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Travel Tips

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How To Make an Animated GIF. If a picture says a thousand words, then an animated GIF probably says 10,000.

How To Make an Animated GIF

Fifty thousand? A million? It depends on the number of frames you’re using; don’t overanalyze the metaphor! The point is GIFs are amazing. They’re like the flip books of the internet — great for conveying thoughts and emotions that words can’t describe, showcasing the antics of your adorable household pets, making abstract art, or just giving you a good chuckle. Related: Making an animated GIF is easier than you think with these websites and apps But this might be preaching to the choir. How to make an animated GIFs using video (Photoshop) Before we dive right into the tutorial, we should address the elephant in the room.

Step 1 — Find a good video sequence with which you want to make a GIF. Step 2 — Download/upload the video clip you’ve chosen to your desktop. Step 3 — Open the video with Photoshop. Step 4 — Mess with the settings. Repurposed chairs double chair bench. How Far in Advance Should I Buy My Airline Tickets? Question by Mark Hastings, San Jose, Calif.

How Far in Advance Should I Buy My Airline Tickets?

A: When to book flights is a question that torments even the most experienced of travelers. Who hasn’t sat in front of the computer wondering: Do I wait for a better deal, or is this the best I’m going to see? There are no hard-and-fast rules for hitting the right booking window. A recent report from online travel agency CheapAir found that, historically, the lowest average fares have been available seven weeks before departure. Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), which manages airline ticket sales for U.S. travel agencies, conducted a similar study and located the best airfares six weeks prior to flying. Domestic Tickets “There’s such a thing as booking too early,” says Rick Seaney, CEO and cofounder of online research tool FareCompare. Far-Flung Flights For long-haul tickets, start your search early. Summer Trips to Europe You’ll have to plan in advance to get the best tickets to Europe.

Winter Caribbean and Ski Getaways Holiday Travel. 29 Travel Hacks Even Frequent Fliers Don’t Know. 29 Of The Best Travel Tips To Help You Vacation Like The Pros. My family travels.

29 Of The Best Travel Tips To Help You Vacation Like The Pros

A lot. These are the best travel tips I have discovered so far: NEVER use a hotel room safe Believe it or not, the secret 4-digit pin number of most hotel safes is all ones or all zeros. (And most on the hotel staff knows this.) Avoid storing valuables in hotel safes – it is not safe at all. Use this clever emergency power adaptor Charge your mobile devices through the USB port on a TV. Pack smart LifeBuzz offers these nifty tips: Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding: Keep hair clips handy in Tic Tac containers: Use belts to line collars to keep them crispy: Use a pen spring to protect chargers from bending and breaking: Attach a binder clip to the head of shaving razors to protecting them while traveling: Wrap headphones around a binder clip to prevent them from tangling: Organize your jewelry in pill containers: Store chargers and cables in glass cases: Store underwear and socks in your shoes to save space:

10 Things Smart Travelers Do To Make Their Journeys Unforgettable. Travelling is one of life’s great pleasures; there’s no doubt about it.

10 Things Smart Travelers Do To Make Their Journeys Unforgettable

Complex, exhausting, rewarding and life changing, there’s nothing quite like embarking on a journey. However, the quality of your excursion does depend on how you experience it. So we’ve come up with ten things that smart travelers do to make their journeys unforgettable. 1. They Challenge Themselves Leaving your comfort zone can be a challenge, but travelling beyond your usual boundaries and escaping normality will open you up to more opportunities that will inevitably impact the rest of your life. 2. Although many choose the daring route of travelling alone, others may feel safer with some company. 3. Throughout our lives, many of us are told that we have to travel the world, but many of us don’t ask ourselves why. 4. This is plain old, practical advice: don’t take unnecessary stuff on your trip! 5. 6. 7. Traveling can be an exhausting experience, especially if you’re moving every couple of days.

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