be the next jump for front end setups.


A "standard race setup" only ever lasts so long. People will change to improve. '07 KLX250 supermoto wheel/tire combo? - Kawasaki Forums. Tires 101: An Introduction - Ninja250Wiki. Welcome to The Mystical Art of Tire Reading, or It's black, it's round, and it goes on the wheel.

Tires 101: An Introduction - Ninja250Wiki

Tires are a mysterious thing. Front 18" Fatty Dune Tire Set-Up - Dirt Bike Pictures & Video. Motorcycle Brake Pads: How to Choose the Right ones. We all love to twist the throttle and cruise down the road on our motorcycles, but being able to stop it is pretty crucial. Properly functioning brake pads are critical for safe operation of a motorcycle and its important for motorcyclists to make sure that their entire braking system is in top working order before every ride. I find that riders put off replacing their motorcycle brake pads, mainly because they don’t know what kind to get.

Once you understand the different types of pads, you can decide on the ones that will perform the best on your bike. The most common types of brake pads used on motorcycles are sintered, organic and semi-sintered. Knowing about each type makes it easier for a motorcyclist to find the right kind when its time to replace their own. 2-day Ride to Idaho's Lost River and Lemhi Ranges - ChinaRiders Forums. After descending the Lemhi Range, I continued to head southeast toward Patterson. Riding close to the mountains, I enjoyed the view of the farmlands leading up to the Lemhi Range. In the photograph below, the black dots are cows grazing in the fields.

Numerous trails crisscross this beautiful, wide valley; I took one of the trails, and rode a bit to the west. I was rewarded with a wonderful view of the distant Big Lost Range, and the headwaters of the Pahshimeroi River. ​The SWM Grand Milano 440 Proves Chinese-Italian Fusion Is Tasty. 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 500 by Speed Merchant. With Harley-Davidson recently unveiling two new models, the Street 750 and Street 500, we were wondering who would be the first to customise one.

Well, we don’t have to wonder anymore. The guys from The Speed Merchant were approached by Mike Davis from Born Free on behalf of Harley to see if they were interested in customising one to be showcased at the Born Free show. Of course they said hell yeah. “Having never seen one in person, it was very intriguing” says Brandon from The Speed Merchant.

“The new Harley-Davidson Street 500 is what showed up at my shop with about 3 months to get the job done.” Yamaha Scorpio 2008, Flat Tracker Martini Racing. ウィリーのブログ. Custom Suzuki DR 800 Big - Good Spark Garage. Volker Schmidt’s custom conversion of a DR 800 Big grabbed our attention and held it for a good while. We Yankees seldom see even the stock version of the “big” Suzuki enduro, so it was cool to see such a twist on what is already an intriguing bike. GP's Classic Steel #48 - '86 Honda “FatCat” For this week’s Classic Steel we are going to look back at one of the forerunners of the modern four-stroke revolution, the 1986 Honda TR200R “FatCat”. In 1986, the AMA threw the sport of motocross a major curve ball with the introduction of the “production rule”.

The regulation placed major limitations on the modifications that could be done to race bikes and dictated that all racers be based on off-the-shelf production machines. This meant an end to Honda’s super-exotic and super-expensive HRC race bikes. Now the big team’s race bikes would have to start out just like Joe Average’s scooter, instead of some skunk works special. Honda XR200R, XR250R, XR350R, XR500R, XR600R, XR650R Bike ID. Honda XR200R, XR250R, XR350R, XR400R, XR500R, XR600R, XR650R ENGINE, PARTS, AND FRAME Identification page In an effort to help fellow bikers properly ID their bike I have provided the following information on VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number ) , Engine ID and part identification.

All the information provided is to the best of my knowledge correct. As we part more bikes out we will add more information to this chart. Suzuki DR650 Street Tracker. DR650 Street Tracker by Mike Sternick Whenever we talk about all around motorcycles on The Kneeslider, the kind of bike you can ride every day no matter where you’re going, someone will mention the Suzuki DR series, a bike capable of taking on both urban streets or the occasional off road foray. The comment is usually along the lines of “someone should modify a DR” or “I was thinking about converting a DR.” *SOLD* 2007 Honda CRF230F.. - BARF - Bay Area Riders Forum. FAQ - Bigfoot Supermoto. Scrambler GS11 - RocketGarage Cafe Racer. Hervé Lurton is not a professional but a passionate with such skill. With 150 hours of work and a few special parts has managed to achieve a beautiful special.

