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Gamer Alphabet Pictures. 8 Steps to Making a Super Cool Bulbasaur Costume. Funny lol pictures. 6 Services That Should Exist In The Pokemon World. 1.

6 Services That Should Exist In The Pokemon World

Lawn-mowing One of the biggest problems in the Pokemon universe is that there is tall grass everywhere, and no one is mowing it. Maybe it wouldn't be such an issue if electric rats, fire dogs, and hypnotizing sloths weren't hiding out in it and attacking children at random; a pretty massive landscaping flaw. Pokemon's Ten Most Disturbing Pokedex Entries. Last week, Pokemon Black and White were finally released in America as the two latest installments of the long-running video game franchise.

Pokemon's Ten Most Disturbing Pokedex Entries

It’s something I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced, to the point where I’ve been reading through the Pokedex — the official in-game database that describes all 649 Pokemon — and in doing so, I’ve discovered something: For a game made for children about adorable monsters, there’s a lot of really disturbing stuff in Pokemon. Okay, okay, admittedly: It’s a game made for children about adorable monsters who are sent out to fight each other for the enjoyment of their owners like gladiators battling at the pleasure of a ten year-old Caligula.

But it’s one thing to have Mewtwo listed as being the product of “years of horrific gene splicing” (Pokemon Red), and quite another to have multiple creatures whose sole purpose is to drag children kicking and screaming through the gates of Hell, and that’s not an exaggeration. Guys. Yeesh. Pepperoni! I Choose You!

Game Cauldron: Game Character Gender Swap. Games today give players an increasing amount of control over their play-time.

Game Cauldron: Game Character Gender Swap

Whether it be through sandbox titles allowing gamers to randomly create thei rown adventures or the growing list of RPGs that allow players to create and mold their characters exactly how they want, gamers presently have an unprecedented amount of control over their in-game experience. Current franchises, like Mass Effect and Fable, that put gamers into the roleo f a specific hero (as opposed to allowing them to create one from scratch) are now allowing players to pick the sex of their lead character. What would happen if other developers brought this gender change idea into their titles, allowing gamers to pick the sex of famous preset characters? Video Galleries : Extra Credits : Piracy. Girl Makes a Super Mario themed Bathroom. NUTS FOR NINTENDO special on ABC news 20/20 from 1988 on Vimeo. Top 50 Worst Ways to Die In Video Games. The Legend of Link's Distractions - CollegeHumor video. Best Videogame Trailer of All Time - CollegeHumor video.

Video Galleries : Extra Credits : An Open Letter to EA Marketing. Laser cutter plays Super Mario.'s a fine line. Hardest game ever? If Super Mario Bros. Was Made in 2010. One Man Army Conquers The Pokémon Theme Song. 28 Confessions Of A GameStop Shift Supervisor. The ten best PC game intros. We lead busy lives.

The ten best PC game intros

We humans can no longer be expected to trawl through endless exposition, reams of scene-setting text, hours of tedious tutorials. No, sirry: we demand instant excitement. If the intro's no cop, it ain't worth playing. Mental_floss Blog » 10 Ways to Game Up Your Home. The first generation to grow up playing video games is now feathering empty nests, and plenty more gamers are buying and filling homes.

Furniture and home decor companies keep adding designs catering to video game lovers, and those with a bit of time and creativity keep designing and building their own! A really dedicated gamer could furnish the entire house this way, but it's more likely you'd want to add just one or two game touches to your home to honor that side of your personality. 1. Space Invaders Couch If you love playing Space Invaders, you'll also love the Space Invaders Couch designed by Igor Chak. 2. Epic Animatronic Halo Elite costume. Long before digital effects appeared, animatronics was making cinematic history, we've seen some pretty epic ones in theme parks or movies back in the days and this one is no different.

Epic Animatronic Halo Elite costume

The awesome folks at PeteMander GFX have put together this one of a kind Elite Suit which looks absolutely amazing and believable. This could possibly well be "The Ultimate Cosplay Suit" for fans of the Halo series. via Device Magazine Stories from around the web. Sendlink_2.jpg (400×402) Life is pretty normal today. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Go fuck yourself, Gary Oak. 2f4cf15d4104f2e568125bd8eeba59f9.jpg (600×798) The Gamer’s Guide. Professor Oak Isn't a Good Professor. 10 Weird Video Games. Many of us grew up playing a variety of different video games, and that those that didn’t have since accepted their importance in mainstream culture.

