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SVAP Infotech is a leading IT, Software and Web Development solutions providing company. We have a team of professionals who offer top-notch services as per your requirements. From Website designing and development to application development you can reach out to us for all your IT solutions.

India's No.1 Rummy Game Development Company. SVAP Infotech has an excellent team of experts for Rummy game development who believe in building feature-rich games engaging maximum users.

India's No.1 Rummy Game Development Company

We have experienced professionals for executing the game processing. We guarantee services with exceptional functionality and promising quality. SVAP Infotech is a rummy game development company that is sincere and guarantees absolute security in the online gaming industry. We are a company promising a safe and secure online game. Our motive is to provide comfortable playing for users with fun and entertainment on their fingertips. Instant withdrawals Customer support 24x7 Best online Rummy experience Your information is our responsibility Active players across the globe. Mobile E-learning App Development. Why choose Mobile E-learning App development solutions Company?

Mobile E-learning App Development

How will it help you to stand unique among all? Today, the learning practices also become tech-savvy, students and teachers become smart, which uses the web and mobile apps to study, present their work and interact. With the eLearning software, everyone can research anything, from anywhere in the world, which is a vital move from the conventional style of learning to an advanced one. Education & E-learning has emerged as powerful business models. Every educational firm is taking the advantages of technology to offer a smarter way of learning. How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix and Amazon Prime? - SVAP Infotech. Ok, Let’s start with a question that-How many of us are watching television today?

How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix and Amazon Prime? - SVAP Infotech

Let’s admit this that our favourite pastime from eras is now in its last days. Earlier or later the craze of television is extinct for sure. We can easily witness that people have already lost their interest from TV, after the arrival of the internet and video streaming apps. How are Fantasy Sports Revolutionize the Engagement of Sports Fans? - SVAP Infotech. Fantasy sports has brought a revolution in the sports industry and changed the way business look, but this change results as a good one for sports.

How are Fantasy Sports Revolutionize the Engagement of Sports Fans? - SVAP Infotech

Today, billions of sports fans across the country or outside are now engaged with these fantasy sports apps and websites like DraftKings, FanDuel, Dream11 and MyTeam11, and the number is increasing by twofold: the market of fantasy sports apps were 197 billion in 2017, which is expected to grow by 352.9 billion by 2021. After witnessing the craze of Fantasy Sports platform, companies are now looking to hire fantasy sports app developers, to increase their business reach in the market. Most popular real-time sports in the world In sports, we all know that Football tops the leader board in terms of fame and fanbase, in the world with 4.0 billion fans followed by cricket with 2.5 billion admirers and field hockey with 2 billion fans, Tennis too has its fair part with 900 million fans globally. Taxi Booking Mobile App Development- A Successful Solution for your Business Article.

Have you ever listened that a person likes to face heavy traffic during their office hours?

Taxi Booking Mobile App Development- A Successful Solution for your Business Article

Today, everyone is looking for a comfortable commute and wants to avoid traffic as much as they can. And then, Uber has opened the doors for the much-underrated taxi industry with its mobile taxi booking app. The taxi booking app solution brings the riders on board and drivers at the back of wheels to accelerate the taxi industry to new heights. These apps are helping the users to travel with ease and relief from one place to another. We all know that, with the advent of Uber, the era of conventional taxi services has almost gone. Uber-like taxi booking apps are captivating the market away from traditional taxi services. Essential Features to Build a Grocery Delivery Mobile App - SVAP Infotech.

Well, we all know that shopping is always loved by every age and group of people, and especially by the women’s.

Essential Features to Build a Grocery Delivery Mobile App - SVAP Infotech

Females and shopping are made for each other- this statement will truly define their love for shopping. Now if we talk in terms of grocery shopping, they all become more reserved. They make no compromises when it comes to handling their home. How Much does it Cost to Make a Taxi Booking App-like Uber in India? - SVAP Infotech. We bet that you also experienced the frustrating situation of not getting a cab or taxi on time.

How Much does it Cost to Make a Taxi Booking App-like Uber in India? - SVAP Infotech

Usually, urban people are facing heavy traffic and a limited number of parking lots around the city, so they prefer to choose the other options including rental cars, or calling a taxi, or using public transport, as their transportation means. Besides that, stations and bus stops can’t link all the streets, so some people have to get home on foot after train or bus. Taxi booking app development emerges as the best solution, which is now enjoyed by people as never before. Thanks to such taxi app services like Uber, Hailo, Grab, Lyft, Ola and others, people can relish the benefits of travelling with private cars. Get the On-Demand Sports Betting App Solutions like Bet365 - SVAP Infotech. Betting is an old conventional activity which made its first arrival about two decades ago in the year 1997.

