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Tangles and Doodles

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A little lime. Tangle Vermont. July 2016: Friends General Conference Summer Gathering, St.

Tangle Vermont

Cloud, MN Zentangle Intergenerational Workshop (taught by Sadelle) FGC Summer GatheringNO SUMMER CLASSESNov 5 2016: Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center, Westfield, MA Spirit of Zentangle - All day workshop (taught by Sadelle) Register HERELabyrinth Walks will return in the FallLabyrinth programs and walk schedule can be found onwww.thetangledlabyrinth.comZentangle Private Lessons Available More Zentangle, Art & Labyrinth workshops coming this spring.Workshops for home, office, special interest groups and organizations...

Contact us for more information The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Our Tangles . . . My tangles. Margaret BremnerArtist and Certified Zentangle Teacher Here you'll find links to the blog posts where I show the steps for creating tangle patterns I've developed.

My tangles

They are alphabetical. Tangle patterns. Tanglefish. MY GALLERY. Zentangle Inspired Art I am available for commissioned work.


If you see something you like, please contact me at 970-669-3673.  Valentine Hearts 2014. Michele's Tangles. Half Onions. I’m Stumpt! Hit a Rock Pile. Lesson3b. Tangle of the Week - Crescent Moon. Jane's new Zentangle Patterns. A tangle for Shelley - you can make one for Shelley and send it to her for wellness wishes - see this blog post from Beez in the Belfry And now ...

Jane's new Zentangle Patterns

Botie. Floret. Snake skin. BLOG.SUZANNEMCNEILL.COM: Fun, fun, fun at Art of the Carolinas. View a YouTube - Have fun making a fun and funky Stash & Smash - Junk Journal from a paper bag and window envelopes.

BLOG.SUZANNEMCNEILL.COM: Fun, fun, fun at Art of the Carolinas

Recycle artist Cindy Shepard shows you how. Recycle-repurpose-reuse whatever you call it... the old, worn and thrown away have begun to creep into the studios of many artists. Cindy Shepard has taken her stash of trash and come up with some great ideas for turning it all into treasured journals. Inside the pages of the book 'Stash and Smash', you will discover how to turn a toilet paper roll into a mini-journal, how to preserve old and tattered papers and how to turn everyday objects from your life into an art journal. Fun Sketchbook and Art Journal class inspired by Zentangle®. Free ATC workshops given by the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild. North Carolina is also home to a very special and very active group of mixed media artists. Sadelle Wiltshire, Ann Coakley, Certified Zentangle® Teachers. 01-List of Tangle Patterns. My tangles. LILYPADS and TH@ - Two new tangles. LILYPADS may have been inspired by various photos I took in China of flowers in ponds.

LILYPADS and TH@ - Two new tangles

It does have a slightly Oriental look. Hmm... also thoughts of summer in this wintry Canadian almost-January :-) Under-lapping some of the leaves gives it more dimensionality. This could be shaded where all the lines converge, or on the under-lapping, or at the edge of the tangle. Here are a couple of tiles using this tangle: Oh yes, the tangle TH@ (pronounce it 'that').

Art 1. Optical Design. What's ZENTANGLE? "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.


" Zentangle® is a delightful method for creating beautiful pictures using repeated patterns. Many find it addicting! It’s easy to learn, easy to do, is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and skill levels, and is used in many fields of interest. Its small format and simple materials are unintimidating. You can take it anywhere (well, not underwater). Think you can’t draw? Zenplosion Folds Tangle Pattern.

I went to the 212 Cake Eater's Group last Friday and saw some wonderful fabric art.

Zenplosion Folds Tangle Pattern

One of the fabric artists presented some lovely felted pillows she created using old sweater pieces as her medium. The pillow centerpieces were these wonderful little textured birds, they were great. It made me want to cut up my old sweaters and try them, I don't sew. Lot's of fun creative stuff. I also got to see one of the pen's (in person) that Maria Thomas uses for the introduction to the Zentangle Mooka video. Anyway, the day began with fabric discussions and beautiful quilts and that fabulous pen, then I went to my friend Diane's home and she showed me a book she had gotten from her sister in-law.

Vigne tangle pattern. These are the steps for 'Vigne'.

