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Star Wars

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Epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar. UPDATE: As many readers have pointed out, this is a bass guitar.

Epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar

Thanks for pointing it out! Original Post: This amazing custom Star Wars Millennium Falcon guitar isn’t the first Millennium Falcon guitar we have posted (this one is) but I think it is the best looking. Watch: Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Attempt To Recreate Star Wars « Spinoff Online – Covering TV, Film and Entertainment News Daily. Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 1:00pm Here’s the kind of movie promotion I can get behind: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, stars and co-writers of the sci-fi comedy Paul — opening Friday in the United States!

— have teamed with CollegeHumor for this hilarious “Star of the Week” video. It’s the product, we’re told, of the duo’s quixotic attempt to create a shot-for-shot remake of the entire Star Wars saga. The Shaun of the Dead stars predictably fail, completing just one scene of R2-D2 and C-3PO bickering on the desert planet of Tatooine. Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork. Adidas Star Wars Shoes For 2010. Star Wars rebooted as a Western, with humanized droids. That’s no moon…) Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun Costume (6 pics + video) A Series of Facebook Updates Sent From the Bottomless Pit. LEGO Star Wars Pictures. What’s better than LEGO Star Wars figurines?

How about the little guys pictured in cute and humorous poses? Yeah, I thought so too. Because we didn’t all learn what a bad-ass Yoda was in “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith”, this picture shows us what happens when Yoda goes all General Grievous. Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to ride in an AT-AT? Mind you, probably not the method I would have chose, but amusing still. Not quite the same as a Speeder, but I respect his ability to pop a wheelie. Going to take more guys than that to take Chewbacca. Han wasn’t joking when he said that Chewbacca could tear of your arms. Being a Storm Trooper isn’t all fighting the Rebels. Storm Troopers need some R&R too. Imágenes inéditas - The Making of Star Wars. Lucas supervised a team of four editors working under extreme deadlines to get the film out on time.

Imágenes inéditas - The Making of Star Wars

Although ostensibly an exterior, the Mos Eisley street was built on Stage 8. Extras were suited up in alien costumes and masks. Using Your Lightsaber Around the Home" The art of lightsaber construction, like many things in life, generally passes down by word of mouth from Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters to their young Padawan learners.

Using Your Lightsaber Around the Home"

Oh sure, there are pamphlets and educational films, but there's no substitute for experience when creating a shaft of brilliant plasma. If you don't know a Jedi Master, don't fret: They also manufacture the weapons in China. Crack open any two lightsaber hilts and the interiors may differ somewhat, but the key features are remarkably consistent across lightsabers. In each, you'll find the major components that follow. Much like the average iPhone, lightsabers are powerful devices that require vast amounts of energy.

So, the next time you slay a snow monster or warm up a cup of coffee with your trusty Jedi melee weapon, take a moment to think about all the technology that makes it possible. Guys Cabinet Door Sounds Exactly like Chewbacca! from That Happened! 10 Minor Star Wars Characters With Completely Unnecessary Backstories. ​It almost goes without saying: Star Wars fans love the fuck out of Star Wars.

10 Minor Star Wars Characters With Completely Unnecessary Backstories

They pore over ever single frame of even the most boring scenes, looking for odd characters, interesting architecture, or neat-looking future tech. And they do this for days, weeks, years of their lives. Since the first movie came out, Star Wars fans have made it their mission to full develop back stories for every single character who got even one fraction of screen time in the original trilogy.

Every single cantina patron has a pretty much in-canon story about who they are and how they got there, and 90% of them have had at least one run-in with Han Solo. Thanks to Wookiepedia, here are 10 of the best, by which we mean the most ludicrous as compared to their (minuscule amount of) screentime. Wookiee The Chew. Young female Star Wars fan rescued from bullies by girl-geeks (&friends)... R2-D2 and C-3P0 swimsuits.

Star Wars Paper Snowflakes. 5734439 from @sephycloneno15: yeah, and considering it takes like 20 minutes to get to Tatooine from Coruscant, you'd think someone in the Core area would've popped over there by now and mapped it.

5734439 from

In the star wars universe, that sounds like something you could finish over a weekend. @1Grand_Marquis: The implication is that mapping new Hyperspace routes is dangerous, time-consuming, and involves a whole lot of trial and error before anything meaningful happens. Although, considering that at least a dozen unique species from the UR are reasonably well-known in the rest of the Galaxy (or at the least have a couple thousand individuals living in the known parts of the Galaxy), it's rather surprising that none of them have brought maps of their regions of the Galaxy with them . @sephycloneno15: Yeah, I guess the idea is that you have to go searching using either sublight speeds, or by doing mini-hyperspace jumps, to make sure you avoid planets, asteroids, black holes, potatoes, tennis shoes, etc.

Michael Jackson vs. Anakin Skywalker. Vader Dances to Hammer You Can't Touch This Dance: Star Wars weekends 2009 Disney. Amazing Fact Generator. Wookiee the Pooh. Star Wars The Old Republic: Star Wars Rarities: Donny and Marie Star Wars Tribute. A friend of mine sent me this link today and dared me to watch all 10 minutes.

Star Wars The Old Republic: Star Wars Rarities: Donny and Marie Star Wars Tribute

For those too young to remember, Donny and Marie Osmond had a musical variety show in the ’70s called, appropriately enough, The Donny And Marie Show (she was “a little bit country” and he was “a little bit rock ‘n’ roll”). I was in elementary school at the time and actually watched it pretty regularly. Online » Han Solo in chocolate Carbonite. d365310eec8a-xl.jpg (1000×689) On Set: Empire Strikes Back. Admiral Ackbar's "It's A Trap!" Quote. Harder to spot lego. Chasing Vivid Dreams. 4c11b6d1b1986.jpg (790×274) Spotlight: Princess Leia. In The Spotlight is a weekly showcase of art created with a particular iconic character in mind.

Spotlight: Princess Leia

These characters, fictional or real, are from famous literature, film, or various other forms media. What they all have in common is that they have an impact on artists and provide them with inspiration. Enjoy a new showcase every Friday! Voldemort versus Darth Vader, who would win? Wookiee-force.jpg (320×494) The B(r)e(a)st Star Wars shirt I've seen in a while. LOL: Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe. LucasFilm has officially licensed a Star Wars Jedi bathrobe.

LOL: Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe

Here is the official production description: When a Jedi isn’t busy being a Jedi – gallivanting across the galaxy, negotiating trade disputes, or cutting the arms off of loudmouth bar patrons, they’re often found at home, relaxing on their easy-chairs and sipping on white-russians. It’s true. Nothing is more important to a Jedi than serenity. Comfort, for a Jedi in repose, is key, so when he lounges, you won’t find him wrapped in many layers of cotton. The robe includes cinch belt and hood and is made of super soft cotton terrycloth which is said to be “comfortable enough for battle and for mixed drinks afterwards.” Cool Posts From Around the Web: