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Compressed.tracemonkey-pldi-09.pdf. The return of the <u> element. Presentational elements like <i>, <b>, <small> and <hr> have been redefined in HTML5 with semantic meanings, or, in a couple of cases, made non-conforming.

The return of the <u> element

The <u> element had been in the non-conforming camp, but a couple of semantic use cases led it back into the fold. While most of us will never need it (and some will jeer), on the odd occasion, it might be just the element you need. Before HTML5, <u> was solely for applying a presentational style of underlining to text. HTML 4 discouraged “font-style” or presentational elements, and even deprecated <u>, advising us to use CSS instead. Even before this, <u> was frowned upon as underlines are the browser default for links, and making normal text look like links gives users a bad case of clicky-clicky frustration. There are, however, a couple of non-link places where text is traditionally underlined to convey meaning, as the HTML5 specification’s definition mentions: Chinese proper name marks # And what exactly are those you ask?

Feature. L’HTML5 est-il une hallucination collective ? Par Franck Wolff, fondateur et président de Granite Data Services. 5 très mauvais patterns en HTML5. HTML5 est de plus en plus présent dans nos vies de développeurs et d’intégrateurs.

5 très mauvais patterns en HTML5

Bonne nouvelle. Cependant, il est une rupture avec le standard XHTML adopté depuis prêt de 10 ans dans le sens ou il est très permissif. Le W3C, trop souvent montré du doigt par le passé comme une communauté de développeurs fermés aux besoins d’intégrateurs pas forcement issus du monde du développement (infographistes, amateurs, etc.), a décidé de faire un consensus reléguant à l’état de conventions de code certaines choses qui étaient devenus obligatoires, à juste titre, avec XHTML.

Aujourd’hui, ou en sommes nous ? HTML5 est il une application de SGML ou de XML ? Voici 5 mauvais patterns que je vous déconseille fortement d’appliquer dans vos codes. HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile Performance. Introduction Spinning refreshes, choppy page transitions, and periodic delays in tap events are just a few of the headaches in today’s mobile web environments.

HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile Performance

Developers are trying to get as close to native as they possibly can, but are often derailed by hacks, resets, and rigid frameworks. In this article, we will discuss the bare minimum of what it takes to create a mobile HTML5 web app. The main point is to unmask the hidden complexities which today’s mobile frameworks try to hide. You will see a minimalistic approach (using core HTML5 APIs) and basic fundamentals that will empower you to write your own framework or contribute to the one you currently use.

Hardware acceleration Normally, GPUs handle detailed 3D modeling or CAD diagrams, but in this case, we want our primitive drawings (divs, backgrounds, text with drop shadows, images, etc...) to appear smooth and animate smoothly via the GPU. Le plus beau site HTML5 of the World - Fatras. Il s'appelle Kroc Camen.

Le plus beau site HTML5 of the World - Fatras

Personne n'étant parfait il se peut qu'il soit anglais. Son site en HTML5 est sans aucun doute le plus beau, le plus raffiné qui soit. Mobile HTML5 - compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices. Quoting and citing with <blockquote>, <q>, <cite>, and the cite attribute.

NOTE: (6/11/2013) The definitions of cite and blockquote in HTML have changed.

Quoting and citing with <blockquote>, <q>, <cite>, and the cite attribute

For the latest advice on using these elements refer to cite and blockquote – reloaded. MotionCAPTCHA Demo. HTML5 Doctor, helping you implement HTML5 today. Créer une carte de France cliquable en HTML5 / SVG. Beauté, parfum et maquillage avec Lancome : conseils beauté, soins du visage, anti-age Lancome. Lancôme lance un site adoptant les nouveaux standards du Web avec HTML5. Pour son nouveau site web, la marque adopte les nouveaux standards du Web avec HTML5, ce qui doit rendre les vidéos plus fluides et les contenus plus lisibles, de bonne qualité qu’ils soient lus depuis un PC, une tablette ou un smartphone.

Lancôme lance un site adoptant les nouveaux standards du Web avec HTML5

Les formulaires HTML5 dans Firefox 4 - Hanblog. Précision: certains exemples fonctionneront dans d'autres navigateurs mais vous aurez besoin de Firefox 4 pour les voir tous.

