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Preschool ideas

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Happy Birthday, Eric Carle! It's Eric Carle's birthday, and An Amazing Child is hosting a link party for play ideas inspired by his works. Eric Carle illustrated the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Written by Bill Martin Jr. I created an animal hunt for my daughter based on the book. I gathered the animals found in the book. We didn't have all the animals, so I had to get a little creative. I hid the animals in the backyard We reread the book, and I told her she would be looking for the animals in the backyard. Salty Watercolor Painting. This was a guest post over at Moms by heart and I just wanted to repost it for those who didn't get a chance to see it!

Salty Watercolor Painting

Cassie loved this Salty Watercolor Painting when she was a young 3 year old and still loves it each time we revisit this process! All you need for this activity is salt, white glue, watercolors, brush, and stiff cardboard or matte board. (a piece of cereal box would work too!) First, draw an image with glue on cardboard. We used a scrap of matte board. Next, sprinkle salt over the wet glue drawing and coat all of the glue. 3 Easy Peasy Summer Activities. Hi friends!

3 Easy Peasy Summer Activities

Is it starting to feel like summer where you live? We recently pulled out the Slip-n-Slide and popsicle-eating is in full effect. In case you’re starting to get the summer bug, I wanted to share something fun that’s been brewing behind the scenes over here. Sticker resist watercolor greetings. This is a crazy-simple post. we love our watercolors around here like nothing else, and we may rival hallmark in the quantity of cards that are created under this roof. so here’s sweet little idea for some greeting cards for any occasion. before N set out to create her abstract watercolor painting, we placed heart stickers on watercolor paper.

sticker resist watercolor greetings

(you can use any shape of sticker, of course.) then she enjoyed some time watching the colors ooze and blend together on the page. so relaxing. we let the page dry completely. after that, i tore the large sheet of watercolor paper into smaller sections against a metal edged ruler. i prefer this to cutting watercolor paper because it makes beautiful naturally rustic edges. we peeled away the heart stickers (which came off easily) to reveal a white heart in the midst of rainbowy paint. The Honorable Mention Preschool Blog. Keep kids cool in the warm weather with this simple and fun project we like to call, Sandwich Bag Science!

The Honorable Mention Preschool Blog

We like to do it in groups of three or four with the kids holding the bags up over their head. The Honorable Mention Preschool Blog. I have to admit.

The Honorable Mention Preschool Blog

Splat painting. Splat Painting is messy, fun, big. outdoors, creative and it goes SPLAT - all the ingredients necessary to lure them out of the sandpit.

splat painting

This version of Splat Painting was inspired by Paint Create Explore. All you need to get splatting is: 2 or 3 colours of paint in containers (we used take-away containers)Cut up pieces of kitchen spongeFly SwattersBig pieces of paper (I didn't mix the colours together beforehand - our kids love to do this themselves): The children dipped their sponge into the paint, dropped it onto the paper and then swatted it with the fly swatter. Let the creative play commence: Magnet Painting for Kids. Yesterday, the girls had fun with magnet painting.

Magnet Painting for Kids

This is something they both remember doing at preschool and were excited to experiment with it again! You will need: magnetic marblesmagnet wandwashable painta shallow box or tray (not metal!) Paper I think you can see the basic set-up in the picture below. For the best marble control, make sure you keep the magnet wand against the bottom of the box. You can try this magnet painting variation too: Squirt some paint onto your paper. Painted SticksAesthetic Outburst. Modern Handmade Child: Easy Breezy Spring Windsock. Almost every day during the spring, we go outside and play.

Modern Handmade Child: Easy Breezy Spring Windsock

It doesn’t necessarily matter what we play; we are warm, happy and outside. In winter, we spend our mornings unfreezing pipes with hairdryers and afternoons hunkered down with endless games of monopoly. Needless to say, I spend my cold winter days longing for spring. Rolling Rock Painting. I’ve been on the hunt for inspiring activities that foster creative thinking, and just came across a sweet project called Super Sized Marble Painting from Jenny at Let the Children Play.

Rolling Rock Painting

Jenny is a preschool teacher, so many of her activities are geared toward large groups of kids and I was pressed to figure out a way to pull this off with just me and my 2-year old. Another issue was that I didn’t have any marbles in the house, and I couldn’t swallow forking out $11 for the marbles I found at the toystore this morning. In a fit of resourcefulness that I attribute to my girl scout past, I remembered the big bowl of smooth river rocks I have tucked away for forcing hyacinth bulbs to grow. Score! Something to consider: because painted rocks/marbles are bound to fly around, this is an excellent activity to try outdoors. Make Your Own Magnets. I see this: and I smile!

Make Your Own Magnets

My three year old draws these quirky little happy faces all the time. While I have pasted pages of them into the his scrapbook, by making them into cute personalized magnets for our fridge, we will be able to enjoy them all the time! Spooky Marble Spider Webs. We spent Saturday afternoon carving pumpkins at a local art studio and almost missed the craft table on our way out the door. And it would have been a BIG miss, because it was such a captivating activity that my daughter wanted to recreate it at home immediately and has asked for marbles and paint multiple times over the past two days. I noticed big kids messing around with this too, so if you have older kids this may be worth a try. We did a similar project back in July, but this here marble painting project was a much bigger hit. At the art studio. Materials include: white tempera paint, a few marbles, a pie tin, and a piece of black construction paper cut to fit the tin. Ice cube painting. By Kate on April 13, 2010 We decided to have a go at ice painting the other day and it was a roaring success.

My three year old, who loves getting messy, and who is fascinated with ice was in his element. The results also looked brilliant and will make the most amazing gift wrap. Art : Ribbon Painting [hands on : as we grow] Colourful bubbles & some common sense! We mentioned in our post on Ellie V Pullen Preschool last term, that the children were enjoying a bubble blowing art activity. Bubble mixture (just water and detergent) are placed in a bowl with some Edicol dye added. This is an activity we’ve done many times over the years – children love it! We noticed at Ellie V Pullin that they joined two straws together so when the bubbles come up and over the edge of the rim of the container, the children’s faces didn’t get covered in bubbles … Crazy Domestic: Melted Snowman Cookies. I saw a picture of these the other day on and thought it was such a cute idea, I had to try it.

After googleing it, I found a good tutorial on Stacy's Sweet Shop. I modified a few things to make it more simple for me (less homemade more store bought). To see the original Melted Snowman Cookie, and meet the inventor herself, go check out Meaghan (great name) @ The Decorated Cookie! Here's what I used: •1 package Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix•10 large marshmallows•Betty Crocker Cookie Icing (white and orange)•Wilton Decorating Icing Tubes in Black, Red, Green, Blue and Pink***it would have been a lot cheaper if I had just made the icing myself, see Stacy's tutorial for a good recipe)***

Creativity for Kids - Activities for Kids at DLTK's Train Craft for Kids. © by Leanne Guenther The "Down By the Station" song is fun to do along with the craft. Coloring Pages. MADE: TUTORIAL: Heartbreaker Valentines. Who said valentines were only red and pink? In bright colors, these Heart Breaker Valentines work great for boys and girls. So get out your scissors and stapler, because today, you’re tearing up my heart….. (cue N Sync) Each valentine is stapled together to create a pouch full of secret candies. And the only way to find them, is to break my heart! Layer Liquids. Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.

Water Experiments.