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Andrew Bird's one-man orchestra of the imagination. Trippy Jam: Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip (2010) Tools For Teaching - Map. Free resources for the classroom Please browse the following map to find world music curricular experiences from Smithsonian Folkways' Network of Music Educators.

Tools For Teaching - Map

All lessons can be downloaded in PDF format. View larger map Africa | Asia | Australia and Oceania | Europe | North America | South America | Other. Alan Lomax Archive. How to Listen for a Musical Pitch. Music Theory. Música. Understanding Music. Is classical music a means of escape from the world and all the worries it causes?

Understanding Music

It's a notion conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim would resist. "For many people, music is here to let them forget the daily chores of life," he says. "People have a difficult day at the office, they have a fight with their wife or their mistress, or both, they get bad news from their accountant. So they come home, exhausted, put their feet up, and put on their favourite Chopin Nocturne – preferably played by me – and within three minutes they have forgotten their troubles.

But I maintain music is not here to make us forget about life. He warms to his theme, fixing me with the intense, challenging stare that has galvanised orchestras the world over. We meet the night after Barenboim conducts the final concert in a series of Bruckner symphonies in London with the Staatskapelle Berlin. Barenboim and Boulez go back a long way. Barenboim was 22. Sometimes, the music is too complex even for Barenboim.

Amy Winehouse - All my lovin' (The Beatles's cover) Soul Music. Electronic-music-guide/music.swf. Guitar Lessons - Ear Training Online. 83 Jam Tracks For Guitar. Download all the free jam tracks now!

83 Jam Tracks For Guitar

A lot of them anyway - 83 of the jam tracks for guitar players are available here on the one page. If you want more information on each track then go to the page that the jam track is from for music theory and other information. Taken from the Blues Guitar Jam Tracks page: Blackbird by Beatles - StumbleUpon. 300,000+ Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, Chords and Guitar Pro Tabs! Play Wish You Were Here on One Acoustic Guitar Video. Free sheet music on Music. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful - Cover (Dreammining)

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful - Cover (Dreammining) Lilly and Sarah cover a beautiful song by One Direction!

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful - Cover (Dreammining)

"What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction! What is your favorite One Direction Song? Let us know in the comments below! Maybe Lilly and Sarah will do another cover for you! SUBSCRIBE: ‪ Facebook: Live Performance Videos. Musicovery. Tab & Scores. Guitar Tabs With Rhythm.

Free Guitar Backing Tracks @ Chord progressions.


Pitch Notation. Analyze-o-matic. Key Trainer. Musical mind ear training. How music works. How Music Works is a comprehensive suite of multimedia tutorials which explain music in clear, simple language you can relate to. Packed with 115 topics in nine tutorials, and illustrated with 360 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds, the tutorials start with the very basics of music and advance to topics which are valuable even for professional musicians. Whatever musical instrument or style you are interested in, these tutorials will be an essential source of information and guidance for years to come. The How Music Works tutorials are available online at but these tutorials are not printable and do not have the sounds.

To get the full benefit of the tutorials, the ChordWizard Music Theory software is highly recommended. The Chord Guide: Pt I – Chord Progressions. Chord progressions are the canvas on which musicians paint their masterpieces, and it’s a canvas which is a piece of art in itself.

The Chord Guide: Pt I – Chord Progressions

A chord progression can be subtle and in the background or it can be blatant and up front; it can be simple and catchy, or it can be technical and complex, it can stay in one key or it can change like the seasons. In any of these cases a chord progression is what drives the song as it literally shapes the music that accompanies it. Chord progressions are like a cozy home where melody and rhythm can kick their feet up. All the songwriting giants, like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan, to name a few, have/had a tremendous knowledge of the art of the chord progression. I’m not going to promise you tremendous knowledge, but I will offer you a good head start in the way of making your own music – in an easily digestible chunk to boot.

The Basics of Musical Pitch. Elements of Music. Ear training. Why the circle of fourths is so important when learning major scales. Playing your major scales should be a part of your daily practice regimen.

Why the circle of fourths is so important when learning major scales

However, practicing them in a “circle of fourths” or “circle of fifths” pattern is even better. Let’s focus more on circle of fourths. If you type “circle of fourths” or “circle of fifths” in google, you can actually find a host of other examples. Notice that the keys go from: C >>> F >>> Bb >>> Eb and so forth. If this were a clock, C would be at 12 o’ clock. This is the optimal way to play your scales. Then play your F major scale all the way through (F G A Bb C D E F). Why the circle? Because music also happens to move in this same pattern (way beyond the scope of this article but I’ll touch on it a little bit). But here’s another reason to use the circle. Because it lets you know how related the major keys are to each other. If one just looked at a piano, they’d assume that C and Db, for example, were related because of how close they appear to each other on the piano. The reality is that C and F are more related.

Music Theory - Introduction to Intervals. Major Scales. Note Trainer. Theory. Online Music Notation Software. Rhythm Notation. The Basics of Musical Pitch. Free Music Theory Worksheets! Material on this page is free.NEW!

Free Music Theory Worksheets!

You can now consult an index of terms used in these worksheets.Also explore a page of worksheet extras: Worksheet Answers, Test Templates and Flash Presentations.