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It’s Not Merely Flesh and Bones (CNBNews) (Nov. 25, 2019)--All human beings are just a diaspora of the nine months confinement, which was regularly fed with love. That very love takes you further on in life, which some of us leave behind, to find momentary joy. Love is the only factor that keeps the world from collapsing all at once, but that love continues being redefined with every new relationship one builds in this wonderful journey called life. Love, these days, has been reduced to just a term and the true essence of this beautiful feeling seems lost on us. Also, the crimes that are being committed in the name of love are countless. The pleasure of groping a fellow being cannot be justified on any grounds. While some do it in the name of love, the others do it out of sheer lust. The gratification of each person’s sexual urges is necessary; there is no denial of that fact.

What is sexual assault? Sexual assault is: What do you see when you open the newspapers and media platforms nowadays? Conclusion: