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Web Design And Development Company. The experienced resources we need to make our website more attractive, our eCommerce site sell more.

Web Design And Development Company

Before we start developing we want to be sure that we have the right concept, creative software strategy or even breakthrough ideas. Their experience in customer web application development could provide us with the ideas we need to pull the trigger and then convert the ideas into reality. They are very open when it comes to collaboration: we could still use our designer or web design agency and they would do the programming or engage with a designer here or run the project “turn-key-style”.

Web Design And Development Company. Web Application Development Agency. The beginning of our collaboration A company offering Point of Sales Systems in Europe since 1998 approached us and asked for help.

Web Application Development Agency

They are very successful with more than 2500 retail and restaurant clients using their system. Their software system had been developed in older technology and some clients were asking for a cloud based solution which should run on touch screen hardware. The POS Company developed a technology change road map and started to search for competent and affordable resources to develop the software in their home country, but was not successful in their search. When they approached us they needed someone who could help them to: Maintain the existing Point of Sales System developed in older technology Redevelop the product as per road map adding cloud and touch screen technology Our evolving relationship Our Relationship started with the customer testing our competence and responsiveness.

The Challenge 1. They had been developing this project for ten years. 2. 3. Website Development Consultancy. All kind of IT support I might need for my business.

Website Development Consultancy

Looking at everything here I understand SwissHelios and partners have a solid background of experience as an end to end IT solutions provider and I am sure they could not describe everything they can do on a webpage. Let me think! Yes, we do have Situations where we depend on one person or few people only to maintain software or on a company which doesn’t support the solution any longer.People who should help us be innovative but who spend their time on maintaining old programs with web support.A request/need/reason to host solutions and/or data externally and need people who can help us through the change and if possible take care of the hosting.Something else we wanted to address for a while….

Calling them won’t cost anything Call Me. Digital Transformation Consultancy. The services for assuring the safety of my IT infrastructure or undergo a complete digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

They have conducted software testing for at least hundreds of applications in the past 10 years. Interesting: they put the experience gained at disposal of people having had their web solutions developed by others or by own resources. Let me think! Do we have Ongoing projects for which “right the first time” is business critical? Let me talk to the teams to explore the option to have SwissHelios help with software testing! Enterprise Solution Provider. Much more than just programming and IT resources.

Enterprise Solution Provider

Some of their case studies go far beyond development. They have helped individuals and companies turn ideas into a business with their end to end IT services consultancy, they had situations where they started as developers and are now being consulted on a multitude of innovation topics, beyond IT related ones as next generation service provider. Let me think! We might have some of these situations as well Not enough experience to create a software strategy or develop a quality concept alone.Not the right or enough resources to do so.We have an internal draft of an web application and we would like an innovative IT business solution provider to review and improve it, people who cannot just give advice but who know how to turn concepts into reality themselves.Obsolete and/or inefficient solutions which need to be replaced but we don’t really know what the best alternative is and how to go about it.

Software Development Consulting Firm. Home > Software Development The right kind of experts for my projects and in sufficient quantity with efficient IT support.

Software Development Consulting Firm

They have a low staff turnover which makes sure I can benefit from their experience long-term, thus enriching the output and increasing the chance of success. The scope of their activities can be anything from simply programming something we have designed to helping us convert an initial idea into a concept or get a software strategy which they then program along with a responsive web design strategy before helping us getting it work in real life. Digital Transformation Agency.