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Google for Education: Apps that work #withClassroom. 15 Tech Tool Favorites From ISTE 2016. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference brings together a huge cross section of educators who share a common belief that technology in the classroom can make learning more relevant, engaging and fun for kids.

15 Tech Tool Favorites From ISTE 2016

Among the 20,000 or so conference-goers are ed-tech evangelists, teachers new to technology, passionate makers and many others. Educators at the conference are looking for new ideas and tools to bring back to their districts and classrooms. Monica Martinez creates professional development for the EdTechTeam, a partner of Google For Education.

Spiral of inquiry

Wellbeing - Canterbury. Research tools. The ‘build, blur, corrode’ (BBC) test can help you edit new writing  The act of writing always involves making a commitment.

The ‘build, blur, corrode’ (BBC) test can help you edit new writing 

It is hard for any of us to admit we’ve fallen short somehow in text we have already committed to screen or paper, often at great cost in time and energy. ‘What I have written, I have written’, said Pontius Pilate. And the same mix of lethargy, fatalism, over-identification and resentment at demands for an edit can inhibit all of us in seeing what might be improved in a draft. Various psychological or mechanical moves can help us to edit better. Creating a separate phase of the authoring process for editing, not trying to mix it in with text production itself, is vital. These tactics work best in combating infelicities and stylistic looseness. A Build section of text actively advances the argument being made. Once you have been through a page or a section, deciding if each sentence or paragraph or page builds, blurs or corrodes your argument, what should happen next?

Eliminate or radically upgrade all the corrosive material. Hacking — Hackathon and Micro-Hack. Hacking is a method of collaboration, used to solve problems and get feedback on promising practices.

Hacking — Hackathon and Micro-Hack

Hackathons and Micro-Hacks are two events which use hacking. Teachers attend as either a presenter or participant and collaborate to make templates, toolkits, strategies and ideas more detailed and workable. Often, presenters will have an existing promising practice they wish to get feedback on. A promising practice is a strategy, model or idea which has been tested but needs further refinement.

Data and Questions. LEARNING LEADING CHANGE: Blue Sky High - five things every secondary school should So, what happens when you take 15 years of teaching and leading at four different fairly traditional, fairly engaging, high performing secondary schools, add three years of innovation incubation as part of the establishment Senior Leadership Team at Hobsonville Point Secondary School (HPSS) and throw in a bit of Most Likely to Succeed (documentary and book)?

LEARNING LEADING CHANGE: Blue Sky High - five things every secondary school should

For me it's resulted in the creation of Blue Sky High. Actually, to be honest, Blue Sky High has been with me for a while now. Some people have imaginary friends, not me, I'm all about the imaginary high school. Blue Sky High isn't a new school, because to me that's not where the potential necessarily lies. Blue Sky High is all of the schools I've worked in and all of the schools I dream of leading one day. Of course every school has it's own context and its own specific community needs and opportunities and there is no one size fits all solution, nor is it ever one person's job to affect or demand change. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. #edblognz. Untitled. NOII Networks of Inquiry and Innovation: Collaborative Inquiry. There are many educators with the Richmond School District that have been engaged with the Network and embracing the Spiral, and news ways of thinking and learning together.

NOII Networks of Inquiry and Innovation: Collaborative Inquiry

They recently held their Celebration of Learning, and Janice Novakowski (@jnovakowskisd38) has been wonderful in sharing ideas and pictures with us @noiiaesn (see below). We know how crucial it is to create safe spaces to share what we are learning as educators and to tackle big questions together. So we’re very grateful that Hieu Pham-Fraser, Teacher Librarian at Archibald Blair Elementary, recently connected with us to share pictures from her inquiry project, as well as a fantastic video she has created around Collaborative Inquiry. 994 Future oriented NZC summary poster. The Networked Curriculum Design. A network is generally a ​large ​system consisting of many ​similar ​parts.

The Networked Curriculum Design

Each of the parts are ​connected together ​allowing ​movement or ​communication between or along the ​parts. The purpose of a network is to connect. Connections are made through a common medium for the purpose of sharing. Networks enable collaboration and connectedness. They open pathways so we can engage. When we consider the way school curriculum is traditionally designed, we might imagine a clear hierarchy, of subjects, literacies and numeracies. “Most educational initiatives focus on signs of short-term success: doing well on assignments and scoring well on tests in the course of the school year, without much thinking about the long-term return on investment.” Key to developing a future-focused curriculum is determining what we believe to be worth knowing and learning, then focusing on the practice that goes behind it. Quote from education council re leadership. Tools org chnge.

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