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The Anatomy of an Experience Map. Experience maps have become more prominent over the past few years, largely because companies are realizing the interconnectedness of the cross-channel experience.

The Anatomy of an Experience Map

It’s becoming increasingly useful to gain insight in order to orchestrate service touchpoints over time and space. But I still see a dearth of quality references. When someone asks me for examples, the only good one I can reference is nForm’s published nearly two years ago. However, I believe their importance exceeds their prevalence. I’m often asked what defines a good experience map. But it’s not just about the illustration of the journey (that would simply be a journey map). Rail Europe experience map. The experience map highlighted above was part of an overall initiative for Rail Europe, Inc., a US distributor that offers North American travelers a single place to book rail tickets and passes throughout Europe, instead of going to numerous websites.

First Steps An overall inventory of touchpoints for Rail Europe. The Lens.

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Punching above your weight: Tips for small startups taking on the big guys. Boxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling employ weight classes to ensure the competition is fair and you’re tested on skill, not size.

Punching above your weight: Tips for small startups taking on the big guys

In business, weight classes don’t exist, so if your company is a young, skinny 95-pounder, while your industry is filled with 300lb giants, you’re going to need to tighten up your laces and punch way above your weight. If you want to survive these mis-matched fights in today’s saturated marketplace, you need to get comfortable. Here are tips to help you, the little guy, use your small size and agility to your advantage. Speed Your competition is juggling thousands of employees, sweating quarterly shareholder expectations, and managing disconnected systems from acquisitions. All you need to worry about is building a product or service that drives revenue. To be fast, and to stay agile as you grow, you have to hire great people and then get out of their way. The larger your competitor is, the more red tape and “processes” they have, and the slower they move. 7 Marketing Links You’d Be Crazy to Ignore. How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media To Generate More Customers. If you're a B2B company wondering why social media isn't working for you--tighten up your marketing message.

How B2B Marketers Can Use Social Media To Generate More Customers

Here's how. November 30, 2011 A November, 2011 eMarketer study found that two-thirds of B2B executives view social media as an extremely important or very important marketing channel, but only 7 percent are using social media as part of their marketing strategy. When asked what changes needed to be made for their social media efforts to be more effective, the majority said they needed new technology and new tools as well as increased cross-organizational collaboration. I disagree. Social media marketing doesn’t leave much room for sloppy marketing. Check to see if you’re following these marketing fundamentals and then apply them to your social media strategy for powerful results. Develop a simple customer-focused marketing message Take a look at your website and your marketing materials: Are your marketing materials more focused on things rather than people?

Create 10 talking points.

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