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Broodje Bert Restaurant Reviews, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bistro Bij ons. Tibetaans (Tibetan) Restaurant Amsterdam Centrum. Norling Restaurant Amsterdam Reviews, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. African restaurant. We koken volgens de koninklijke traditie van Abyssinia.

African restaurant

Abyssinia heeft altijd een brug gevormd tussen de kruideneilanden van Azië en Afrika en de Arabische wereld. Kruiden Het gebruik van kruiden bij het koken werd beïnvloed door de contacten met Azië, maar de gerechten bleven Afrikaans. Vooral de koninklijke en adellijke families ontwikkelden in de lange, relatief geïsoleerde, periode hun eigen gerechten.

De gerechten worden traditioneel gegeten met de handen, maar er is eventueel ook bestek. Hoe eet u Injera? De beste manier om met de handen te eten: gebruik de Injera (een soort gistpannenkoek) om de saus of het vlees mee op te pakken. Biruk mehadi - Eet smakelijk! Restaurant Moeders Menu of restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam. Soups €4,50 Soup of the day   home-made soup Lobster soup (+2,50) a delicious lobster soup served with cream Green pea soup   the traditional Dutch green pea soup richly filled with bacon & a sausage made by butcher Louman Starters €8,=

Restaurant Moeders Menu of restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam.

Kingfisher Café Menu Kaart. Untitled. Speciality of Amsterdam - House-Boat Hotel Amsterdam - Houseboat Rentals. Home. Melkweg. Amsterdam Waterlooplein & Fleamarkets and other Shopping Reviews. Helpfulness4 more images The Waterlooplein market is a combination of fleamarket, open air street market and some loose vendors.

Amsterdam Waterlooplein & Fleamarkets and other Shopping Reviews

What to buy: Half of the stalls have clothes (even ex-theater costumes). You will find leather - silk, fur and cotton.I normally look for records (50 Eurocent for a 7'' single).But there is more like tools, tape, books, bicycles; the usual fleamarket stuff. Helpfulness its a market like we have everywhere in the Netherlands. What to buy: Cheese, herring and other food, clothings, antiques etc. On Waterloo Square you can buy about anything. Amsterdam Dappermarkt and other Shopping Reviews. Helpfulness A true locals' market, far less touristy than its famous counterparts: for a start, prices don't seem to rise in accordance with the number of visitors.

Amsterdam Dappermarkt and other Shopping Reviews

It sells the usual market fodder, with plenty of cheap clothes and underwear. You might mostly find there turkish and moroccon people as Dapperstraat is their main neighbourhood.Open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat; closed Sun. No credit cards. What to buy: Food and clothes at reasonable price What to pay: 10 to 20 Euro Helpfulness Many tourists these days come to the Albert Cuijp market. The I amsterdam City Card. Humphrey's, Amsterdam - Restaurants. 3 more images This is apparently a Netherlands chain.

Humphrey's, Amsterdam - Restaurants

It was next to the hotel and we could order room service and they would deliver it to the hotel room and put it on our bill. Their on-line menu has a 3-course menu at a fixed price. On the menu are eight appetizers, eight entrees and eight desserts. These three courses only € 22.50. I don't remember exactly what I had except that I had a steak and it was good. The three courses set menu (which I don't think is the menu that we had at the hotel for room service) is below Favorite Dish: Starters*Beef carpaccio with rocket lettuce, pesto, Parmesan and pine tree kernels. Main courses*Mixed grill: skewer of Angus beefsteak, pork tenderloin and free-range chicken, served with a pepper-cream sauce and potato chips.

Desserts*Tarte fine of apple and caramel with Rum-raisins ice cream. Little Collins. Daan Roosegaarde’s luminous work of art in the Rijksmuseum - News - What’s on. The Lotus Dome is a ‘living’ Dome consisting of hundreds of ultralight aluminium foils that unfold in response to human behaviour.

Daan Roosegaarde’s luminous work of art in the Rijksmuseum - News - What’s on

The high-tech work of art has been travelling the world since it was created in 2012. Having been on display at a number of historical locations abroad, the Lotus Dome will now face a contemporary juxtaposition with the Rijksmuseum’s 18th-century period room. Lotus Dome The Lotus Dome (2012) comes to life in response to a visitor’s body heat. Hundreds of aluminium flowers unfold, a deep bass sound fills the space and light projects the lotus flowers onto the walls. The Beuning Room The Lotus Dome will be on display in the Beuning Room (anonymous, c. 1745 – c. 1748), an 18th-century Amsterdam room, originally from a Keizersgracht property. Daan Roosegaarde Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is a Dutch artist, designer and architect who combines technology, architecture and nature in tactile high-techworks of art.