Get the On-Demand Sports Betting App Solutions like Bet365 - SVAP Infotech

After that, the industry has gained tremendous popularity, and it never looked back. In the 21st century, the betting industry has witnessed technological advancements, and it took an enormous jump as the mobile sports betting app solutions. The prominent betting apps like Bet 365 or William Hill have reformed the betting industry. So, if you are also looking to develop sports betting app, then don’t miss this blog- Market Overview. Top 4 Cross-platform app framework to be considered in 2020 - SVAP Infotech. Technology is always unpredictable, and continuing with the conventional technological methods might take your business away from new business prospects.

Top 4 Cross-platform app framework to be considered in 2020 - SVAP Infotech

When it comes to select the development platform, framework or development procedure- the competition in the mobile app industry has raises quickly.Which, in return, leads to the increasing demand for native and app developers because of the massive reach through cross-platform mobile application development framework. Cross-platform app development has its advantages which play a substantial role in its existing fame. With the advancement of its scope, several cross-platforms app development tools and frameworks started to drift in the marketplace; gradually, and after that every other mobile app development company seeking their opportunities in this stirring and exclusive technology. Taxi Booking App. Why choose Taxi Booking App development?

Taxi Booking App

How will it reform the service industry? The emerging technology has shortened down the world of smartphones. Whether we need to book a cab for city or outstation, or a table booking in the restaurant, there are apps for every viable requirement today. How Fantasy Sports Apps will Fare in IPL 2020? - SVAP Infotech. A sporting tournament such as Indian Premier League (IPL) is inflaming the hunger for fantasy sports between the new generation of smartphone tech-savvy users in India. After witnessing the craze for such games, mobile gaming businesses are coming out with pioneering fantasy sports solutions that are achieving fame day by day.

Over 6 billion sports fanatics are present round 190 countries, and cricket is the second-most prevalent game across the globe after football. The add-on of billions of sports fans, corporates, several leagues and tournaments, celebs and big brands has made cricket a giant opportunity for business. Is it the right time to drop Java and learn a new language of Android Development? – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. Let us introduce you all with the new language of Android- Kotlin, the emerging programming language of Android development. The prominent market players, including Uber, Netflix, Google, Amazon, Pinterest, have already used Kotlin for their projects. So, the question is why Kotlin is much popular in the market than other languages? Though Kotlin for Android is a little dim to prefer after getting support from Google, it marks its presence in the lists of top languages to study next. But, is it true that Kotlin is the upcoming future of Android app development or it is just another way of promoting technology?

Why Fantasy Cricket Sports Applications? Fantasy Cricket is emerging as a new trend in the field of online sports. It becomes a massive way of entertainment and success between the cricket fanatics, exclusively in India, where cricket is not a game, but a religion for them. Fantasy Cricket is very popular among the people who want to play online cricket and win exciting prizes and bonus rewards as well. It is a virtual game in which users can pick the real players for their fantasy team and enjoy playing. From One-day internationals to IPL and T20, users have an excellent opportunity to play their favourite cricket game in different formats and win prizes.

The fantasy cricket app, like Dream11 and MyTeam11, are the most popular and successful apps in India, which becomes a brand and used by millions of sports enthusiasts. Trends that will prevail in Android App Development for 2020 - Svap. The story of Android is nothing less than inspiration that brings a revolution in the mobile app development industry.

Undeniably, Android has come a long way of success. After the introduction in 2008, android applications have grown by bounds and confines. Currently, Android smartphones have covered over 85% of the market share with a CAGR of 2.4%, and its market will reach by 1.40 billion in 2022. The Future of Android Apps Revealed - Svap. Since a few years, the number of smartphone users has rapidly grown, and the calculation is still on. India holds the second position in the number of dynamic smartphone users globally. Out of nine billion smartphones around the globe, 800 million is being used in India. According to 80% of India’s present population, around 7 million users enter in this group each month. Any top mobile app development company will primarily focus on the latest android app development services and platforms.

Nowadays, people are demanding more better applications for smartphones and want to update present ones, which in turn developed a massive opportunity for Android application development in India. Today, Android has become very prevalent as it is an open-source framework, Linux-based operating system, primarily invented by Google for mobile phones and tabs.

Fantasy Sports Drives on the Roads of Real-Life Tournaments like IPL. Let’s Build a Great Website with Web Development Trends of 2020. For tech-savvy people, it’s a stirring time to be successful. Every changing year witness’s significant growth in the technological world, unlocking new prospects and new capabilities. The steering technical fields that are continually revolutionizing and developing not only our way of living but also the way we contact the world around us. The web development services offerors will have to remain always updated with the emerging trends and technologies to fulfil their client’s requirements. Get Ready for IPL 2020 with Fantasy Sports App. “This IPL Season, Online Fantasy Sports Companies are experiencing a Dream Route.” Empower your website with exciting Web designing trends of 2020 – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions.

