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We’ve been hinting for a while about a secret project that we’re working on, and today I’m pleased to be able to take the wraps off Mapumental. It’s currently in Private Beta but invites are starting to flow out. Built with support from Channel 4′s 4IP programme, Mapumental is the culmination of an ambition mySociety has had for some time – to take the nation’s bus, train, tram, tube and boat timetables and turn them into a service that does vastly more than imagined by traditional journey planners. In its first iteration it’s specially tuned to help you work out where else you might live if you want an easy commute to work. Blog Archive » Say hello to Mapumental Blog Archive » Say hello to Mapumental
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Oakland Crimespotting Notice anything different?We’ve been working on the interface design, read more about it on the blog. Oakland Crimespotting is an interactive map of crimes in Oakland and a tool for understanding crime in cities. If you hear sirens in your neighborhood, you should know why. Crimespotting makes this possible with interactive maps, e-mail updates, and RSS feeds of crimes in areas that you care about. Oakland Crimespotting
Faces of the Fallen: Iraq and Afghanistan Casualties | washingto Casualties by state Casualties by category All 6753 U.S. service members, click to see casualties. About Faces of the Fallen Faces of the Fallen: Iraq and Afghanistan Casualties | washingto
Chicago crime data (formerly | EveryBlock Chic Chicago crime data (formerly | EveryBlock Chic We’re sorry to report that EveryBlock has closed its doors. Thank you for having let us play a role in how you get your neighborhood news. Thanks for the contributions, for the questions, and for allowing us to connect you to each other, in many cases to make great things happen in your community. For a bit more info, please visit our final blog post. Your neighbors,The EveryBlock teamBrian, Becca, Feihong, Jon, Joseph, Marina, Parinda, PJ, Sandor, Sarah, Adrian, Charlie, Classic, DXO, Wilson, Paul, Tyler, Ulf, Blobfish, Bun, Clowntown, Party, Ken S, FYN, Meinl, Yulia, Old Man Mortgage, Don Eskridge, and Django Reinhardt