10 Weird Video Games

These games are perhaps some of the most unique and less well-known games ever created…but believe me there is a real reason for that. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Now there is no denying that Michael Jackson has a huge influence on the world of music, and he had some pretty impressive dance moves to boot. Amazing Metroid Samus Costume. Microsoft Knew About 360 Disc-Scratching All Along. Child's Play - By Crispin Boyer and Shawn Elliott. Would today's tykes tolerate the classic games you grew up with?

Child's Play - By Crispin Boyer and Shawn Elliott

Kids do say the darndest things in this uncut version of an EGM article—now with a bonus game not included in the original story! By Crispin Boyer and Shawn Elliott Photography by Michael Sexton Your average gamer these days is in his late 20s—young enough to still find new ways to destroy brain cells, old enough to worry about bills and 401ks, and wise enough to reminisce about the good ol' days of videogames. But was the age of Pong, Atari, Mattel handheld football, and Donkey Kong really all that great, or are we just blinded by fuzzy, warm nostalgia? That's the question we asked—and answered—back in the November [2003] issue of EGM, in which we rounded up nine children of the PlayStation generation—ages 9 to 12—and forced them to play a variety of titles from the late'70s to the mid-'80s.

Pokémon Gamefreak Only Included to Troll Us. Nintendo has been publishing Pokémon games for over a decade and is still wildly celebrated.

Pokémon Gamefreak Only Included to Troll Us

There are even popular sites dedicated to competing with these imaginative monsters, such as Serebii, Marriland, and Bulbagarden. Besides a devoted and competitive fanbase, Pokémon media has appealed to casual players of all ages, guiding them to spend hours training their beloved monsters, ready to challenge the Elite 4 and become what they had always dreamed of becoming... a Pokémon master. Pokémon has always seemed, at a superficial glance, innocuous enough, and while past accusations of the game being Satanic are clearly buffoonery, there is a secret, darker side to Nintendo's cute and cuddly franchise that one becomes aware of only when intently studying these monsters. Mario and Luigi, Still in Business. Poke-m-my-god-what-is-that. Classic Dorkly Bits: Link Didn't Get The Sword.

A Six Year Old Plays the Opening of Bioshock. This post has been edited by the GamesBeat staff.

A Six Year Old Plays the Opening of Bioshock

Opinions by GamesBeat community writers do not necessarily reflect those of the staff. Editor's note: I'm not exactly sure how to classify Jack's creative and very funny narrative, but I like it. I hope to see more from him soon. I wish to become the unquestionable champion, Unlike any gentlemen who ever had the pleasure to exist. : Halolz. Twenty-years-of-jumping.gif (678×537) Classic Dorkly Bits: Koopa Gets a Star. Rockstar Games States the Obvious. Worst Super Mario Bros. Player Ever!! Minecraft can be so frustrating. Avi. How Did Metroid's Samus Aran Become A Female Character? Real Life Mario Kart. The NES Guitar! Stop Playing Homework and Do Your Video Games - A Video Game Quintet.

Random funny pictures. 2224_8e49_480.jpeg (480×384) MineCraft Dungeon Party. The Legend of Zelda - on STYLOPHONE 350s!!! Duck Hunt, Behind-the-Scenes : Halolz. Video Game Cocktails: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Drumline Meets Revenge of the Nerds - CollegeHumor video. New Tech Turns Your Skin Into a Game-Controlling Touch Pad. Giant Tetris now playable on the streets of Madrid – Video Games Reviews, Cheats. Best Paradox Of The Day. Sad, But True. Nintendo controller laptop case. Grand Theft Woods. Dog/charmander-cake.html. DS Scrabble Beats Kid On "Fuckers" Triple-Word Score. Gaming News, Video Game Blog, Video Game Reviews, Game Culture : DAMNLAG.

8 Game Over Screens For Games Without Game Overs. Bead Sprites. Joystick Division - 10 Classic Video Game Commercials. And the nostalgia begins!

Joystick Division - 10 Classic Video Game Commercials

Back in the day, Nintendo, SEGA and others hit the TV markets hard with clever adverts aimed at young kids who already loved Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter II and something called SEGA CD (ahem). We thought it would be fun to revisit some of these masterpieces of marketing to see how far companies like Nintendo have come. Our list begins, though, with a little love for Atari and Pac-Man. 10) Ms. Pac-Man This woman was not only kicking more ghost ass than her hubby, she was also apparently Broadway bound, or something like that. 9) Dr.

There It Is! The Most Amazing Use Of The Nintendo DSi Camera. Poke Lunch @ Imgzzz a Free Image Hosting Service. Mario Gets Serious Street Cred In Spain.