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Sea animals

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North American Nature Photography Association - NANPA. World's Smallest Aquarium With Fish. Siberian craftsman Anatoly Konenko is responsible for the smallest aquarium in the world.

World's Smallest Aquarium With Fish

A glass cube measuring 30 x 24 x 14 mm, filled with multicolor stones and sand, contains 10 ml of water for a tiny fish. It also have a little water purification filter to keep the water healthy for fish. Only baby fish can fit inside the tiny glass cube that is the world’s smallest aquarium. Anatoly Konenko has been fiddling around with micro-miniatures for 30 years – he was the first such craftsman in Siberia. He worked out how to write on rice grains, poppy seeds even human hair, and created the necessary micro-instruments to do this. The world’s smallest aquarium isn’t Anatoly Konenko’s first record. Anatoly Konenko has taken his works to the US, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Japan and China. Next amazing miniature is this The Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg – The World’s Biggest Model Train Set. Little crab. In_house_aquarium_2.jpg (640×696) Attachment.php (800×549) See-Through Animal Photos, Translucent Creatures Wallpapers, Download, Photos.

Narwhals. Expression: Fish in the face — Dagorret. Wonderful Underwater Photography. Medium_smile.jpg (450×337) Ubercool "Mexican walking fish" Nearing Extinction. Most Adorable Endangered Creature Ever?

Ubercool "Mexican walking fish" Nearing Extinction

We're saddened to learn that the alien-looking Axolotl salamander (Ambystoma mexicanum), aka Mexican walking fish or Mexican water monster, is seriously threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and water pollution. One of the coolest things about Axolotl - apart from their appearance - is they ability to regenerate most body parts. Read on for more details and photos. Non-Native Competition and Habitat Destruction According to the Yahoo News/Associated Press: The number of axolotls (pronounced ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) in the wild is not known. Axolotl's Last Stand? One problem is with non-native fish species like the Asian Carp and the African tilapia that eat young Axolotls.

The other big issue is habitat destruction. How to Save the Axolotl? So far, scientists disagree on how to save the creature. See also: Pelicans Mysteriously Falling from Sky on West Coast Via Discovery News, Yahoo News, Earth First. Dolphin_3.jpg (1024×768) Drew_octopodes.gif (450×900) Tumblr_l5o4bcrfye1qzkoe9o1_5002.jpg (560×444) Article-1280403506837-0A9D59BF000005DC-46682_636x736.jpg (636×736) Aqua-No-Stand1DIF.jpg (570×464) Fishtank Friday: Fish Overpass. By Evan Ackerman When commuting fish need to get from home to work, their options are generally somewhat limited in a captive environment.

Fishtank Friday: Fish Overpass

This fish pipeline connects two fish tanks over a respectable distance (looks to be several tens of feet), allowing fish to travel from one tank, up and over the floor of a coffee shop, into the other tank. According to some of the comments in the article, the coffee shop in question is the now defunct Liquid Potion Lounge in Evanston, IL.

One observer says: “They would often go up the tubes, but they’d rarely make it all the way to the other fish tank. I remember it being days before I finally saw a fish make it all the way across. VIA [ ] Leafy sea dragon - photos, Phycodurus eques, Animal photos, animal pictures. Catfish. Beluga, Beluga photos, Beluga pictures.