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Stage - The Pixel Lab 2011-Dina Foxx. TILT. TILT e история за филмите, в които ни вкарва любовта и филм за историята на една обсадена любов.


Сцените в книгата се случват преди и след края на действието във филма. Най-забавното е, че продължават да се случват и в момента, докато четете встъпителната част на романа TILT. Това ви дава уникалната възможност, след като прочетете книгата и видите филма, сами да участвате в събитията до края. Book / Contact. Storytelling: digital technology allows us to tell tales in innovative new ways.

Get Clued In to The BBC Code Challenge. BBC is launching its new miniseries The Code, hosted by Professor Marcus du Sautoy, in late July.

Get Clued In to The BBC Code Challenge

The program will be complemented by an interactive treasure hunt that integrates puzzles into the show’s content. If you live in the United Kingdom, send your address to for a chance at receiving one of 210 (1,024) items in the mail that will kick off the experience. By Kris Nordgren, originally posted at ARGNet Images courtesy of the BBC. Storytelling Gets an Upgrade: Interaction Illustrated. By J.C.

Storytelling Gets an Upgrade: Interaction Illustrated

Hutchins, Novelist and Transmedia Storyteller In my previous post, I described how, using a combination of user-fueled curiosity, tactile interaction, and brilliant visual animations, authors can deliver narrative revelations that simply cannot be experienced using traditional storytelling techniques. Today, we take the narrative to the next level, adding even more rich interaction to our story. Recall that this narrative is mostly text-based and presented as a well-crafted traditional novel or novella. (There’s no substitute for great writing.) The Tulse Luper Suitcases. Thomas Dolby Debuts The Floating City Transmedia Game. LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Best known as the singer/synthesist behind the Top 5 smash hit “She Blinded Me With Science” and as the co-inventor of the Beatnik polyphonic ringtone engine, Thomas Dolby today announced his latest creation: The Floating City is a rich transmedia game with a living world that changes and reacts to player contributions.

Thomas Dolby Debuts The Floating City Transmedia Game

It uses web browsers, social networks, and even smart phones and iPads as a way for fans to access his latest musical endeavors. Pottermore: Initial Observations. Jay-Z "Decoded" Campaign Wins Integrated Grand Prix And Titanium At Cannes. Musical celebrities were all over Cannes this year, but only Jay-Z is actually picking up hardware.

Jay-Z "Decoded" Campaign Wins Integrated Grand Prix And Titanium At Cannes

New York agency Droga5 continued its hot streak at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity with big wins for its Bing/Jay-Z "Decoded" campaign in the key Titanium/Integrated Lions category. The campaign won the Integrated Grand Prix and nabbed a Titanium Lion, winning over a jury that was “looking for the bravest idea.” The Titanium Lion was launched in 2003 to recognize emerging forms of brand work that wouldn’t neatly fit into the existing award categories; the Integrated Lion was added in 2005, though the definition of what falls under each title has been fluid.

Transmedia Producers Group News. Story architect of film, tv and games » Case Study – Pandemic. Sundance Program description: A mysterious virus begins to affect the adults in a small rural town, and the youth soon find themselves cut off from civilization, fighting for their lives.

story architect of film, tv and games » Case Study – Pandemic

Kaiser Chiefs - Create your album. Harper's Globe Interactive Experience. Game of Thrones Gets Interactive on HBO Go — Online Video News. Kaiser Chiefs - Create your album. Test Subjects Needed. Millennium series. The Millennium series consists of three bestselling novels, originally written in Swedish, by the late Stieg Larsson (1954–2004).

Millennium series

Etude de cas: Write All Night, un jeu de la New York Public Library. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Trailer‬‏ “See it again for the first time” – Star Wars, la saga d’une œuvre inachevable. “George Lucas est l’Abel Gance du XXIème siècle”.

“See it again for the first time” – Star Wars, la saga d’une œuvre inachevable

Cette phrase que j’ai entendu d’un membre de la rédaction d’Allociné.com résume parfaitement la situation dans laquelle se trouve le créateur de la saga Star Wars, depuis longtemps élevée au rang d’œuvre essentielle du cinéma. Depuis 1977 et la sortie fracassante du premier épisode, les six volets n’ont cessé de faire partie des films “cultes” à voir (et à avoir) absolument. Plusieurs évènements font de 2011 une “année Star Wars” : la sortie du nouveau Star Tours, attraction phare des parcs Disney, et l’édition sur Blu-ray disc des six longs métrages, à paraître au mois de septembre. LAKE MUNGO - The Film. The Witness, le premier film sur l’Outernet « Fais-Moi Jouer ! Play Thomas Dolby’s new game, “The Floating City” Winter Is Coming. (A Transmedia Fiction Experience with J.C.) This afternoon, a package from HBO arrived at my doorstep.

Winter Is Coming. (A Transmedia Fiction Experience with J.C.)

Curious, I grabbed my vidcam and documented what quickly became not only an awesome "unboxing" video, but an amazing -- and remarkably unconventional -- narrative journey. Ride shotgun with me as you get an unfiltered, as-it-happens look at this amazing HBO package as I experience it ... and learn a little about the world of HBO's upcoming fantasy series Game Of Thrones (based on the terrific novel series by George R.R.

Martin) along the way. For viewers who want a closer look at the images seen briefly in the videos, check the gallery below for larger versions. Making of…HBO IMAGINE INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN / BBDO NEW YORK « Transmedia Camp 101. L'ARG de Super 8, résumé et timeline.