Vigne tangle pattern

There are a variety of vine patterns out there but I think this is different enough to step out on it's own. (If not PLEASE let me know!) Snaylz trayl. Tangle of the Week - Shattuck. Steps to 'Shard' New Pattern - Scrumble. I call this pattern "scrumble" because I got the idea from wool when doing some crochet scrumbling.

New Pattern - Scrumble

You can play with the shading to make individual bobbles pop out or make it look like you have a cable by just shading one line. You can see this pattern in my last post. News from Zentangle. With so much interest in sharing and teaching Zentangle, we have scheduled another Zentangle Certification Training Seminar. It will be in Whitinsville, Massachusetts (USA) on September 29 through October 2, 2009. Learn more about this event here. We already have people coming from as far away as South Africa and England to become Certified Zentangle Teachers. Please email us to hold a space. New Tangle: LinQ. Tangle of the Week - Finery. How to draw DOOLEEDO. By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another simple, fun tangle pattern for you. Dooleedo is from Ksenija Vojisavljevic and as she has done with some of her other tangles, Ksenija’s steps includes ways to vary the pattern for a little different look. Dooleedo is especially for those of you who love continuous line tangles.

And while Dooleedo is quite simple, just like Paradox I think you’ll find it will challenge your concentration. COPADA, a new tangle. Copada runs along the top of this ZIA tile. I find the onion domes create a lovely echo of the pattern. I've collected quite a number of possible tangle names from those strange 'words' that proved I wasn't a robot, before the 'words' became seriously peculiar. From that list I had half a dozen possible names for this pattern, so I polled my household. Here's Copada. Have fun! How to draw CACK. By Linda Farmer, CZT This interesting pattern, Cack, is by fellow Floridian Adele Bruno and it’s her first on the site. I found this tangle pattern very challenging to draw but I’m sure it will suit many of you to a T. Not only are freehand circles difficult for my thumb to negotiate, but the intersecting circles together with “drawing behind” were a bit of a mind-bender for me.

Bilt-001.jpg (JPEG Image, 1700 × 2338 pixels) - Scaled (32%) How to draw ANGEL FISH. By Linda Farmer, CZT Marizaan van Beek, a colleague from my CZT#7 class last October, is from Pretoria, South Africa, one of two CZTs in that country. Her simple and lovely Angel Fish tangle pattern is her first on the site. Marizaan writes, “Five years ago I was introduced to Zentangle® by accident looked it up and as a Social Worker and Art Therapist I knew here was something special. How to draw AURA-LEAH.

By Linda Farmer, CZT. Tangle of the Week - Poke Root. In honor of Spring, finally, showing up in NH. Plaited - new tangle pattern. Click on image to enlarge. Plaited - new tangle pattern. My tangles. Tangle of the Week - Finery. STRINGS. July 16th, 2016 This String is shared by CZT Mei Hua Teng (Damy) for your creative enjoyment. You can help our community’s String resource grow by sending me yours to share. I’m always looking for new strings! Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 218 July 9th, 2016 This String is shared by CZT Lianne Woods for your creative enjoyment.

Continue reading: TanglePatterns String 217 July 2nd, 2016. How to draw ANGEL FISH. How to draw ALL ABOUT V. By Linda Farmer, CZT. Afterglo. Something Light and Fluffy. I am so excited that my peonies are blooming! News from Zentangle. July 2013. Round 3... Tangle of the Week - Msst. Tangle of the Week. Tangle of the Week - Onamato. Tangle of the Week - Keeko. Tangle of the Week- Cadent. Tangle of the Week - Ennies. Tangle of the Week - Printemps.

Shattuck.jpg. Tangles to Try - Oklahoma Zentangle Fans. Monday, July 26, 2010: Tangle "Brix" Although Brix is a very simple tangle, it is a great filler, especially for a larger space. Steps to 'Shard' A little lime: coneflowers & feather pattern. How to draw SAND SWIRL. How to draw PURK. How to draw POZER. Popsicles. Plaited - new tangle pattern. Weekly Challenge #101. Moose — Part Deuce and Paushalöv. News from Zentangle. Openseedarts.blogger. Afterglo. BLOG.SUZANNEMCNEILL.COM: Zentangle Mask. How to draw UNDLING.