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April Fool’s Day pranks, jokes, gags, tricks. April Fool’s Day is one of the best days of the year.

April Fool’s Day pranks, jokes, gags, tricks

On no other day are you “legally” allowed to play jokes and pranks on your friends, family and co-workers and have a built-in excuse. Some people will go to great lengths to pull off elaborate gags on those around them but sometimes it’s just as fun to play smaller, simpler pranks on as many people as possible throughout the day.

That’s where we come in. Here are 50 pranks you can play on people with very little effort, yet still reap much joy out of the end results. (And be sure to add your own great April Fool’s Day gags in the comments so we have even more ideas!) Nerd Paradise : How to Write a 20 Page Research Paper in Under a Day. Grocery Coupons - Deals & Steals - Parents Connect. The Finger Test to Check the Doneness of Meat.

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You can make a photograph of anything and anyone on any public property, except where a specific law prohibits it. e.g. streets, sidewalks, town squares, parks, government buildings open to the public, and public libraries. 2. You may shoot on private property if it is open to the public, but you are obligated to stop if the owner requests it. e.g. malls, retail stores, restaurants, banks, and office building lobbies. 3.

Private property owners can prevent photography ON their property, but not photography OF their property from a public location. 4. Anyone can be photographed without consent when they are in a public place unless there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. e.g. private homes, restrooms, dressing rooms, medical facilities, and phone booths. 5. Furoshiki gift wrapping. Words you probably misuse (Infographic. How to Choose the Fastest Line at the Market. Quick Housecleaning Tips. . .if You Have 10 Minutes to Spare.

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Video: Don’t get burned at Wi-Fi hotspots. "Don't get burned at Wi-Fi hotspots" Video: Consumer Reports Free Wi-fi: It's convenient, it's social, and it's generally pretty reliable.

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Video: Don’t get burned at Wi-Fi hotspots

But it could also be dangerous to use, if you're not careful about protecting your personal information. When you hop online at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble, says Consumer Reports engineer Dean Gallea, "You're actually connecting into a computer network with strangers, and a hacker can get into personal information that you provide or even trick you into connecting to a fake hotspot. " And in our new video, Dean demonstrates how easy that is to do just that. CR's advice for using public Wi-fi: First, before you log on, confirm the name of the wireless network.

Also, before you enter any personal information, look for "https" in the URL's address (as opposed to plain old "http"). But what's the safest way to protect your important personal information? How to Plant Ideas in Someone's Mind. How Do Magnetic Fluid? Sprintcuts: Quick-Peel An Egg. Sprintcuts: Speed-Peel A Potato. How To Fit 10 Days Worth Of Stuff In A Standard Carry-On. An introvert’s guide to spontaneous departures – Copylicious. Persuasion for business. Now with 30% more Kelly Parkinson.

The first thing is to acknowledge the Essential Law of Parties.There are no rules.

An introvert’s guide to spontaneous departures – Copylicious. Persuasion for business. Now with 30% more Kelly Parkinson.

People love parties because they can do whatever they want. The Essential Law of Parties has a secret loophole, which introverts can use to their advantage. Because parties have no rules, we can leave whenever we feel like it. We don’t realize this because we are introverts. We think about how people will feel when we leave “early” (popularly defined as “before anyone else does”), and then we don’t leave, and feel miserable. How to peel an egg the cool way. 25 Facebook Tips and Tricks you should be aware of. 1.

25 Facebook Tips and Tricks you should be aware of

Hide Your Online Status From Selected Friends: So you want to use Facebook chat but don’t want some people to see your online status? Simply open up the Facebook Chat and click on Friends List. Start creating a new list called BlockList. Compai: {Tutorial} A Frida Kahlo style do. Partners Credit + Disclosure + All images posted on the Justina Blakeney Blog are taken by me, or otherwise credited with source.

Compai: {Tutorial} A Frida Kahlo style do.

All layouts are also created by me specially for this blog. Feel free to use images from my blog for non-commercial use, but please do credit this source, and other sources, appropriately. + If at any time you see work that is inaccurately credited, please let me know and I'm happy to update. + If you find an item of yours that you wish to be removed from this blog, just holla and your wish shall be my command. + All items that I post are things that I adore and would use and/or wear myself. Life Hacks Vs Anti Life Hacks at Kontraband. - Parenting Advice, Parent Stories, and More! Comment of the Day: Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheet! Hit Stop -> Stop -> Play and Other Tricks to Skip DVD Trailers and Warnings.

What can you learn on youtube? - Teh uber1337 Soup.