Les formulaires HTML5 dans Firefox 4 - Hanblog

Comments in HTML5. FLash et HTML5 ne sont pas concurrents. Ce midi j’étais invité sur le plateau d’Adobe Live (dans le cadre de la Creative Week) à m’exprimer sur Flash vs.

FLash et HTML5 ne sont pas concurrents

MediaElement.js - HTML5 video player and audio player with Flash and Silverlight shims. ToDo Homepage. Blogs. Au programme de cette série d’articles, nous allons découvrir : 1 – les bases de SVG et de Canvas 2 – les scénarios clés d’utilisation de ces 2 jeux d’APIs Ce premier article traitera donc des bases de SVG et de Canvas.

Note : vous pouvez tester la plupart des exemples directement au sein de cet article si vous utilisez IE9, Firefox 4.0 ou Chrome. The Threepenny Editor - Good Ideas In Great Hands. VintageJS - add some awesome retro and vintage style to your images with the HTML5 canvas element. HTML5, c'est quoi, comment ça marche ? WeBlog, conseils en création de sites web. The alt decision. A recent decision by the W3C HTML working group has caused much discussion and some consternation within the accessibility community and wider web development community.

the alt decision

If you want change get involved! As per W3C policy the decision made by the HTML working group is not the end of the road. It can be re-opened or a formal objection can be lodged. IBM lance Maqetta : un éditeur HTML5 et JavaScript open-source pour Web et mobiles et l'offre à la fondation Dojo. IBM vient de lancer un nouvel outil d'édition des interfaces en HTML5/JavaScript et de mettre le projet en open source sous l'égide de la fondation Dojo, à l'origine du Toolkit JavaScript éponyme.

IBM lance Maqetta : un éditeur HTML5 et JavaScript open-source pour Web et mobiles et l'offre à la fondation Dojo

HTML5 : De la page web à l’application web, livre à paraître chez Dunod. Bonjour à tous chers lecteurs, HTML5 vs Silverlight vs Flash. Bundles. How to get all the browsers playing ball. This post was of course an April Fool's Day joke, check the post date ;) We can but dream of having a script like this one day. Oh and if you haven't checked out what the script does do, you really should, it's awesome. Microsoft WebCamp HTML5 » Ce mercredi 16 mars j’ai assisté au WebCamp HTML5 chez Microsoft présenté par David Rousset, Aurélien Verla, Glovanni Clément et Sébastien Doncker. Have a Field Day with HTML5 Forms. Forms are usually seen as that obnoxious thing we have to markup and style. I respectfully disagree: forms (on a par with tables) are the most exciting thing we have to work with.

Here we’re going to take a look at how to style a beautiful HTML5 form using some advanced CSS and latest CSS3 techniques. I promise you will want to style your own forms after you’ve read this article. The Current State of HTML5 Forms · Wufoo. JavaScript and HTML5 Forms Testing for Support If you intended to write JavaScript to mimic the functionality of HTML5 forms, you may want to first test the current browsers capability and write the JavaScript as a fallback. Avec la sortie d’IE9, HTML5 devient enfin une réalité. J’ai déjà eu de nombreuses occasions de vous expliquer dans quelle mesure HTML5 et CSS3 allaient révolutionner les interfaces web : CSS3 et javascript seront-elles les technologies RIA du future ?.

Cette révolution est maintenant définitivement amorcée avec le lancement cette semaine de la version 9 d’Internet Explorer : IE9, Beauty of the Web. Jeff Prosise's Blog : Using HTML5 Web Storage for Interprocess Communication. One of the exciting new features coming in HTML5 – and one that works in most HTML5 browsers today – is Web storage. The latest draft of the specification defines two types of Web storage: local storage and session storage. Local storage, which is analogous to isolated storage in Silverlight, persists data across browser sessions, and does it purely on the client side. It provides an easy-to-use mechanism for storing arbitrary data on the client and is a cost-efficient alternative to cookies.

Session storage, by contrast, persists data only for the length of the browser session. Session storage is useful for sharing data among pages hosted in the same browser window (it can’t span browser windows as local storage can), but I believe developers will generally find local storage more useful. Local storage is accessed through the browser’s window.localStorage property. If ("localStorage" in window && window["localStorage"] ! // Local storage supported. "Mobifying" Your HTML5 Site. Introduction Developing for the mobile web is a hot topic these days. This year, for the first time ever, smart phones out sold PCs. More and more users are using a mobile device to traverse the web, which means it's becoming critical for developers to optimize their sites for the mobile browsers. The "mobile" battlefield is still uncharted waters for a large number of developers.