THE TRACKER #BUILD TO ENDURE. THE TRACKER #BUILD TO ENDURE. TW225|Hiro's Style. Guinness Tour - Chongqing Motorhead Import And Export Co., Ltd. Yamaha SR500 & SR400 Forum. やっぱりモタードがスキ。|TT250Rモタードカスタム&MY LIFE STYLE. Crossed Purpose. I’ve decided I’m going to wind down the amount of posts I do of other dirt bike derived machines I find on the Internet. I’m not going to stop completely, but only concentrate on the really classy builds and things that are a bit different. After all, the regular street tracker conversion is becoming somewhat of a standard, and by now we all know what they look like. Honda XL250 Cafe/Tracker Thing. SC.O.R.D – 66 Motorcycles. Radical Ducati's custom Yamaha XT600.

Vulcan Racer MRS - RocketGarage Cafe Racer. Showthread. SV Street Tracker (my goal) - Suzuki SV650 Forum: SV650, SV1000, Gladius Forums. 1998 Honda XR600R ELEGANT APPARATUS #1. Untitled. To 'Tard or not to 'Tard : Tards (aka Supermotard) - Page 2. Motor-Forum - Brikken en klassiekers - CB250RS MV-PetterBike fotoverslag. El Conquistador by Stanley Tang - Blog - Motorcycle Parts and Riding Gear - Roland Sands Design. Advertisement - Indonesia Street Kustom - Part 3 - Page180. Streettracker. EB004 - XR600 - Ellaspede. Crossed Purpose. Yamaha SR250 by Auto Fabrica. VERTEMATI - СУПЕРМОТО В ИТАЛЬЯНСКОМ СТИЛЕ (Vertemati SR600, Vertemati S 570, Vertemati S 501) How to choose best brake pads for motorcycles. Look Again: Bryan Fuller's Ducati 250 Scrambler. Up to a second faster per corner? Motorcycle Innovation's futuristic front end.

18" Front Fatty. Front 18" Fatty Dune Tire Set-Up - Dirt Bike Pictures & Video. RK Concepts Bearing Cycle is Oddly Interesting. Randy's New Routine: An Analysis Of Winter Riding. The official XT225 thread! ‘82 Yamaha XV920 – Hageman Motorcycles. Resterampe: Hermann Köpf's Ducati Pantah 500. 7seven Customs Rough Caferacer. Crossed Purpose. Le French Atelier DR650 - the Bike Shed. Yako's Bekano - the Bike Shed. Perfect Ride BIG DrakeR - the Bike Shed. 1985 Nighthawk 700s Adventure conversion. The Honda vf750s cafe fighter. Cafe Racers Customs Passion Inspiration. 18" Front Rim For S - DR-Z 400. Around the World on a Hond XR250 HONDA SUZUKI OF SALT LAKE SALT LAKE CITY, UT 801-486-5401.

Small Engine Fuel Injection Kit - Small Engine EFI conversion kit. Motorcycle oils : (Nova Scotia) Intake Porting For Motorcycles and Cars. Death Spray Custom » Blog Archive » Honda CRF supermoto cycle. Indigan’s ‘Diablo’ Moped. Honda XRV750 Africa Twin Supermoto. Crossed Purpose. Sealing spoked rims to run tubeless tyres. School’s in Session. RFVCエンジン. Homemade Supermoto. Aloop SuperMotard XR-XRL Customer Photo Gallery. "Adventure wheels" conversion thread (19" front 17" rear) KeepItLoose!ーGB250倶楽部男の戯言ー -3ページ目. ベアリアス ホンダXL250R. 430 AE transmission parts. GS500 Rear Wheel onto an XR250L – Scandalon. China's Stylish “New Wave” Motorcycle Breaks World Records_ chinamotor. 10 Things You Need To Know About Motorcycle Body Position For Sport Riding.