Every year new trends and technologies form the digital environment that web developers are looking. Web designing trends are continually changing; past years have witnessed static websites, VR, mobile responsiveness, chatbots, and many more. The technical opportunities look countless in 2020, and we all are seeing that web designers do constant experiments with the new emerging technologies. They reinvent the previous web designing style in a unique way that makes a website fascinating. Clone App Development Solutions like Uber. Gear up your business with eCommerce Website Development Services.

Web designing refers to the use of different skills and disciples in the development and organization of webpages. What if, you get your desired products and services at home with just one click on your smartphones? Yes, E-commerce websites have changed the meaning of online shopping and have altered the way for businesses to sell and market their products. Mobile Applications for Healthcare Industry: The commencement – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. Digitization knocks the doors of the Healthcare and Medical Industry as well. Empower the educational teaching experiences by E-learning solutions - Web Development hire web developers e learning solutions web developers website developer.

E-Learning Apps offer magnificent features Discovering Management SystemKnowledge of Content Management SystemWeb-based tutoringStudents Onboarding and OrganizationStudent Information SystemValuation, Reporting, & Analytics SoftwareInstructional designingGamificationMobile education Critical aspects that every educational website should give importance to:Some facets play a vital role in educational websites. These facets act as the backbone of an e-Learning website. Let us have a look at a few of these required features: Ease of Online Ticket Booking with Best Web Development Solutions - Svap. Fantasy Volleyball- You Project, they perform, and You Win.

The entrance of fantasy sports and Fantasy sports app development is characterized as a blessing to the gaming industry of India. Rummy and Poker, the real money games are prevalent in India but not as much as fantasy sports because Indian people like to involve more in the games which are considered as a game of skill and competence-according to Indian Judiciary. People from every age group, including children, teenagers, office employees, late 40s, women’s all are enjoying Fantasy sports at a great extent.

If a game offers an opportunity to feel the adventure, pleasure, a platform to test your game skills and on above of that-an option to win real cash then who else will miss this chance of playing and winning. Fantasy sports received the adoration from all, and people are loving that the time they devote to the fantasy games or ‘games of skills’ is worth giving. SVAP Infotech — Create native apps for Android using React Native... Design your Impressive Website today with SVAP Infotech! - Svap. Prospects of Basketball in Fantasy Sports App Industry - Svap. Get a Unique Dating App with Best Clone App Development Solutions - Svap.

Empower your Business with the latest Web Development services. Get the Best Customizable Grocery App Solutions for Your Grocery Business – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. Essential factors must be considered before developing a Fantasy Sports App. Create online services app using Cross-Platform App Solutions – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. Increase your Business with the latest tools and trends in iPhone Apps - Svap. SVAP Infotech — Want to Get the Best Android App Development... Why should Mobile Web Development be a priority? - Web Development svap infotech app development. How do I develop a mobile app for B2C business like e-commerce food delivery and grocery? – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. Increase your Sales with the Best Grocery App Development Solutions. Boost your Business with the Best Mobile App Development Services - App Development mobile apps apps b2b svap infotech. 3 Ways Web Design Services Work for the Growth of Your Business.

Clone App Development - Get Readymade Clone Apps & Scripts - SVAP Infotech. 5 Industries That Have Flourished with the Best Mobile Apps - Svap. 5 Web Design Problems And Sure-shot Ways to Fix Them Quickly - Web Design. Best Cross Platform App Development Company in India - SVAP Infotech. Top 4 Tips to Choose the Best Website Development Company – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. 4 Biggest Challenges Commonly Faced by Android App Developers - Svap. Top 5 Mobile Apps that Everyone Should Have. Top 4 Reasons Why Grocery Delivery Apps Are The Need of the Hour - App Development. Top 5 Android App Development Trends That Will Rule the Runway in 2020.

Developing a Fantasy Sports App Is Easier Said Than Done. Here’s Why! SVAP Infotech — What is the role of AI in new businesses? Points to Consider When Building an Ideal Website - Web Development. Why mobile app is a necessity for your business? - App Development. What are the challenges faced by a Grocery Delivery App like Grofers & Big Basket? Best iPad App Development Company in India - SVAP Infotech.

Best iPhone App Development Company in India - SVAP Infotech. Best Android App Development Company in India - SVAP Infotech. What is the Difference Between Front End and Back End Development? – SVAP Infotech IT Solutions. Cost of Building a Fantasy Sports Application. Best Android App Development Company. Mobile App Development. Web Development.