Many folks have existing legacy sites that neglect mobile users altogether. Documentation. CamanJS - Image Manipulation in Javascript. SOUR / MIRROR. HTML5 — Edition for Web Developers. No Eleven - High (Lunar Western ©2011) Guidelines on ALT texts in IMG elements. In HTML authoring, there are very good reasons to include an alt attribute into every img element. The purpose is to specify a textual replacement for the image, to be displayed or otherwise used in place of the image. Thus, the prime rule is: Consider what the page looks like or sounds like when images are not shown. Then, write for each image an alt text that best works as a replacement. This document also gives more specific suggestions for simple, common situations, and some uncommon too. For content-rich images, it recommends explicit links to textual alternatives.

Content: Rules of thumb. When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. The Bright (Near) Future of CSS - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement This article is an excerpt from Eric Meyer’s recent book Smashing CSS1, published by Wiley in cooperation with Smashing Magazine. In this article, the focus is on what’s coming: styling techniques you’ll use in the immediate and near-term future. From styling HTML 5 elements to rearranging layout based on display parameters to crazy selection patterns to transforming element layout, these are all techniques that you may use tomorrow, next month, or next year. With partial browser support, they’re all on the cutting edge of Web design. Accordingly, be careful not to get cut! Furthermore, a number of JavaScript libraries can extend support for advanced CSS back into older browsers, in some cases as far back as IE/Win 5.5.

There are also a good many CSS enhancements available as plug-ins for popular JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. Styling HTML 5 Styling HTML 5 is really no different than styling HTML 4. But what about really old browsers, like IE6? Classing like HTML 5. Elements and Attributes. Go offline with application cache. UPDATE 15 June 2011: .appcache is now the recommended file extension for cache manifests. Please ensure you update your filename, manifest attribute on the html element and set the correct mime-type in your server config.

HTML5 introduces new methods for enabling a web site or web application to function without a network connection. When you’re working on a mobile connection and your signal drops, or you just have no connection to the internet for whatever reason, having some level of access is better than nothing. In this article, we’ll look at how the application cache can store resources to be used by the browser when it’s offline, granting your users partial access to your web site or application. The application cache is controlled by a plain text file called a manifest, which contains a list of resources to be stored for use when there is no network connectivity.

Applying a Clean & Imageless Design to an Article – Part I. For Christmas this year, my beautiful wife gave me a copy of The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Volume 2. Obviously, I have been perusing the book, and I am finding that there are tons of awesome web designs to take in. I’m super happy with the gift and I expect that it will prove to be a highly valuable resource throughout 2011, and beyond. Yet, even just a quick perusal of the book reveals the prevailing influence of Photoshop (or other graphics programs) on the industry at large. Today, the web is full of beautiful, rich and colourful graphics that continuously amaze and impress us in all manner of very legitimate ways. But just because we can include all of this incredible imagery, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we have to. In this first installment of a two part tutorial, I would like to show you how to use simple CSS to apply an attractive, well-balanced design to an article. Base64, model trains, Web Workers & the DOM, captions, …

Methods of communication. Normandie Web_HTML5,CSS3 - HTML5中文网 - 我们以促进HTML5在中国的普及而努力. Bonnes pratiques de performance pour Webapp HTML5. HTML5 Video Player. Video for Everybody! HTML5 video player. HTML5 and Search Engine Optimisation. How well does Googlebot deal with non-standard tags? - Webmaster Central Help. How to develop a HTML5 Image Uploader. HTML5 data-* attributes are great and you know it.

Load More Sidebar Content When There Is Room. Customer Community Software - Love your Customers. New structural elements in HTML5. The New York Times. La balise mark - HTML5. HTML5 accessibility. HTML5 ADVENTURE CALENDAR. Application hors-ligne avec HTML5 – le manifest. Never Mind the Bullets - BEAUTY OF THE WEB. Create Slideshows. Extending HTML5 — Microdata. UI. HTML5, Google Instant Previews & son Snippet - Fatras. HTML5/CSS3 et autres geekeries.

Firefox 4: HTML5 Forms. The Paciello Group Blog » Using the HTML title attribute. Garennes-sur-Eure en Normandie - blog. Mes prévisions pour 2022 - HTML5.