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How Can I Improve My Posture? Try to use a chair with good support.

How Can I Improve My Posture?

Adjust it so if fits you. Try to always sit in it so that it supports you - when you sit upright in the chair, the chair back should be supporting some of your weight. My wife and I were recently at staples, looking for a new chair for her. Of all the chairs there, two had good support, and those weren't as adjustable as I'd have liked (I couldn't get either to fit her properly). We ended up going to a used office furniture place. If you're having trouble getting your employer get you a decent chair, you might phrase the request as 'avoiding repetitive strain injury'. Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » 2011: resolutions and life list goals. I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution type of gal.

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » 2011: resolutions and life list goals

They always seem like a reminder of things I didn’t get done in any given year. But I really want 2011 to be different. I feel like 2010 went by way too quickly so this year I want to take a moment to really set some goals and do my best to achieve them. From personal to professional, they’re all here and I’m hoping that if I share them publicly it might even help me stick to them a little more ;) Resolutions are different for everyone and I always find it so inspirational to hear what other people are trying to achieve. 1. 2.

UPDATE: I just booked my first mandolin lesson for next week! 3. 4. 5. CLICK HERE for my last 6 New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 after the jump 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. *Bonus goal: Be more social! What It Takes to Form a Good Habit. I think "accountability buddy" really misses the point.

What It Takes to Form a Good Habit

There is satisfaction and joy in accomplishing the task, but that's where accountability buddy is a misnomer. All habits of any sort will trip, falter, fail, etc. It's all about getting back in the game. People who falter in quitting smoking, depression, learning a new skill, taking up exercise or learning a new habit need a buddy who they enjoy doing it with and will help them get back in the game. We are humans and we love to connect and share experiences with - even introverts have a means by which they connect and share. By far, the most important aspect of developing any habit is the actual doing of the habit. [From years of experience as fitness center owner/operator]