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Each cohort is limited to 35 students. Tuition is $300 for individuals, $500 if your employer reimburses, $250 if you have taken a previous RU course. Synchronous sessions involve streaming audio, video, text chat, slides. Intro to AI - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Oct-Dec 2011. Welcome to CCK12 ~ Connectivism & Connective Knowledge 2012. Personal Learning Networks (An Excerpt) (Cross posted at the ASCD Whole Child Blog, here is a snip from my new book, co-authored with Rob Manabelli, which comes out in May.)

Personal Learning Networks (An Excerpt)

Seventh/eighth grade teacher Clarence Fisher has an interesting way of describing his classroom up in Snow Lake, Manitoba. As he tells it, it has “thin walls,” meaning that despite being eight hours north of the nearest metropolitan airport, his students are getting out into the world on a regular basis, using the Web to connect and collaborate with students in far flung places from around the globe. The name of Clarence’s blog, “Remote Access,” sums up nicely the opportunities that his students have in their networked classroom. “Learning is only as powerful as the network it occurs in,” Clarence says. GreenHat_CHI2011_cameraready. Explore a New Learning Frontier: MOOCs by Inge de Waard. “As educational technology is becoming more mainstream through social media and mobile devices, there is a rising interest to find methodologies that build upon these new technologies to enhance the learning and teaching process.

Explore a New Learning Frontier: MOOCs by Inge de Waard

MOOC is one of these emerging formats. A MOOC can boost your institutional, corporate, or NGO knowledge, if you are open to its innovative approach.” A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course.